Glitchy Just Cause 3? AMD Video Card? Try Beta Drivers

Just Cause 3 [official site] is pretty great, you might’ve heard our man John Walker say. He’s been all over the parachuting, wingsuiting, exploding, exploring, and kissing a cow (we’ve all coughed politely and pretended our phones were ringing every time he mentioned the cow-kissing – boy has he ever mentioned the cow-kissing!), but some folks with AMD/ATI video cards are suffering graphical glitches. They’re finding nasty big holes in the ground, jagged polygons littering the landscape.

Switching to new beta drivers might fix it, and publishers Square Enix say they’re working with AMD on a driver update.

Squeenix’s Jason Walker explains:

“There are some known issues that occur with the most recent official release AMD/ATi graphics card drivers. We’re working with AMD to fix the issue via an upcoming official driver update – however to ensure you don’t experience these issues yourself right now please make sure you are using the latest beta driver available here (they are dated 11/30/2015 Version 15.11.1)”

You’ll find those over here for 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10. If you’re using a different version of Windows… do you even have a PC able to play Just Cause 3? That’s a bit unkind, but I am curious. Steam’s hardware survey shows only a small percentage of folks are still on 32-bit operating systems. I mean, AMD do still do drivers for 32-bit Windows 7 so you can nab those if you need them, I’m curious is all.

However, a few folks are saying that the new beta drivers didn’t fix the terrainangles for them. Worth a shot though, eh?

[That screenshot up top was snapped by BazzJunkie.]


  1. Barchester says:

    That screenshot is oddly beautiful, though.

  2. Kabukiman74 says:

    That once again proofs to me that AMD/ATI just isn’t the sensible way to go in the graphics area. I admit, the hardware is good, but they haven’t really been able to provide good drivers in the last 20 years. BTW…are Omega drivers still a thing? When I was still using ATI cards, they were the only way to get a lot of stuff running.

    • PoulWrist says:

      It doesn’t prove anything of the sort. The number of issues either has had over the years would mean that none would be the choice for anything.

      • Kabukiman74 says:

        that’s why I added “to me”…;) I’ve had my share of experiences with ATI cards (private and professional) starting some time in the 90s and I’ve never experienced the amount of driver issues with NVIDIA cards. IF you can find a driver that works, ATI cards are decent and even superior to NVIDIA in some areas, the amount of driver juggling you’ll have to endure just isn’t worth it in my opinion.

        If ATI would ever manage to consistently provide good, working drivers – NVIDIA would be in for a hard time.

        • Bremze says:

          Have you used an AMD gpu in the last decade?

          • Kabukiman74 says:

            Can’t say for sure…When did the Radeon 4000 Series hit the market? Must be about 6-7 years ago if I had to guess…

          • chris1479 says:

            I had a 280x and found the drivers a mess as well. So no, not a lot has changed.

      • mattevansc3 says:

        The Crimson drivers have been out less than a month and already we’ve seen GPU fans locked at 20% and a big release having considerable graphical issues. Its not exactly painting a good picture of driver stability.

      • ScubaMonster says:

        It’s hard to deny that AMD is a little notorious for lousy drivers though. I had a problem with Nvidia drivers before, but odds are if you’re hearing about artifacting or other issues of the sort it’s usually going to be in regards to AMD gpu’s. AMD’s Linux drives are also pretty bad compared to Nvidia if I recall correctly.

      • falconne says:

        Over the years I’ve owned 4 different ATI cards and 4 different NVIDIA cards. I’ve never had any problems I can remember with the NVIDIA ones… I’m sure there were, but they were isolated, one off incidents.

        Every single one of the ATI cards has had ongoing problems since day 1. Right now one of them can’t play HTML5 or Flash video and another will crash or freeze every couple of hours when playing games. Every problem is well reported and documented on the web, as I have specific symptoms to search on. Many arcane solutions are suggested that improve things for some people, such as fiddling with memory timing and using thirdparty software and so on that doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes they release a driver update that fixes one of the problems, invariably replacing it with a new one.

        Obviously all computer hardware and drivers have problems. But NVIDIA’s QA and design seems much more robust whereas ATI seems more cowboy like.

    • Mokinokaro says:

      JC3 is having lots of weird issues on sone Nvidia cards too.

      I’m starting to think it might be on the dreaded Arkham Knight engine since it also doesn’t support SLI.

      • gunny1993 says:

        It’s not and that”s not how engines work.

      • GWOP says:

        Arkham Knight is Unreal Engine 3, one of the trustiest engines from last gen. Just Cause 3 uses an in-house Avalanche engine.

    • melnificent says:

      oh, oh, oh, can I play….

      I’ve had nothing but issues with Nvidia stuff, which is why they are terrible and AMD is the best for me.

      *Really though, sensationalist much? Both have issues, AMD = drivers, Nvidia = features that kill off their and AMD card performance.

      • Kabukiman74 says:

        Not to forget NVIDIA does have a serious PR issue since the 970 RAM issue.

        Maybe it’s about time for a new player to the graphics game…;)

    • Scandalon says:

      “Omega” drivers in the sense you are meaning no longer exist, AFAICT. The previous “big release” from AMD was nicknamed Omega, weirdly. (I’m sure that was no coincidence.)

      FWIW, through a X1600, X1950, HD4670 and HD7850, I’ve never encountered any issues with these supposed horrible drivers. I’ve never had reason to install beta drivers, nor ever updated to fix a particular issue. (Obviously I don’t tend to buy the newest games right at release.) The only real issue I’ve had is them dropping support seemingly prematurely – I still don’t appreciate that my 4670’s aren’t supported in Win 7.

  3. solaris132 says:

    I seem to be too inept to be able to do this. I go to the website, download the drivers and stuff, but still get the horrid framerate and flashy terrain. Better instructions on how to do it for more inept people like me would’ve been nice.

    • PoulWrist says:

      You’ve got to install them as well :p

      On a more serious note, then it might not fix it.

      Try downloading and running this link to first, then installing the driver again.

  4. yogibbear says:

    Honestly I would try rolling back to pre-Crimson AMD/ATI catalyst control centre drivers. More than likely that would fix it rather than anything shiny and new.

  5. Corodix says:

    I’d be very careful with trying beta drivers or advising others to do so. AMD recently had issues with their beta drivers, causing cards to overheat, and sometimes to even destroy themselves due to said heat. Yes the hotfix for this is already out since yesterday, but similar card destroying issues could crop up again in a future beta drivers. Those drivers are after all beta for a very good reason, use them at your own risk ;)

    • sabasNL says:

      Those weren’t beta drivers. The problems were part of the new AMD Crimson update.

    • akstro says:

      Unless I missed something, there’s been no proof that anyone’s card has been fried. It’s classic internet blowing things out of proportions. Although I don’t want to excuse AMD either because they have been hyping up Crimson drivers for a while and have released them in a shoddy state. My card was hitting 90C when I noticed stuttring in gameplay and reset the fans from Afterburner.

      • raiders says:

        I concur. You know what? I was running a crossfire setup at 90°+ on full load with the 15.7 and 15.11 beta drivers. Now, with the new Crimson drivers, I don’t ever reach 85°. However, I still get artifacting and just plain weird s__t from time to time. But that crap about cards blowing up is nonsense. At least to the fault of AMD. I realize this is an odd statement to make but gamers are just gonna have to pick the lesser of the two evils here. I’m going to stick with AMD *just shuttered* until I see what Pascal’s all about.

  6. scottossington says:

    if you have a flaky internet connection (mine drops when it starts raining, because I live in a cartoon)

    best line ever

  7. a very affectionate parrot says:

    Should probably mention that the new AMD drivers are locking some people’s cards to 20% fan speed and subsequently burning out the cards.

  8. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Graphics card drivers? Nope, that’s clearly the result of global warming. I’d recognize it anywhere.