Goalpost-Apocalyptic: Rocket League’s Chaos Run Out

Rocket League [official site] doesn’t even start its Christmas Event until December 14th, but developers Psyonix are already showering us with presents. Today brings those Portal-themed cosmetic goodies along with a new post-apocalyptic thundering dome to play carball in. On top of that, today also sees the release of the Chaos Run paid DLC, which has two new cars looking straight out of Mad Max and plenty of rusty, dusty, mohawky cosmetic doodads to slap on your sportsride. All of this is wrapped up neatly with a bow in Patch 1.10.

The Portal cosmetic bits are about what you’d expect, with antenna toppers like a wee Companion Cube and a cake for a carhat, but I do like the idea of having Portal 2’s gels as rocket trailers. No, they don’t affect cars, and no you can’t fling balls through portals. It’s nice that Rocket League is mostly sensible carfootball, but I do quietly hope Psyonix might add some truly ridiculous mode for April Fool’s Day.

As for the world of fire and blood, the new arena Wasteland is free to everyone to play in. If you want the accompanying new cars, decals, paint types, wheels, rocket trails, toppers, and antenna accessories, the ‘Chaos Run’ DLC pack will cost you £2.79/$3.99 when it arrives on Steam. Which should be any second now? I don’t know why it isn’t yet. It probably is by the time you read this.

Check the patch notes for the full rundown on version 1.10. And hey, here’s a trailer showing off the post-apocalyptbits:


  1. MiniMatt says:

    A functioning portal gun in Rocket League, could be, oh my…. *clutches pearls*

    Still cosmetics are good too, can never have too many car hats.

    (PS. quick sub-edit needed on first para “until”)

  2. caff says:

    This is the first game where most of my reasoning to buy the DLC is to support the devs and servers. The core game is great fun, particularly in 2v2 ranked. Try it rather than the default 3v3.

    • SalmonRa says:

      So true, the game changes from mindless-biffing towards goals to a genuine game of strategy.

      My whole experience with Rocket League has been great. It’s strange how refreshing it is to play a new game that can be booted up in <30seconds and that has no skill unlocks or paywalls. Does help that it's super fun, too.

  3. Hunchback says:

    I am really tempted to get this for Xmas, but i am afraid it’s one of those “3 weeks lifespan” games that just come and go.

    What do you guys think, will this actually stick and have players for a while or it’s a marketting hype product?

    • Hidoshi says:

      I thought it was a marketing hype product as well before I bought it. I just bought it to play with some friends at first, but since then I’ve been racking up over 50+ hours (even playing without friends). According to the self imposed €1 per 1 hour playing, this is a massive profit!

      The simplicity of the rules, but the amount of practice you can put in it to get better really surprised me.

      • Hunchback says:

        I am worried because nowadays i’ve started using Twitch as a success-meter for MP games – If a game is streamed a lot, it’s popular and alive and maybe it’s good. If it’s nowhere to be seen, it’s probably dead or bad. And i haven’t really seen RL at the top of the Twitch page since release… ?

        • Glubber says:

          I don’t really watch games on twitch, but bought this game in September after seeing some of the hype. I’m mostly into grans strategy games, but this looked like it might be some occasional fun…

          230 game hours later, it’s about to replace Dungeon Defenders as the steam game I’ve most played. And I have zero intention of taking a break anytime soon. If you’re afraid of falling in love, don’t get it. But if you do, have fub, and don’t beat yourself up for not mastering aerials right away. It takes r

          • Glubber says:

            Have fun, rather than fub, and “it takes time” rather than “r Time.” Oh how I’d love a proper edit button.

          • Hunchback says:

            Legend has it that during an ancient era where dragons flew and magic was common, regular plebs enjoyed absurd levels of freedom and comfort and an actual edit button did exist on RPS and it was accessible to everyone… Can you imagine the chaos and confusion such a thing might have caused? People would never have known if they were reading an original and authentic post or a horribly modified and spelling-corrected, typo free version of the original post… that’s just insane. Bless the RPS Hivemind for removing this sinful feature and saving us from temptation!

    • OctoStepdad says:

      off of steamdb, there has been constantly 25-30k players since launch. That does not include PS4 players either.

      I have been playing mostly every night since August/September and it is usually around a total of 50k of players.

    • caff says:

      It’s got a lot of longevity. I still tense up and shout with joy and anger in every game, and I can’t remember a game in recent years that has provoked such emotion.

      There’s always some trick or tactic to try, and gradually you get better and better. It’s a game of pure skill that is developed, rather than discovering the mechanics then losing interest, which I feel with most titles.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Rocket League is also a game that is quite easy to get back into when you stop playing whatever 80+ hour open-world shenanigans pulled you away from it.

  4. One Bloggers Dream says:

    For those of you who have been out of the video game loop like I’ve been, allow me to introduce you to a game that has set new boundaries in the entertainment world!

    Rocket League is AWESOME!

    It all started with a visit to my brother in law’s apartment, where he showed me this truly addictive game. After one week of owning it, he had put over 100 hours into it. I’m like, come on! It can’t be that good! The day after I played it, I bought it!

    Basically, it is Car Soccer. You score goals like you would in playing soccer but the player is an RC Car! The concept is so unique, and the game is highly addictive!