Star Wars Battlefront Brings Battle Of Jakku To Some

Star Wars fans seem awfully excitable lately, and it’s not just about Star Wars Battlefront [official site]. Surprisingly, for a fanbase usually so discerning and wary of merchandising, they’re worked up about a new Hollywood movie adaptation of EA’s video game. Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits the silver screen later this month, and fans are going wild even though the only connection is the movie’s inspired by a level that wasn’t even in Battlefront at launch.

That inspiring level, The Battle of Jakku, has sorta arrived, with EA unpleasantly holding it back from people who didn’t pre-order Battlefront. Oh, and a new patch is here.

The Battle of Jakku introduces the new forty-player mode Turning Point, EA explain, which sees the rebels trying to capture control points and, ultimately, a wee base the Empire have built. Apparently the new movie assumes a rebel victory on the map and is set thirty years after that. That sounds like a pretty tenuous connection to me but hey, that’s Hollywood for you: no respect for video games.

If you pre-ordered Battlefront, you can play Jakku now but it won’t install automatically. You’ll need to pop into the game’s expansions bit in your Origin library and install it manually. Everyone else must wait a week for EA to let we hoi polloi onto Jakku.

Also out today is Patch 1.03 for Battlefront, which has some encouraging but vague patch notes.

I’ve slapped in a trailer for Jakku below, or EA played a bit on a livestream yesterday, or presumably all sorts of folks have now downloaded it and are streaming away.


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    Qazinsky says:

    Ok, what is upp with these kind of preorder bonuses? Who would really want this? Since everyone gets it in a week anyways, what’s the point? I bet the preorderers don’t see anything good with splitting up the base of a multiplayer game for a week.

    Can the people that decides on preorder bonuses sit down with one or several gamers next time and find out what’s an actual bonus and not just a “bonus”.

    • Nioji says:

      Oh boy, if you think that’s stupid, you haven’t heard of the wooonders of Rainbow Six’s season pass.
      “Get access to gun skins !” that don’t blend in with the environnement and make you harder to see.
      “One week early access to new characters !” even though everyone gets them for free in the end.
      “XP Boost !” yay

      Seriously, I have no idea what they were thinking.

      • EhexT says:

        They were thinking “hey, maybe let’s not screw people who don’t buy DLC in our competitive PvP game”.
        Rainbow Siege DLC is the best possible DLC – almost entirely cosmetic, 100% non-playerbase splitting (all maps are free) and the non-cosmetic parts you can get with in-game currency.

        But hey let’s complain that they’re doing DLC right because “people who buy the DLC don’t get enough”.

        • peterako1989 says:

          remember the good old times that this problem did not exist since rainbow six was a single player tactics game?

          • Nioji says:

            Man, can you imagine a new single-player Rogue Spear type game running on Siege engine ?

        • Nioji says:

          I’m not saying that they did DLC wrong, in fact I think that this model is pretty good for a competitive FPS. I’m just saying that for 20€, this season pass is particulary worthless.

    • Raoul Duke says:

      Basically, some people are extremely stupid and will give companies money in exchange for virtual trinkets and illusory exclusivity. Companies realise this. So they do it, take the money on offer, then sell it to the rest of the world just as they would have done anyway.

      In a sense it’s win-win when they eventually release stuff to everyone – fools can thus subsidise games for the rest of us.

      • rumtotinggamer says:

        Yeah except those fools are helping push this model making it more and more common making more and more games untenable.

  2. Brosecutor says:

    DICE patch notes: “Shit’s fixed, yo!”

  3. hotmaildidntwork says:

    Not included:
    “Implemented Windows 10 patch note policy.”

  4. Crusoe says:

    Hey, EA! I was considering buying this, thanks for making it an easy choice!

    It’s a no.

  5. sabby787 says:

    You’re the best, Alice :)

  6. peterako1989 says:

    I’ll admit I havent played this, but I aint gonna buy it.

  7. rumtotinggamer says:

    This cash-in…sorry game surely has the most bewildering array of tacked on pointless and costly stuff ive yet seen, a “free” DLC preorder map, paid for best gun in the game, emotes, character customisation, star cards, unlockable diorama thing, season passes costing the same as the vanilla game, and on top of this there are sequels coming in a year or 2.

  8. d33psky says:

    EA is a garbage company these days. They started off strong though. They killed off Janes Combat network and its whole community of Combat Simulations. I was actually thinking about picking up the newest Battlefield game but then I read this article about them holding back. I am going to pass on all of EA games now.You guys over at Electronic Arts can keep your battle of jack off. What a greedy money grubbing company EA has become.

  9. GemFire81 says:

    Rofl , good luck with the DLC EA and Dice. This game peaked in player population after only one week and has been on a massive steady decline ever since. Not gonna pull up the exact numbers because i’m lazy but in the last 8 days the games population on PC, XBOX, and PS4 has been cut in half. I hope this results in a lot of firing of upper management. The only thing AAA gaming companies see these days is $$$. Get out of here with this garbage pathetic attempt at a game.