Cowabunga! Seems Platinum Have A Ninja Turtles Game

PlatinumGames pleased our resident Transforman Alec with Transformers: Devastation, satisfying his twin passions of virtual murder and gushing over children’s toys from the 1980s. Now it seems the studio behind Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Bayonetta may be tackling another ’80s merchandising powerhouse next, going totally tubuluar with those radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or so The Man says.

Ratings enthusiasts have spotted listings for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan going through the Australian and Brazilian classification boards, which between them say it’s made by Platinum, published by Activision, and is coming to PC.

If The Man is to be believed (and he may be, FOR ONCE – don’t think I’m not watching), this is a thing that’s happening. And that’s about all we know.

Maybe it’s based on the old cartoon, from when you were young. Remember when you were young? Those were the days. The days when you were young. Or maybe it’s based on newer animated series or connected to the new movies, as Activision released games based on both those over recent years. It is probably not based on the gory original comics, though Platinum do still have all that mutilation tech from Revengeance just sitting around, not mutilating anyone.

Transformers may have been a pretty good Platinum game, doing those Platinum fighting things, but their previous licensed game for Activision, The Legend of Korra, was a bit of a duffer. Who knows what this’ll be?

Assuming The Man’s not trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Yeah, I’m still watching.


  1. mukuste says:

    I SO wish the header image was an in-game screenshot…

  2. Blue_Lemming says:

    Hoping this borrows heavily from the comic books, but I suspect it’s going to be PG violence when the foot are all robots.

    • OldKnivesTale says:

      The actual rating entry says M for violence. Here’s hoping.

      • Alevice says:

        Maybe the turtles now use guns and shredder is retconned to be a middle eastern druglord in a banana mutant republic.

  3. Mystic5523 says:

    I want to know what ever happened to that Arkham Asylum style TMNT game that was being worked on a few years back.

  4. bit.bat says:

    I wish they could bring their original IP games to PC, it is where they are at their best. That being said I will play anything that they do, very talented developer.

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Besides multi-screen sections, adapting the controls of The Wonderful 101 (which I find to be their title with the most love poured into) to keyboard+mouse doesn’t seem feasible.

      • Junkenstein says:

        I don’t think there are many Platinum PC fans who don’t have controllers.

  5. Baines says:

    Maybe it will be based on the original comic book… Your first mission can be killing a bunch of teenagers in a dark alley.

    Okay, there is a 0% chance of it being based on the original comic book.

    I see four prospects, with the first three in no discernible order:
    1) 1987 Cartoon, which is what older fans are most familiar with.
    2) Michael Bay movie, which is the current film version, and which is supposed to see the release of a sequel in 2016.
    3) 2012 CG cartoon, which is the current TV series and will soon be entering its 5th season.
    4) Original/mash-up, a mix of aspects from different incarnations. This is the least likely of the big four.

    • Alevice says:

      I think Fred Wolf Films still owns the rights to the 80s TMNT cartoon, and I think any new TMNT products are licensed by Nickelodeon regardless, so I dont expect the new game to be based on it. Either it would be full IDW/Nickelodeon or it would be a soft hybrid, like Out of the Shadows or the TMNT GBA game.

    • wu wei says:

      While it’s even less likely than this drawing from the original comics, I would dearly love for it to be based on Michael Zulli’s version.

    • Masked Dave says:

      Considering there are so many versions of TMNT now, I’d be surprised if they didn’t just do their own thing to make life easier for themselves.

  6. Doom Kitten says:

    I wish, since Rockesteady are done with Batman, they would have taken on a Ninja Turtles game in the same style. I imagine a game where you play sometimes as one turtle and other times with all four. RS already showed that you could do group combat in Arkham Knight. They could have even used the nemesis system from Shadows of Mordor. If a member of the foot clan captures/takes down a turtle, they get promoted. You’d also have to go out and rescue the captured turtle. It could have been great fun.

  7. Alevice says:

    I wonder how many people who claim the Mirage series to be dark have actually read it? There are some relatively dark story arcs, like the turtles exile and the city at war and stuff, but for the most part, turtles liked to quip as they beat some Shredder guy who is even worse at his job than his 80s incarnation. It even had a timelord bimbo (whose timelord master had a time travel device designed like a classic casio handwatch) asking the turtles for help in the past and shit.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      If this is directed at me, I haven’t read it but I’ve seen enough panels with bloody stabbings to be fairly confident it’s gorier than children’s cartoons present or past.

      • Alevice says:

        Nah, just a broad statement. How dare you take it personal!

        Anyway, the Image Comics run was definitely darker and edgier, with the turtles and splinter being disfugured and shit, for the sake of shock value (it was written in the same era Batman got his back broken and Superman died). In general, the Mirage Comics run (the one penned by Laird and Eastman) had just your typical comic book violence. So, certainly more violent than your saturday morning cartoon, but never bordering on actually darky dark darkness.

        • Masked Dave says:

          I tried to read the original comic series when it was released on Comixology and found it very juvenile and, frankly, not very good. The more recent comic series (started a couple of years ago, also by Eastman) seems a much better blend of some elements added from the more recent adaptions while still keeping the violence.

  8. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

    Kinder eggs had a collection of turtles once (roughly 20 years ago), blue peter showed you how to kill real ones, oh and “I must dash – got the turtle’s head”.

  9. Shinryoma says:

    As long as it’s not Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.