Just Cause 3’s Patch Will Take “A Little Bit Of Time”

I’ve no doubt that Avalanche and Square Enix are well aware of what happened to Warner with Batman: Arkham Knight, which is why they’re taking a chummier approach to launch issues with Just Cause 3. The open world being-a-cool-guy sequel is beleaguered by visual glitches and wayward performance, and an AMD beta driver hasn’t fixed the issue for everyone.

A wider fix will, Avalanche have announced, “need a little bit of time”, but they’re using data gleaned from the playerbase in order to “recreate some of these issues and build fixes.”

While they won’t be drawn on a day and date for a patch and exactly what they will do, “we’ll do all we can to make sure everyone is laughing and smiling as they play.” A rather different tone from the stiffness and reluctance to fuss in the statements released about Arkham Knight’s woes, eh? The big question is whether “a little bit of time” will wind up being as long as the near-six months it took to fix Arkham – only for it to still be in a sorry state afterwards.

The negativity around JC3’s launch state isn’t anything like as bad though, so I’m (wildly) guessing that fixes won’t involve quite so much legwork (and nor does a third-party studio seem to be involved in this case).

Here’s Avalanche’s full statement, first posted on the Steam forums:

Just Cause 3 launched yesterday. We’ve received some great review scores and have been enjoying all the incredible videos and amazing comments you’ve made so far. We’re excited that the game is finally in your hands as we love seeing the crazy things new players do in our massive, explosive sandbox. Thank you for your support!

However, we know that some of you are encountering some technical issues – we’re looking into them all and we’re fully committed to providing you the best possible experience.

We know you’re going to want specific information on when a patch will land and what will be fixed – we would love to give you that information, and we will as soon as we have it. But right now, a little over one day since we launched, we have huge numbers of players in our enormous game world and we’re monitoring all the data coming in.

We need a little bit of time to recreate some of these issues and build fixes. Rest assured though – we are fully committed to making Just Cause 3 as awesome as possible. We already know loads of people are having a blast with the game but we’ll do all we can to make sure everyone is laughing and smiling as they play.

If you do encounter any issues, please contact our Customer Support here [support.eu.square-enix.com]

We’d recommend PC players also visit the Steam forums as there are a number of tips there can could improve or fix some of the issues that have been reported (pinned posts).

So thanks for your patience – we’ll come back to you with more information as soon as we have it.

Our John was mostly very taken with Just Cause 3 when he reviewed it, but on the technical side of things felt that “while it’s not frequently buggy, it feels like it needs a good tidying up.” He’s been able to improve things by rolling back to the last AMD drivers before Crimson, but tells me that it still “sometimes has some framerate issues, but that’s because 90230 million things are happening on screen at once.”


  1. Windows98 says:

    Setting up a firewall rule to block the real-time online leaderboard stuff got me an extra 10fps. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not tried it.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Whoah. That’s nuts.

    • nrvsNRG says:

      Good tip. I was going to play in steam offline mode just coz it felt so damn intrusive seeing that crap all the time. Is this the DRM that’s causing the drop in FPS or is it the uploading of player stats?

      • strayth says:

        Yeah, the leaderboard feed is ridiculous. I’m not sure how they thought it was a good idea, but I am sure that at least it needs to be toggle-offable from options. Nobody cares that Shmexysaiyan98 parachuted higher than me two days ago. Nobody.

        • socrate says:

          its probably the leaderboard thing since it seems to keep track of tons of people you don’t even know…which quite frankly is just dumb and silly…but ive never also been a big fan of these dumb leaderboard and never really understood the attraction to these.

          I doubt it would be the DRM(denuvo i think its called now?) but it probably didn’t help in the development of these new square game since with tomb raider re-using the same graphic and just changing in setting and just cause being a small upgrade in graphic only…more money invested in game or engine to me is always better then saving 2 week of anti piracy which will obviously shrink more and more as hacker always tend to find way to do it more and more quickly.

          It also might be a same cause of fallout 4 running like shit with an engine that is pushed too much and badly modified or with execution badly done…the truth is we’ve seen modder be able to up the fps and fix tons of stuff with unofficial fix when dev that know the engine and worked with it can’t even do it.

          i wouldnt blame AMD little thing since Nvidia also do the same when new technology is introduced but bad journalism tend to like sensationalism more then telling the truth apparently…then again they do appeal to a moronic class of people.

  2. IJC says:

    Why would they want to fix this? The image looks awesome!

    • wu wei says:

      It looks kinda like a JC3/Grow Home mashup.

    • Premium User Badge

      john_silence says:

      This is indeed by far the most elegant picture I’ve seen from this game.

    • JamesPatton says:

      I agree! I don’t play JC – these are the only images of this series that have made me stop and go “ooooh, lovely…”

  3. pauleyc says:

    This triangular tesselation reminds me a lot of Deus Ex: HR. Maybe it’s a SquEnix thing.

  4. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    The most important difference here is that avalanche’s behaviour has been really humble, while Just Cause 3 is largely in a very playable state. I have crossfired R9 270s which realistically don’t even fit the recommended specs, yet the game runs beautifully on max settings, marred only with the occasional bug (and one ctd which admittedly pissed me off, but hey; autosaves for the win). Unlike AK, which ran like utter shit with zero moments of redeeming clarity, until a patch got released like 6 months on, just to make it bearable. They’ve got a customer for life in me; JC3 has been awesome.

    • RCoon says:

      I’m running a 295×2 and the game doesn’t appear to have a crossfire profile. GPU-Z also shows zero usage on the 2nd GPU. Is your second GPU actually doing anything?

      • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

        Honestly I don’t know. The game’s running so well I haven’t actually bothered to check. If that’s the case I’m even more impressed, because one of those cards on its own is pretty crap by today’s standards!

      • Targaff says:

        Bluesnews mentioned this yesterday in their roundup:

        There’s a Just Cause 3 Graphics & Performance Guide on the GeForce website for NVIDIA owners and buried deep in the comments is the admission that the game engine does not currently support multi-GPU configurations. Apparently SLI or Crossfire support, if possible, will require an update to the game itself.

  5. Jenuall says:

    Played a couple of hours of this last night and for the most part it seemed to behave fine. Performance was good, mostly 60fps with the odd dip when something major happens. Only issue was a crash to desktop which seemed to happen when it was trying to talk to the leaderboard server…

  6. thedosbox says:

    We’ve received some great review scores

    That’s an … interesting way to lead off what is effectively an apology. I’m wondering whether the developers remuneration is tied to their metacritic score.

    • thedosbox says:

      And a question for those who have the game already – is it possible to switch to offline mode without having to disconnect your network connection?

      • Malibu Stacey says:

        I don’t have the game but I’m guessing that adding a rule to your firewall to block the application as the first commenter on this article suggested should do exactly that.

      • johnweythek says:

        I know that after a network connection failure, in-game atleast, you can ask the game to play in offline mode. Perhaps you can skip straight to it once the menu (eventually) loads and change some network options.

  7. Elswhereguy says:

    The glitching is too severe to play, amd beta drivers dont work and neither does lowering res to 720. Shitty let down release a large number of pc gamers. I bought this bc I played Just Cause 1 and 2 and loved them but to release a $60.00 game that doesnt work for some people is low. Thats not a small amount of money and its not worth spending on an incomplete game. I applied for a refund. Maybe in a couple years if this comes up on a steam sale Ill give it a second chance but for now and pissed at the dev team for the botched release.

    • Tha_Watcher says:

      Then you missed the best sale I’ve ever seen for a preorder game! I bought Just Cause 3 for $23.39 from cdkeys.com.

    • shamus727 says:

      I have a hard time believing your drivers were up to date. every single person with AMD that ive talked to that has and issue updates to the beta driver released on 11/30/15 and everything is fine.

    • bionic343 says:

      lol ur dumb then explain me that with most games lately nvidia is the one having problems???? and why their drivers are actually worse then amd? do you even know if you buy a new nvidia its still same technology as 2 years ago? and that they just put other name? im working for multiple it companys and they all can tell you exactly the same so you pay for the name for nvidia amd you pay for quality hell i dont have any problems with my amd i bet you dont have multiple gpus in your video card fan boys like you think you know anything but you dont you are just putting out lies learn what the cards are even made off before you say anything you buy a video card of 800 euro thats not more worth then 200 hell i remember with watch dogs and the problems it caused for nvidia same with far cry 4 same with just cause 3 hell i dont have problems with jc3 with my amd im sure lots of people with nvidia dont have it neighter but other do so do everyone a favor and go back to study and learn to actual explorer the problems this game has

  8. Tha_Watcher says:

    I’m playing with the graphics card pasted below with an old i7 950 processor and a 480GB ADATA SSD and this game rocks at 60+fps with all settings maxed out!!! FUN. FUN. FUN!!!

    EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SSC Gaming ACX 2.0+ Cooling Graphics Card (04G-P4-3975-KR)

  9. Marclev says:

    Can someone explain to me why people actually continue to buy AMD cards and why that company are still in the business of selling graphics cards? Since the dawn of time (well, 20 years or so), ATI – now AMD continue to release buggy drivers.

    From what I can see, the vast majority of people with an AMD card have an issue with Just Cause 3, the vast majority of people with NVidia cards do not.

    • johnweythek says:

      Sorry haters, but Green team FTW. My 980 plays this game PERFECT except for one freeze-up whilst applying my setting changes to max. Once i restarted though, it was all maxed up and locked to 60fps. It’s been a glorious display of explosions and destructive hilarity since.

      • johnweythek says:

        Sorry, wasn’t meant as a reply.

      • mukuste says:

        A graphics card that costs as much as an entire budget gaming PC plays the game at 60 fps. Somehow I am less than impressed.

    • robingouw says:

      Because AMD is way cheaper then nvidia? For about 350 euro’s i can have a GPU that is 8GB 512 bit, if you want that with nvidia you gotta spend at least 800, i’m not gonna do that xd

      Yes they have shitty driver but i didn’t find a problem yet with just cause, i have a r9 270X 4gb and i run eveything on max settings

    • shamus727 says:

      Because the only people who bitch are the ones who need their hands held through everything, nvidia does a great job of this, marketing and other UI friendly shit that makes loud mouth kids think its superior.

      I have been using an r9 290 for over a year now, always the most up to date driver, i have NEVER EVER had an issue that was AMD specific, EXCEPT with shitty gameworks settings that are purposfully ment to sabotage AMD, Nvidia is like a 14 year old kid.

  10. RaiTekka says:

    Thankfully the game runs just fine for me. I have to turn the settings all to low, but my graphics card also doesn’t quite reach the minimum requirements so it’s reasonable.

  11. shamus727 says:

    How can you start an article with a screenshot of a glitch that only happens if your drivers arnt up to date.

    This is just plain shitty…

    R9 290 at 1080p VSR up scaled to 1440p, i almost never have any problems except for occasional FPS drops when entering a new town. This is at max settings.

  12. ah1000 says:

    What annoys me is that the performance problem looks really random : a better config doesn’t mean better perfs.
    I have an i5 4590à 3.30Ghz and 8G RAM With a GTX960 and the 359.06 driver. Even with everythig at min and a 720p resolution, the game is still almost unplayable with framerate drops under 5fps.
    I can for instance play Mad Max with every thing maxed out à 1080p without any framerate drop.