Scrap Mechanic Adds Animating Meccano-Style Gadget

Scrap Mechanic [official site] is a multiplayer survival sandbox game about machine-building, crafting and pegging it from angry automatons. Since we last poked our head into its inner workings, it’s announced plans to shift from Greenlight to Early Access on January 20 2016, and has also introduced the Controller – a nifty gadget that lets you give objects instructions on how to move transform in a set sequence. It’d let you make Transformers. Come see below.

When I first got wind of Scrap Mechanic earlier this year, I was interested in the overarching concept but felt I needed to see more to be truly sold on it. The potential the Controller poses – a Meccano-meets-Transformers device that could fulfill all of my inner-child dreams in one fell swoop – excites me. In short: I’m sold.

While the basic demonstration of configuring a mechanical door in the trailer above actually looks fun in and of itself, the earlier segments of vehicles adapting and morphing in real time as they chase one another looks fantastic. Furthermore, part of what makes Scrap Mechanic look so entertaining is how lighthearted it is, behind the technical facade. In a recent dev blog, for example, Axolot Games noted that Scrap Mechanic now has over 100 building parts which range from the sublime to the ridiculous. “Yes, you can actually make a house or vehicle out of toilet paper,” reads the blog. I can’t wait to wipe the competition in that.

Scrap Mechanic is due to land on Early Access January 20 2016.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Harlander says:

    This gives me intense “wiremod with a nicer interface” vibes.

    The “with a nicer interface” suffix buys a project a lot of credit with me.

  2. Kollega says:

    I’m really waiting for Scrap Mechanic. Sometimes I could really go for some co-op building in an open world, but the thing is, Minecraft’s multiplayer is pretty damn rough around the edges. It doesn’t really have drop-in co-op, for one. And another thing Minecraft doesn’t have is a smooth implementation of vehicles, because the world is made of cubes. So yeah, I’m really waiting on this game – it promises just as much creative fun as Minecraft, but in a slightly different manner.

    Fun fact: there are three more gameplay videos, covering the mechanic’s lift, the gas engine and driver’s seat, and the rocket thruster. The systems in the game look very promising, I would say.

    • Kollega says:

      Oh, and the aesthetic and the story that ties into it (a beautiful, fully automated agricultural world), is just bloody brilliant. Can’t wait to tour it in a literal house on wheels or a high-speed rocket hovercraft… or something even more unconventional.

    • Sin Vega says:

      I highly recommend Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod… bear with me here.

      There are a couple of servers running ‘survival’ modes. There are dickheads shooting but also lots of scavenging and building and shadowy networks of do-gooders using secret radio frequencies to gather supplies and help each other out. And it’s in Panau, gigantic, varied, stunningly gorgeous Panu. It’s completely consumed me these past few days.

  3. BuckleSwasher says:

    Okay, yeah, that was a super cool video.

    I hadn’t heard about this game at all, but now I just want to get in and make all kinds of stupid shit.

  4. baozi says:

    Coool. Love how enthusiastic the narrator is, too.

  5. Artist says:

    I already see how horribly multiplayer will suck because of the lack of proper multi-core support! Bet?