Space Engineers Dev Diary Explains Landing On Planets

Last month, Keen Software House added planets and moons to their Early Access intergalactic sandbox adventure Space Engineers [official site] as “a result of some early access player feedback”. In what Keen’s founder Marek Rosa labels a “game-changing feature”, players can now manipulate the landscape as they see fit – leaving behind a persistent footprint in their wake. In a new developer diary, Rosa explains how he and his team arrived at the decision to add the game’s most ambitious feature yet.

Throughout its two year development, Space Engineers has been crafted with its community in mind – the introduction of planets falls in line with the game’s second year anniversary of development and marks a “gift to all players”. What’s more, Keen previously introduced a survival mode and multiplayer support at the request of the community, before acting on calls to add planet exploration. “The funny thing is that we actually were not planning to implement planets to Space Engineers,” says Rosa. “We decided to implement planets after we saw the commentary wants it; then we changed our mind.”

Whereas base-building was only possible within the confines of space stations and spacecrafts before, now you can hope to build your home, base, or entire city on land – so long as you’re watchful of potentially threatened – and threatening – natives (not least the eight-legged Sabiroid variety shown above). Different planets have different atmospheres, climates and resources meaning you’ll have plenty to think about before investing in any one location.

Most interestingly, Rosa signs off the diary by expressing his own enthusiasm regarding where the community steers the planets update next. “Maybe they will start creating some really crazy and unexpected stuff,” he says. “Maybe they’ll eventually want to connect planets together, who knows?” If you’re a fan, what will you do?

Space Engineers currently lives on Early Access and costs £18.99


  1. Sleepy Will says:

    I love this game so much, but I just can’t continue to play it while there are bugs which cause instant death for no good reason. Even the planetary lander that you start planet survival in has walkways in it that kill you if you happen to look at them wrong, and it’s so frustrating. Really glad I bought it though and some of the experiences the game has given me so far are nothing short of epic. I’ll open it up every patch until the random death thing is solved and then I can see me putting thousands of hours into it. Also the Sabiroids only have 6 legs.

  2. Captain Deadlock says:

    Planets took the game from “barely playable” to “unplayable”. It fails to meet several key criteria in the definition of “game”. I suppose it technically qualifies as a sandbox, especially if you play online as it then includes toddlers pissing in it. The only way to get any fun out of it at all is to treat it as an RP session with people you know well and trust, until the FPS-killing update came along. This is why we don’t see more games being made by democracy, because most of the population absolutely suck at games design.

    • gnardogjay says:

      This actually works better for me now than it did before. I expect a large amount of bugs in an alpha. As it says on steam with this game “This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.”
      Works well very playable for me tho I use gtx 980 ti. Was also playable on 780 without sli. Expect bugs game is in development and that’s how I like it (not dead). Buying alpha games expecting finished products and one is bound to be disappointed.

    • Crocobutt says:

      Totally agree. I recently asked for a refund of SpaceEngineers (tried it for a free weekend, struggled to play it, did not enjoy at all; still bought it thinking I can make the game work/fun) and luckily got it. These devs ain’t gettin’ my support.

  3. cpy says:

    Who needs fluid FPS, when you can look at real time screenshots!

  4. kulik says:

    Now they need to change the name to “Space and Planet Engineers”.

  5. DrZhark says:

    Is it me or this article sounds like an advertisement?

    • Baines says:

      The article is recapping a PR piece, without adding anything, so it isn’t surprising that it sounds like an advertisement.

      Not that that is necessarily bad, as it means you don’t have to watch the video to get the gist of what the video says.

      • median says:

        I heard someone mention Space Engineers and immediately searched the game blog I trust most, RPS. This does sound like an advert. I know where it comes from — fans keeping up to date on a game — but part of me thinks the editorial board should be careful with this sort of thing. If they want to do a bit about Space Engineers planets, wait until it comes up so RPS writers can tell us their own experience instead of regurgitating copy.

    • egattocs says:

      This doesn’t read like an advert to me at all. It reads like a news article based on a PR video that was released this week. It’s here to relay the facts from the video about a game that has sparked interest amongst RPS readers.

      I’d think an advert would be loaded with far more praise and positivity than this article myself. I also trust that RPS don’t do that and simply provide articles etc using their own cognizance.

  6. vecordae says:

    Though not as pretty, Starmade is a game in a similar vein. It has voxel-based building, complex internal ship systems, manufacturing chains, ncp crew members (I think!), planets to land on, and all sorts of other fun bits. Might be worth a shot if one finds these kinds of games interesting.

  7. Strategist says:

    I still feel totally let down by the devs after they abondoned Miner Wars 2081 (thus leaving a great game half-baked) with the promise to make some sort of Miner Wars 2 as an MMO, which they never finished afaik. Now they never finished Space Engineers but already have Medieval Engineers – which adds another two half baked games to their portfolio. People still give them money and RPS advertises … shrugs.

    • Rednecksith says:

      Agreed. I supported Miner Wars from the very beginning, and like many others got fobbed off with a half-finished game that never delivered anything close to what was promised. Not giving these jokers a single dime ever again. Keen Software can suck it.

      • gnardogjay says:

        Space engineers has extremely positive reviews. Suck it whiners.

  8. Cinek says:

    I didn’t wanted to buy this after the flop with Miner Wars, but I decided to give Space Engineers a try during the free weekend.

    Unplayable. I got framerate drops every time I got anything bigger on my screen. This game has worse optimization than Ark: Survival Evolved (I got 40-60 FPS out there), and that’s really saying something.

    Obviously no buy for me.

  9. socrate says:

    the scale still get bigger yet their enemy are the worst ever with such bad ai and badly made enemy…not to mention framerate problem,insta death bug and other bug in general that make this game quite a pain to also keep being centered on multiplayer for some dumb reason..and the same with medieval engineer which is pretty much the same game.

  10. NephilimNexus says:

    “Rosa explains how he and his team arrived at the decision to add the game’s most ambitious feature yet.”

    Or you could just tell the truth: Empyrion – Galactic Survival

    • gnardogjay says:

      “Or you could just tell the truth: Empyrion – Galactic Survival”
      That game doesn’t have seamless space to planet transition and is barely close to the same level of quality.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Neurotic says:

    “If you’re a fan, what will you do?” I’ll whinge, whine and moan incessantly about it, apparently.

  12. mollemannen says:

    space engineers is steadily on it’s way to become a really great game however there have been too many gamebreaking bugs to enjoy the game any longer period of time.

  13. selwin says:

    Realy love the planets update, initial framedrop was solved by changing mxaa to fxaa wich worked for me (didn’t notice the difference) last windows 10update did cause some irragularities though(updated graphics driver to fix it)