New Vampyr Details From Life Is Strange Developer

Although announced prior to the start of episodic adventure Life Is Strange earlier this year, Vampyr [official site] was thereafter resigned to the shadows cast by its Spanish flu-ridden early 20th century London cityscape setting. Developers DONTNOD Entertainment have only now revealed more about their upcoming vampire-infused action RPG.

In a post featured on the PlayStation Blog, Vampyr director Philippe Moreau spilled the beans on a number of things, including: the game’s protagonist – Johnathan Reid, a surgeon working in London at the time of the Spanish flu epidemic; how it works – you’ll explore and investigate the sickly streets of London, collect clues, converse with civilians, craft makeshift weapons – such as saws – and make use of “vampiric powers”; choice – like Life Is Strange and Remember Me before it, the game will lean heavily on the concept of choice and the ramifications your decisions might have. On the latter, Moreau said this:

Killing innocent people is unfortunately the price of immortality. Besides, in the eyes of a vampire, how do you define innocent? You’ll have to kill people, that’s for sure…but how do you decide who? The information you gather, the things that you see, and the relationships your nurture will all define your decisions. But you will have to feed. You cannot escape that you are a vampire. One of the most interesting things is that everyone you meet in Vampyr could be a target, if you want. But each kill will have consequences on the fragile streets of London. You’ll both see those consequences, and feel them. They’ll have an effect on the story, often immediately, and in the long-run.

Unfortunately, DONTNOD are keeping footage for Vampyr close to their wooden stake-deflecting chests. Here’s the concept teaser from earlier this year:


  1. mukuste says:

    Well, at least it’s not zombies, I guess.

  2. Zekiel says:

    Sounds somewhat interesting although I’m wary that it sounds like its trying to do a lot of things (conversation, choice, action, crafting etc).

    Also RPS – any chance of any Life Is Strange features? When it was announced as Game of the Month November we were promised some more coverage… and now I’ve actually finished playing it I’d love to read some more about what others thought of it.

    • ribby says:

      Wasn’t there an absolute ton of Life is Strange content?

      • Poison_Berrie says:

        Yeah, but they somehow mislabeled it all. It’s under the Fallout 4 title. It’s a shame that they didn’t make more actual articles about that Fallout 4 game, though.

      • Zekiel says:

        In all seriousness there was quite a lot, but all of it prior to RPS labelling it Game of the Month for November. After that there’s been zilch, in spite of a couple of promised articles. I just want more. :-(

        • csocializt says:

          I guess this is tangentially related to life is strange
          Unfortunately it is december now

  3. Jac says:

    The name sucks, hopefully it won’t put the game at stake as it sounds interesting.

    • Baron Bacon V says:

      A: I see what you did there…
      B: it is named after a cult classic silent film.

    • Poison_Berrie says:

      I fear it might be a game for which I can’t look myself in the mirror after playing it.

    • Shiloh says:

      Can’t wait to get my teeth into this.

  4. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    As someone who quite liked Remember Me (still one of the most visually spectacular games I’ve ever played) and who loved most of Life Is Strange, I’m very interested to see what DONTNOD come up with next. The writing quality of LiS mixed with the action and world-building of Remember Me could be pretty special.

  5. CelticPixel says:

    You should all check out ‘Year Of No Light’s’ moody re-scoring of the classic 1932 movie for maximum ‘Vampyr’ vibe.

  6. Frank says:

    Speaking of Life is Strange, I guess y’all are giving up on the game of the month thing, eh.