Loot Drop: Warhammer Vermintide Free DLC

Warhammer End Times: Vermintide [official site] is an enjoyable fantasy throwdown, easy to describe as Left 4 Dead with Skaven, but with a loot and upgrade system that brings some RPG trappings to the four-player cooperative vermin extermination. One of the main complaints that I heard repeatedly when playing the game prior to my review related to the game’s indiscriminate loot drops. Play as a bright wizard and you might find equipment that only a dwarf ranger can use, or vice versa. The free Sigmar’s Blessing update, released today, allows you to tip the odds in favour of your chosen class, as well as adding an entire new tier of veteran loot.

The additional control over loot drops might be the most significant addition, even if it isn’t quite as impressive on paper as the 40 new veteran weapons. There are two ways to meddle with loot probabilities – the first is to wear “one of the five unique trinkets” that increase your chances of finding loot for the related hero. There’s also a shrine that will offer new loot in exchange for tokens and prayers.

Few times has an altar answered your prayers quite so quickly as the Shrine of Solace. Use the hero specific trinkets, offer up your Tokens, specify your wishes and become the proud new owner of something shiny!

It’s worth noting that the dwarven trinket is a “personal book of grudges”, which is basically the opposite of a Christmas card list.

I’m glad to see solid post-release support for the game. Hopefully it’s a sign that it’s been a success for developers Fatshark, who have made a fine cooperative game that stands out from the (rat)pack and is far more than the L4D total conversion that it initially appeared to be.


  1. Setroc says:

    This looks like a really solid first free content patch for the game, and I was already pretty happy with my purchase. Take heed, other games!

  2. Chiron says:

    This reminds me, why no love for Mordheim now its out of Early Access?

  3. Bostec says:

    Can I play this game with a bunch of randoms and still have a good time? I have no friends. ;-;

    • Humble_Beest says:

      Send me a Steam friend request: ein_mann77. I play pretty casually. It’s a really fun game with others.
      But to actually answer your question, yes you can have a good time with randoms. Most, if not all, of the ones I played with are either passably polite or just quiet. Some people have reported differently though, so I guess it depends.

      • Bostec says:

        Hey thanks man! I’ll keep your steam name. I’m waiting on a couple of parts for my new PC build so I should be up and running in a few days. I’ll add you when I am! Cheers.

    • duffster says:

      Yeah I’ve only ever played with randoms, it’s fairly easy to find a good game.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Qazinsky says:

    I hope this loot shrine is good, but the irony of the video showing the shrine creating a hagbane bow when I got enough hagbane and swift bows to build a freaking raft…

  5. TightByte says:

    Is there really no 4-pack of this? I’m frequently the affluent one to take the plunge and gift out copies of a new game to friends, but at full price per copy it’s a lot less compelling.

    • Paxeh says:

      To be honest this is the only thing holding me back on purchasing this. No 4-pack for a 4 player game that’s meant to be played with your friends? No purchase.

      • suibhne says:

        Speculation is that 4-packs are a thing of the past, due to Steam’s new refund policy. There hasn’t been a 4-pack offered for any new game since that policy was enacted; the only remaining 4-packs on Steam are for older games that already offered that option prior to the refund policy.

  6. EhexT says:

    If their preview for the shrine is accurate they’re utterly insane. The amount of resources it expects you to throw at it to get an item is laughably high. In their example you’re expected to burn the equivalent of at least 15 blue items to get a single blue – and the craziest thing is, you can already reroll 4 items of the same color to get a same or better rarity. Their shrine, if it works like in their example, is a joke.

    • Chewbacca says:

      Not really, they drastically changed the amount “tokens” you get. Just look at the linked patch notes. You now get more tokens for salvaging and also may get tokens after a failed mission. Upgrading on the other hand will also cost more tokens (so it basically stays the same in that way). So you can’t really compare the values seen in the short trailer to pre-patch token values.

  7. RegisteredUser says:

    I sincerely hope this title stays alive the next 3+ years.
    However, I also sincerely hope it goes on a 50% off sale or at least does a free weekend, so that I can actually try and buy it.
    Everything I have read about it makes me want to have it, but I am not in a position to plop down 20 EUR to try it out or own it(especially as I will want to purchase the paid DLC eventually as well).

    • DD says:

      If you have even a passing interest in Left 4 Dead or Warhammer then I would highly recommend getting it. It’s melee focus is just different enough and its gameplay similar enough to L4D for it to feel new a familiar. I played a hundred or so hours of L4D 1-2 and have already put the same amount into this game.

  8. socrate says:

    the amount of people who already left this for other game is just a clear sign that this was just extremely overhyped.

    not to mention their “FREE DLC” is basically a patch to fix stuff that made their game crumble to begin with and that 99% of the player ended up using exploit to play the game and still are today because the system didn’t actually made it easier but actually just changed the formula which ends up being still a dumb grindfest that is btw extremely unrewarding and not fun for 1 sec compared to other grind loot game.

  9. Chewbacca says:

    I never really got why ppl would play this game just to grind for better gear. If you don’t enjoy the game itself and just get frustrated if you don’t get good loot after a level, then stop playing the game. Ppl played L4D(2) for years (and not only the versus mode) and that game had no loot system at all and was much simpler in nearly any other way.
    I play Vermintide for the gameplay itself. The loot is just a nice bonus at the end and thus I had no problem with the loot system so far. If you just play for the loot, yes, Vermintide might not be the game for you (but why would you expect that from a L4D clone?).