Prepare Yourself For Dark Souls III In-Game Footage

If I hadn’t already played Dark Souls III [official site] (and what a wonderful experience that was), I’d probably be avoiding any screenshots or videos. A self-imposed media black-out. Because I am a small part of the media, however, that’d involve knocking myself unconscious and staying that way until April 2016. I’ll understand if you want to skip the four minutes of in-game footage below though. I’ll understand if you want to be surprised by the new horrors on show.

The first Dark Souls did a number on me. It beats the crap out of everyone who plays it, sure, but I seem to be the only person who struggled with giant moth-bastard, the Moonlight Butterfly. I’m still not sure if I should refer to it as a moth or a butterfly, but I’ve always thought moths were just caterpillars that emerged into an enduring goth phase.

Being killed by mushroom people was fairly embarrassing as well, and I’m waiting to see how far Dark Souls III will go in its efforts to humiliate me. Death by giant guinea pig perhaps? Or a boss creature that looks like a happy pug?

The video suggests I’m going to be frightened of a tree. That’s a very silly thing to be frightened of but at least it’s definitely a very horrible tree, with humanoid limbs and a gut that looks like a wound.

Beyond that new terror, you can also see lots of regular combat in the video. I can’t tell if it looks faster and more fluid to me simply because that reflects my own experience with the game, but I went into plenty of detail about the changes to the controls and responsiveness in my preview earlier this year. The boss creature in the section I played looked like it had fallen out of Silent Hill; it felt like the kind of thing that would kill me. This new boss looks like a respectable sort of abomination as well, even if it is a tree. No doubt there’ll be a lovable capybara somewhere in the game and it’ll almost certainly cause me more problems than it should.


  1. DaftPunk says:

    Honestly i’m not impressed,it looks the same as previous games.

    • klo3 says:

      You need to take a fresh look especially at DS1.

      From the 2 seconds I allowed my self to watch the video it is Dark Souls with graphics comparable to Bloodborne.

      Everything I could ever ask for.

    • Mr_Blastman says:

      Well, seeing how only 5% of gamers that try Dark Souls ever manage to beat it, I can see how you feel that way. Only a select few of us can admire its beauty because we have the fortitude it takes to tame this beautiful beats.

      And yes, Dark Souls 3 looks beautiful. I can’t wait.

      • Mr_Blastman says:

        beats = beast

      • socrate says:

        5% yeah right,stop thinking you’re great because you’re picking number out of your ass…im certain more then 5% beat dark soul and people that are stupid still think dark soul is an incredibly hard game are stupid and bought in that dumb propaganda..old nes game were harder then DS by far,oh and lets not think that humping a leg for a boss fight=hard please.

        DS is just hard for new generation of gamer that play bethesda game and kill a dragon or a deathclaw in the first 10 min of the game…but the truth is its a game about learning to exploit or learn fight pattern which are usually extremely easy to tell and avoid apart from a few gimmiky boss and enemy…im getting soooo tired of people telling other that DS is an hard game and making them afraid to push on because the truth is its just an easy game with a rich environment that is worth playing and even getting past the tedious and unfair part that are meant to make you quit just so people keep that dumb propaganda in place…which i don’t even know why they do this cause tons of people i know quit playing DS2(which is extremely easier then DS1) because of these really silly part like the drake knight which they even told it was a stupidly unfair enemy that was badly made.

        Anyway i find the jump in graphic not that great with these new console they seem sooooo restricted and this look like bloodborn way more then it look like darksoul i mean the re-used model of the common enemy in bloodborn is clearly replacing the old fallen/undead/zombie/whatever you wanna call them…with insanely longer arm and farming type with weapon that weren’t even changed from bloodborn like the sword or the pitchfork…i mean common…the re-used boss model from bloodborn also is pretty lame although the new one we see here is actually new and look..ok…would be fun to see someone not using cheat since getting hit 100x is apparently in the game now if thats not cheating.

        • Premium User Badge

          Phasma Felis says:

          You mad?

        • Mr_Blastman says:

          Tee hee.

        • Boothie says:

          4,8% of steam players earned the Dark Lord achievement which is apparently the last boss, so yeah he wasnt far of the mark, he was generous if anything. also: For fucks sake man calm your tits

        • fr3udes says:

          Right…You’re not impressed. Dark Souls sucks. It’s an easy game. It’s ugly. You got two dicks. You’re the leader of a dwarven army. There’s a hidden path under your bed that leads to a fantasy world. You’re the one. Sasha Grey loves you. We know.

      • hamilcarp says:

        I’m curious where you got that 5% statistic

        • Boothie says:

          got curious so went and checked, 4.8% of steam players earned the dark lord achievement which is apparently the last boss.

          • sansenoy says:

            It’s the other ending, walking away from the objective, almost impossible without guidance… Also, you’re forgetting Dark Souls was blocked from sale in many countries, mine included, until they did away with GFWL this January. I’ve played the pirated version for hundreds and of hours, I’ve used the Steam version just to enjoy the invigorated multiplayer scene… A glorious time that was, global unlock on connects, instant invasions, fight clubs everywhere, it’s only the darkmoons which never really recovered, dickwraiths everywhere…

          • wcq says:

            It seems that roughly one out of four people who actually played the game beat it. I base this on the following data:
            – Just over 40% of tracked players played long enough to light a bonfire. A feat that takes 5 minutes maximum.
            – A bit over 10% of tracked players beat “the big 4”, i.e. the bosses you need to beat to get to the last boss. I would think it’s unlikely that anyone stopped after that.

            As for the endings, the achievements track each one separately. Fire ending has 7.3%, dark ending has 4.8%. There’s probably some overlap, since you can of course get both achievements.

      • Unsheep says:

        Want a game that fully requires skill to win ? try winning in Assetto Corsa, SBK X or Dirt Rally on highest sim settings.
        Do that and you are a true hardcore gamer.

        Anyone can beat beat a Dark Souls game, it doesn’t require much skill…simply patience.

        Jeff Green managed to beat both Souls games by basically button-mashing his way through them. Dodger almost completed DS2 in similar fashion.

        One of the funniest playthroughs I’ve seen of the Souls games was by James at GameFront, who also finished Demon’s Souls. It was funny because he was so terrible at it, yet he still beat them all….even on NG+.

        Twitch-streamer CohhCarnage beat both Souls games and Bloodborne, yet by his own admition he is terrible with a controller.

        What made them beat these games was patience.
        The average Dark Souls gamer is just like these guys. Those who are good at the game, like German Spy and ENB are in the minority.

        People quit these game because they get bored, not because they are too difficult. These games have virtually no storyline and narration or have ridiculously convoluted ones like Bloodborne.

        • fr3udes says:

          You too. You’re not impressed. Dark Souls sucks. It’s an easy game. You’re the one. Sasha Grey loves you. We know.

      • Niko says:

        Only a select few of us who have beaten the interactive experience designed to be beaten? Wow. Never thought of myself as a chosen one.

    • int says:

      If the Dark Souls 2 pre-release videos are any indication, it’ll look even worse on release.

  2. GrinningD says:

    1:58 Darksouls you magnificent Bastard.

  3. orionite says:

    That’s some of the most comfortable looking medieval plate armor I’e ever seen. Can do one shoulder roll after another. Even with a shield on the back! Impressive

    • SomeDuder says:

      Carrying multiple heavy swords, too! One is even stored in his butthole, it seems. So realistic~

      But yea, while I enjoyed the first Dark Souls, I haven’t bothered with the 2nd or its DLC, doubt I’ll buy this one. The undead burg and parish were fantastic settings, don’t wanna ruin the memory.

  4. bv728 says:

    Is… is that a giant, humanoid tree you hit in the nuts?

  5. Synesthesia says:

    While I’m glad there’s more dark souls, and this one looks a lot better than the pretty dissapointing (by souls standards) DSII, I’m a bit sad they chose to do these as sequels.

    I would rather more Souls games, with varying rulesets, instead of minutely refining the dark souls formula. Has anyone here played Bloodborne? I don’t have a PS4 yet. Is it wonderful?

    • NunOfTheAbove says:

      I think it’s pretty great personally. The story has all the nice little details like in DS1, while still leaving tons of ambiguous parts up to your own imagination. I feel it also captures the spirit and madness of Lovecraft better than any film ever has. The costumes, enemies and overall design are beautiful too.

      If sheer difficulty is more your thing, the DLC’s first boss is 100% bullshit level hard. It has speed, range, a crazy diverse move set, and is surprisingly hard to hit for something roughly half the size of my house.

    • Imbecile says:

      Its good, but its faster paced and requires you to be more aggressive than Souls. Also no shields, and fewer obvious “builds”, and the random dungeons are less than enthralling.

      Still, its great, with lots of positives. Its a shift sideways, rather than forwards or backwards. You’d know it was a Souls game, for sure.

    • bv728 says:

      Bloodborne is Dark Souls retuned so that instead of rewarding caution and defense, aggression and offense are rewarded. Shielding up is not possible, and you must rely on mobility and iFrames (you get a lot more iFrames than in Souls as compensation). The thing that will get you is that it is fast.

      It’s got that signature Souls-style plot – half told, half implied. The plot is Cosmic Horror, but takes a bit to show it’s hand. You’ll have to pull bits and pieces of setting from locations, item descriptions, medical textbooks, and medieval bestiaries.

      And, it’s beautiful, in that gothic fashion.

    • klo3 says:

      As an indication; Platinumed/100%:d BB as I have both DkS and DeS.

      It is of comparable quality and definitely worth experiencing.

    • aliksy says:

      I played it a bit at a friend’s house. It seemed pretty cool, but the load times are atrocious. Like, 30s jog to the boss, 30s fight and death, and then 45s load time. I’m told this was after a patch, too.

      Also I think healing is done via consumables instead of estus, which seems to mean more tedium. “If I take a detour for like 20 minutes and get 20 healing thingers, I can probably do the boss.”

      • Nootrac4571 says:

        They are consumables, but you can warp to the shop from any lantern and they’re pretty cheap once the monsters start handing out hundreds of blood echoes a time. I honestly don’t know why they chose this approach, I don’t think it adds anything, but I haven’t had to do much grinding so far.

        The only issue I have with it is that from what I’ve played (many hours, but I am very slow at these games,) the environments are all a little too samey – nothing like the variety of locations from the Souls games. Admittedly I’m nowhere near the end yet, but I’m growing a little bored of the ‘city made entirely out of cathedrals’ aesthetic.

    • socrate says:

      the fallen/undead enemy in this one are replaced with the common model enemy from bloodborn actually and bloodborn didnt have much freedom in character creation or flexibility…the whole weapon changing thing was pushed alots but the truth is you ended up with basically weapon that did pretty much what they did in DS basically doing long swipe or being heavy dmg and slow…it all ended up the same but without the variety and for me these so call changing weapon lost their interest quite fast…they look good don’t get me wrong especially the dlc one…but they just dont feel great or different enough you usually end up using the same one because you tend to be able to upgrade just 1 to the max 2 with the dlc…the thing that is interesting in DS3 is that weapon apparently all have special move which could be interesting.

      But im not a fan of re used model like the werewolf boss skin they keep showing us in DS3 from bloodborn or the fallen/undead who have the model of the long armed lycanthrope in bloodborn.

      Bloodborn to me felt like castlevania dark soul which was nice but combat felt aweful and always the same thing..and alots of cthulhu mythos which is extremely popular these days from people that think somehow that badly written scifi horror is something good these days…then again who actually think that mythos is awesome and as actually read lovecraft.

    • Unsheep says:

      Bloodborne was OK but not as good as the Souls games, I liked Dark Souls 2 much more than Bloodborne.

      There was simply not enough variety in the environments of Bloodborne and the replay value was low since there were so few classes to choose between. The game world felt much smaller as well.

      Demon’s Souls will most likely be released on the PS4 at some point, THAT will be much more fun than Bloodborne.

      So don’t get a PS4 for Bloodborne, wait until Demon’s Souls get released on it.

      In case you can’t tell, my favourite Souls game is Demon’s Souls.

  6. rcguitarist says:

    The gameplay videos I have seen of all the dark souls games, including this one, always just look like boring repetitive combat. Are those games really like that? Or am I just missing something?

    • Flea says:

      I don’t think you’re missing anything. I played a bit of the first Dark Souls game and couldn’t make myself finish it. From what I understood, the appeal has always been in the level of difficulty. The Dark Souls games have always been unforgiving, you would die a lot and that’s about it. It’s repetitive, it’s buggy and I guess it is what it is. People either like it or couldn’t care less about it.

      • Mr_Blastman says:

        People that don’t like it are weak and ill-performed for the task of both admiring and conquering greatness.

        But that’s okay. That’s why the bell curve is weighted in the middle. The world needs plenty of average. Only a few gamers can truly be great. For everyone else there is Hello Kitty™ Online.

        • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

          Pitch perfect satire, bravo

        • rcguitarist says:

          I really hope you are being sarcastic. If not, then that’s the most douchey post I think I have ever read on this site, lol. You do know that anyone can play-through dark souls games beginning to end, right? Trainers are widely used for these games, so you aren’t the only one who has seen the entire game. But if you want to dedicate your life to something truly worthless (playing a videogame), then by all means go ahead and talk of greatness and being above the abilities of most human beings, In the end, you are claiming greatness in the human race because you sit in a chair and push buttons on keyboard.

          link to

          • Mr_Blastman says:

            No, I’m being serious.

            And if you cheat to beat the game, you’re only cheating yourself. I mean, okay, if you want to piss money down the drain to see a two minute ending then be my guest. If wasting money is your thing–why not just send it all to me. I’ll take care of it for you. And in return I’ll send you a copy of Hello Kitty™ and Myst.

            Because we all know Myst was the greatest game ever made.

            (The last sentence was sarcasm ;) ).

          • socrate says:

            mr_blastman sound like one of the people who as the mentality of the new generation of hardcore gamer…as an old hardcore gamer i never saw people that didn’t like the hardcore game as lesser or cheater unless they were affecting the fun of others (griefer) to be horrible people…its your game…why would it be horrible to feel like that and tell your opinion?or play as you want?

            I don’t see dark soul as hard its basically actraiser with better control,3d environment and that trill that you did it in the end of a boss that can instead of slowly deplete you kill you in a few strike…but enemy are usually slow and have these “open moments” that allow you to do your thing..i wouldn’t call that “hard”…like i said up in my other comment we still end up leg humping still in that game which is kind of boring…to me at least…and in pvp everyone seems to be either a cookie cutter or an hacker in the re-release of DS2…preventing some playstyle to be effective because some retard complained that he got wiped by a certain build but yet you still see the 40 in all jack of all trade way too often and using the less nerfed build they could find…its just not good gameplay i think and it really need to improve…but hard?…hell no…DS is far from hard…people tend to be afraid of it because its like older game…you need to learn and make mistake depending on what you are trying to build for a character…their is maybe a few enemy/boss that are extremely unfair but less then DS1 imo and lets hope their cheap tactic to make something hard in DS3 will be gone cause buffing an HP bar for a boss is not hard its just tedious and make people end up using cheap exploit and tactic which totally remove the fun in the fight.

            P.s i do miss cutting part from monster in DS2 doubt they will bring that back but oh well…it was usually a challenge for me to do so even though i never used these tail weapon.

          • Kshakas says:

            Well, don’t really know how to not react to this. “But if you want to dedicate your life to something truly worthless (playing a videogame)” I usually refrain from even getting into these comment disscusion. But i am mildly intoxcitated. The idea that playing a videogame is worthless has always been so incredibly annoying to me. What is worth your time? My opinion has always been that (and i know this might seem very dark) there is nothing of worth. And what i mean by that is not that an individual can’t find worth in something. Just that you can’t claim objective worth. It does not exist. Everything will eventually be null and void. Memory and existence will fade eventually. That does not mean you can’t find meaning. These things are so beyond our lifetime that you can devote your life to be remebered for a limited span of time. Or just throw yourself to feeling “good” either way is fine. Anyways. The simplified idea of worth has always bothered me. Sorry for the random outburst. Random drunk outburst. Love the opinion away post sign btw. Very clever. RPS is objectively great.

          • Mr_Blastman says:

            @ Socrate: I grew up playing Adventure on the Atari 2600 and I liked it!

        • MisterFurious says:

          The main reason why I’ve never played any of the ‘Dark Souls’ games is because, when I go to forums about them, all I see are arrogant, douchebag losers and I figure if these games appeals to these moronic apes then I probably won’t like it because I’m not a douche. I’ve also seen a lot of videos of them and I don’t get what the big deal is. Like someone said above, you just look for the pattern in the monster attacks and counter attack. I was doing that thirty years ago.

          • Mr_Blastman says:

            There are those who make excuses and those that make it happen. You Sir, are in the latter club of making excuses. That’s okay. Just be honest with yourself next time instead of hiding behind a wall of text.

          • baozi says:

            Meh, I like and finished Dark Souls 1 & 2 and I still think there are lots of arrogant douchebags on the forums who feel like they have something to prove…the DaS fanbase is probably one of the most annoying there is.

      • rcguitarist says:

        Makes more sense now. Thanks

        • wu wei says:

          I really like how you effectively ignore all of the praise the DS series has received to hone in on the one reply here that reinforces your preconceptions, it’s a fantastic example of how biases work.

      • aliksy says:

        I don’t think it’s just the difficulty. “I Wanna Be The Guy” is difficult but doesn’t have the same enduring popularity and sense of quality. Dark Souls’ appeal comes more from a sense of fairness to me. The monsters don’t feel like paper tigers set down just for you to knock over and feel powerful.

        That’s how a lot of games feel, now. Like, look at Dragon Age: Origins to pick a somewhat older game at random. You start out killing dozens of mooks and earth-demon-orcs, but it’s mostly just fodder. Most of them aren’t threats, and it’s not very rewarding. Dark Souls early mooks can and will ruin your day.

      • Sulpher says:

        The Souls series is not known as being “buggy”. Perhaps unbalanced in places upon release, but overall they have a high degree of polish. They only bugs I recall are the weapon-degradation/frame-rate issue in DS2 (fixed), and the frame pacing issues with Bloodborne.

        • socrate says:

          they have map bug in them thats how speed runner did them so freaking quickly and they tend to have AI that can bug out but yes not the horrible buggy mess…you actually need to look for them to see these bug and they usually end up being used to exploit speed run like certain boss pathing or enemy pathing and clipping through the world and such…casual player usually won’t ever find these..i would say they are quite minor and speed runner don’t mind since they can finish the game in record time and skip 90% of the game.

    • iguana says:

      Combat in Dark Souls is usually a slow, methodical affair. Emphasis is on learning enemy behavior, managing stamina and careful timing. In my experience it also becomes very tense, always knowing that a single stupid mistake with even a low-level enemy can cut a significant bit of your HP off.

      In addition to combat there is also a sense of exploration and environmental story telling that isn’t really replicated in any other game I’ve found.

      In the end though, boring and repetitive is completely subjective.

      • rcguitarist says:

        Great reply. Thanks

        • klo3 says:

          Iguanas reply nails it.

          It is true that much of the appeal is in difficulty, but:
          a) saying a difficult game equals a boring one is not true, in fact the reward for succeeding in Souls (DeS, DkS, BB. Never played DkSII) is so great that I’ve never experienced as high a rush in ANY other game I’ve played in the last 25 years
          b) saying the difficulty is the only appeal of Souls games is missing 80% of what makes them great

          I love such classics as System Shock 2, PS:T (my favourite game before I finished DkS) and Psychonauts but for me personally Souls just are great on so many levels that nothing really compares.

      • Mr_Blastman says:

        The exploration is on par with Metroid and Zelda. In fact, it is Metroid and Zelda with challenge.

        Dark Souls One is one of the greatest games of all time.

        • jrod says:

          you seem to have a typo in your comment… here let me correct it: “Dark Souls One is the greatest games of all time.”

          • Shazbut says:


          • socrate says:

            this is silly you just look at when the game got popular and how many actually liked it but didn’t end up venerating it…maybe it is for you but saying that its a fact is just stupid since its community of elitist seems to be extremely shitty with other people apparently,it doesn’t really help it…not to mention i know tons of people who ended up getting bored of the same go there and fight a boss and repeat…i can understand that…i think DS is a good game…for me its really good…but perfect…not even close…it still does tons of stuff badly and in a half assed way in DS2…and lets not forget that this kind of gameplay isn’t new at all old console game did that a long time ago…making it 3d doesn’t mean its new or making it a bit more open world doesn’t either change the recipe.

          • baozi says:

            It’s a pretty good game.

    • Urthman says:

      I haven’t played the second one, but the most impressive part of the first game is the level design and structure and subtle things about the atmosphere (e.g. a huge monster you glimpse in the distance long before you fight it). None of that is going to come through very well in a gameplay video.

      • socrate says:

        that is true and in a way DS2 lacked alots in this domain…the scale of the thing seemed huge but it never felt it…not to mention DS1 having nice lore surrounding the different enviroment and fate of its…”great soul” which was depressive and sad but…you always wanted to know more about the universe and the fate of these individual.

      • Replikant says:

        This. The world-layout is amazing. Lots of different sights and settings even though you basically stay in one spot and just move vertically (Well, apart from Arnor Londo). Some vistas make you pause to enjoy them (and praise the sun).
        Also, the story. The ever-present sense of loss, futility and sadness which has infused the world. The little stories of perseverance, betrayal and failure of the NPC phantoms. The player trying to rekindle the spark for a little while longer. Very consistent, ties in nicely with the game itself, without being pushed down the players throat.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      (Insert personal opinion caveat here): the combat is far from repetitive. I can understand why it might look like that watching vids but the combat is basically the best part of the game. It’s one of those games that absolutely nails a finely honed combat system you would happily play on its own (as so many PvPers do) the levels and narrative are then built on top. The variation comes in how it feels. The difference between a katana and a sword is huge, never mind a magic or long range build. Making your character a fat, heavy armour laden tank feels hugely different to a stealthy, rogue build. It doesn’t come across in videos so well because you can’t feel the timing difference between a button press and the reaction on screen. Heavy builds take a lot of pre-empting, etc.

      Then there’s the enemy design. Again sometimes subtle variation, but each enemy is cleverly designed to exploit a skill you won’t have honed yet or toy with an expectation. It’s hard to explain or show, Dark Souls is a game, not an interactive movie, it is perfectionistly designed around gameplay so loses something when watched over a shoulder. Basically, I urge you to try it if you haven’t, and ask you to give it some time. It’s a grower not a show-er.

      So, hopefully that didn’t seem ranty, just trying to give an idea of the combat variation. In summary: although there is an awful lot of combat, it rarely feels repetitive due to the enemy variation and the variety of approaches you can take to your character. And ignore all the willy waving “it’s too hard for you noob” comments, it just takes practice and, in case you hadn’t gathered, feels rather rewarding when you get the hang of it.

      Having finished 1+2 I still can’t really parry, so always room to grow.

    • Koozer says:

      Dark Soul’s draw isn’t really about how ‘hard’ it is, it’s the challenge of figuring out a situation. Combat doesn’t get boring because each new enemy is a puzzle to be figured out, and each weapon has its own subtle quirks to master.

      There isn’t a single corridor you will walk down without examining the layout, looking out for spots where enemies may be lurking, or suspicious floor tiles hiding deadly traps. It’s a game of observation and problem solving who’s difficulty is solely reliant on the player.

    • exile2k4 says:

      I felt the same way when I first saw DS, but after I played it for a few hours I loved it. The difficulty is one of the brilliant things about it, but more in the sense of the balance of the difficulty, rather than it just being ridiculously hard. There’s a huge amount of detail in levelling up stats and choosing gear, but despite that I never really felt over or under levelled anywhere in DS or DSII.

      The Witcher 3, in comparison, is a great game in lots of ways but the difficulty felt wildly inconsistent to me. I completed it on Death March, but level 4-10 was painfully hard, and I was struggling to find anywhere I could complete quests to improve to do other quests. Past that, the game got progressively easier, to the point where the final 2 bosses killed me a grand total of once and I was too overpowered to do most of the content. Dark Souls is always a struggle, but hugely rewarding for that.

  7. skalpadda says:

    Looks like the player has endless stamina and is able to do fast rolls in plate mail. Hopefully that’s not the case on release.

    • socrate says:

      he had cheat on because he got hit a million time also without healing in the end…unless these fallen do next to no damage normally he wouldn’t have survived that seeing from the last gameplay footage

  8. Jokerme says:

    Oh yes! I can feel it. This game has what DS2 didn’t. It has Miyazaki touch. DS2 was a good game, but it lacked what made DS1 and Demon’s Souls feel like an epic journey.

    The enemies, the bosses, the environments, the design of it all feels so right. Can’t wait feel the dread.

  9. Unsheep says:

    Visually I much prefer the gritty look of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls over this new glossy one. The gameplay does indeed look like a cross between Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

    • fr3udes says:

      Yes, me too. This glossy look feels awkward.

      The speed, also. It’s getting unrealistically too fast for me, i’m afraid the lost of “weighted” feeling will ruin the experience :-/

      Also, why the camera is so low and so close to the character in this footage ?

  10. Phantasma says:

    Oh yes, Dark Souls.

    I consider myself a patient person, an observant gamer and a bit of a strategist.
    But for the life of me, i couldn’t get along with this one.
    Mechanically i did realise what the game wanted from me and oh boy, thematically it was a real treat.
    But i could never execute what i planned and the endless retreads after bring killed from a boss really didn’t help.
    Maybe it was a reflexes problem and i’m getting old.

    But other than that, as much as the game keeps being praised as ‘hard but fair’, but in some instances that just wasn’t true.

    I remember my last boss fight where i sometimes could traverse some rubble on the floor, sometimes i kept getting stuck on it, same with the boss’s hitbox. Inconsistencies like these are a death sentence when precision is paramount.

    I really wanted to love it, but it just broke me.

    • fr3udes says:

      Thanks for your opinion. You didn’t like it. Good.

      I wonder why i do not lurk in any post about those game i don’t like, and stop by to say “i didn’t like it. i tried but it just broke me.” Maybe because there’s too much games i don’t like…