What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

They’re all away this weekend, somewhere or other. I don’t know. Which means – yes, you’ve guessed it! – it’s time to hold another of our famous RPS Fanfic contests, with the chance to win your very own bottle of Eau d’Horace. Just in time for Christmas, too – maybe it’d be the perfect gift for a loved one? Simply tell us, in forty words or less: what are Graham, John, and Pip up to this weekend? Oh, and while you’re there, what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: For reasons that not even I can grasp, I’ve decided to devote the weekend to a JRPG. It’s a genre I know very little about, even if I have played some of the classics. That’s reason enough, I suppose. A chance to broaden the old horizons.

I’m trying to choose between The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and a Final Fantasy game. Any of ’em that I can get hold of on PC, except for VII, which I’ve already played. It’d probably be Final Fantasy III since I’ve never played it and it’s sitting in my Steam account. I’m open to other suggestions though, if anyone cares to share recommendations.

Alec: Thanks to that there Michael Radiatin’ I still haven’t had much of a chance to play anything other than Fallout 4. My brain’s begun screaming at my skull about this, so I reckon I’ll finally get around to Metamorphabet. Might even see how the two-year-old takes to it, if I convince her mum that games won’t warp her for life.
Alice: I’m writing this shortly before catching a train to Glasgow, so I probably won’t be doing too much of those there video games. Other than Isaac, of course. I’ve already played Isaac. I’m 200 coins short of maxing out my Greed Machine and unlocking the new secret character, who I hear’s a right bastard to play, which is probably good? I might also finally get some of those Lost unlocks now You Know What.
Graham: [You tell me!]
John: [You tell me! But we did, however, have another John sighting last weekend from reader ‘Shiloh’, which would explain why screams filled the air of my fair city:

“I believe I spied John standing proud atop Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, beard bristling and kilt swirling dangerously above the knee in the fresh Hibernian breeze, risking a nasty chill around the Trossacks, to bring us his convention-defying ‘Scots wahey!’ on the pipes.”]

Philippa: [You tell me!]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Fluffy_Fleshwall says:


  2. Mr_Rosebud says:

    The wife and the kid is out of town and the Cossacks DLC is installed, i.e. time to do some conquering.

    Any suggestions on what nation I should play?

    • Myrdinn says:

      I went for Oman for the fact I’ve never really dabbled in the middle east. My favorite nations keep being those in and surrounding the HRE.

    • Munin says:

      Muscovy would be one of the obvious ones. The start must be rather more challenging now after the beef-up the hordes got and you’ll be able to play with the titular Cossack estate. :D

      Manchu would be an interesting one for Horde play.

  3. Potajito says:

    I wasn’t expecting the Humble Monthly to deliver, but I’m totally hooked with Chroma Squad!

    • Llewyn says:

      I wasn’t expecting to still be subscribed to the monthly. Still, I intended to buy Neon Struct at some point, so I guess that’s done now (and I’ve cancelled it properly this time!)

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Chroma Squad is a really fun little game despite some bad design choices. I’m still crossing my fingers for Sailor Moon DLC, but I doubt they will given the legal trouble they already had with the game.

    • sillythings says:

      I decided to resubscribe the last day before the bundle and was initially pretty disappointed. I’d had a passing interest in Neon Struct and Chroma Squad, but none of the other games appealed to me at all.

      I gave Neon Struct a brief try via the DRM-free download. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see what RPS saw in it. No chatter or shouts from what were supposed to be human guards, being able to “get away” from them simply by climbing on a bar and watching them run around frantically in front of me, being able to hide and what did definitely not feel like shadows that would hide a human being… The bare-bones execution (while visually appealing to me) just did not feel immersive. And (at least during the short bit I tried out) the main punishment for being spotted seemed to be getting a bad score at the end, which didn’t exactly motivate me to try to be an invisible sneaky ninja either.

      The DRM-free download for Chroma Squad didn’t work, and though it looked fun enough due to the customization and the lovely pixel art, watching a gameplay video it seemed like something that wouldn’t hold my attention for long (especially with a frequent point of critique being its repetetiveness).

      So, I decided to try and trade away the entire bundle. I only have some Payday 2 DLC left, but so far ended up with Shadowrun Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, Massive Chalice (although I did add in another bundled game to that trade), The Bug Butcher (tried the demo on Steam and found it surprisingly fun – plus, hey, the devs are from my country!) and The Deer God (yeah, it has mixed reviews, but the lovely visuals just make me want to try it out for myself). And almost 9€ in Steam Credit from keys. So hey, that’s a pretty amazing deal right there, even if it wasn’t the deal that Humble intended. :p

  4. lowprices says:

    Pip stalks the streets of London in a frog onesie, striking green terror into the hearts of the criminals and reckless investment bankers of our capital under the superhero pseudonym The Battletoad.

    I, on the other hand, will be playing Downwell and Sword and Sworcery on the mobile telephone, continuing my latest playthrough of Invisible Inc on the personal computer, and, after trying it again on a whim, admitting that there’s still room for Hearthstone in my heart(hstone).

  5. Eight Rooks says:

    I am playing paralyzed by choice, I think. No, wait, that sounds wrong. Anyway, Syndicate and Dragon Quest Heroes, but there’s also a bunch of smaller/older games I picked up in the sales, and a couple of backlog entries I keep meaning to finish but never do. Really want to beat Tales of Zestiria, but it’s dragging a bit too much in the home stretch. Still a lot of fun, though.

    I’d say play a Falcom game over a Final Fantasy any day, Adam, but Legend of Heroes is 1) pretty sizeable, and 2) the first game apparently ends on a whopping great cliffhanger. (I have both, I’ve never played either – well, I played a lot of the first one years ago, but that was in Japanese and I understood very little of it. <_< )

  6. Robostove says:

    After having a blast with Master of Magic recently, I’m going to give Dominions 4 a try. I’ve found that I enjoy a dizzying amount of options over careful balance in these games.

  7. caff says:

    Rocket League. Dwarf Fortress. Fallout 4. The Beginner’s Guide.

  8. amusingthebrood says:

    I bought my three-year-old Metamorphabet for his birthday. We have yet to play it together, but I’m hoping we might manage this weekend.

    I have also finally found time to play the two To The Moon minisodes, which were lovely, a little bit of Chaos Reborn, and even some Necrodancer.

  9. Bostec says:

    Some of my PC parts have been lost in the post so I have NOTHING on the PC to play. I have been hanking to play my lovely Metroid Prime collection on the Wii again, so I might dig it out, blow the cob webs off and hope the good hope it still works.

  10. TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

    I’m still playing that game that “everybody agreed is terrible”.

  11. Tycow says:

    Fallout 4, and trying (and trying is the key word) to play Just Cause 3. Curse my AMD GPU. :(

  12. tigerfort says:

    John was recently sighted down near Tintagel castle, muttering about “women in ponds” and gluing weaponary to rocks.

    Personally, I’m hoping to finally get round to playing Roundabout, which has been sitting on my account for a while now.

  13. peterlarge says:

    Just like Adam, I am diving into the unknown depths of JRPG and I actually chose Trails in the Sky FC to start the journey with. I was surprised how ridicuolously difficult the game is on hard so I had to restart on normal, but it is incredibly entertaining. The western RPGs I usually play are much easier (Skyrim on legendary or New Vegas on very hard are cakewalk compared to this game’s hard).
    I feel like the main difference between WRPGs and JRPGs is that the former have more choices while the later later have more meaningful ones, although my only Japanese RPG-like experiences come from Dark Souls and Valkyria Chronicles which I both love to death not small part because of how difficult they are.
    Anyways, TitS is simple but very well written and put together (and looks like gonna be veeeeeery long)so I would definitely recommend that one.

    • Munin says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend hard. It is definitely doable but for me at least doesn’t really add to the fun.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I always enjoy some well put together TitS.

  14. Mud says:

    World of Warships which I tried a few weeks ago and like it a lot, good fun.

  15. Owl Mark says:

    Elite Dangerous: Horizons Beta!

    Driving with Fallout type music:
    link to youtube.com

    Flying in canyons + exploration in mist:

  16. golem09 says:

    As if there is a choice!
    Shadow Complex!

    Surprised no one else here wrote about it so far.

  17. James says:

    I am balancing Just Cause 3 with Verdun. The odd bit of GTAV between essay writing as well.

  18. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

    Adam, do you care if your JRPG is actually from Japan? I haven’t played too many of the classics but I have played a lot of indie offerings (most of which are not from Japan). One of my favorites is Master of the Wind, which is lengthy (7 parts) and free. Nothing too special in terms of combat mechanics (although what’s there works well), but I found the writing to be uncommonly good. Also has excellent location design, reminiscent of Zelda games where each place has a theme and appropriate puzzles.

    It is made with RPGMaker, as a warning to those who get violently ill at the mere thought of such a thing. Lots of custom sprites for characters, but uses stock tiles for maps I think.

    Link: link to solest.org

    Oh, and as for what I’m playing this weekend, I’m playing the game about accelerating elections to nearly the speed of light so they will emit X-rays, which can then be aimed at materials to determine their electronic structure. This game is usually called “beamtime” and it precludes playing any other games, as well as most other activities (including sleep, unfortunately).

    • jesuguru says:

      “I’m playing the game about accelerating elections [sic] to nearly the speed of light”
      Part of me thinks you meant “electrons”, the other part is enjoying the thought of your literal meaning too much.

      • Premium User Badge

        Waltorious says:

        That is one of the more amusing autocorrects I’ve had. I did, in fact, mean electrons.

  19. TheBuff1 says:

    Hopefully my Thrustmaster HOTAS will arrive today so I can start playing Elite Dangerous which I picked up in the Steam Sale. Otherwise back to Star Craft 2 Legacy of the Void Campaign.

    • Minglefingler says:

      You can play Elite surprisingly well with a 360 pad, which I did whilst I was waiting for my hotas. It helpled me get used to the flight mechanics and it wasn’t too difficult to adjust to the joystick as I wasn’t using the 360 pad for more than a week.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Don’t do it. Pushing up the throttle for the first time is probably the best moment in the game.

  20. PancakeWizard says:

    Attempting XCOM:EU after having only played through it once when it first came out and being reminded how utterly disappointing it is. This isn’t even a ‘oh it’s not as good as old XCOM’ rant (although, let’s be fair..it isn’t). Just observed by itself it’s so infuriating with some of the design choices they went with:

    Aliens getting a ‘free’ turn, no real way to sneak up on them

    Not being able to free-aim guns to target explosive environmental objects for tactical play

    Arbitrarily not being able to choose nationalily, class or gender for your XCOM team, and everyone speaking with American accents.

    Cinematic camera often zooming into objects so you can’t see what it’s actually doing.

    Aliens using insane shots through several terrain features to score hits.

    The game faking its openness, making sure you feel barrelled down a set path as everyone is constantly telling you what needs doing as urgently as possible. It’s far more linear than you are led to believe.

    Next to no terrain variation.

    And no, I don’t want to install mods. The game should’ve been good by itself. Hell, the good game was in there somewhere, it just needed unhooking from its training wheels. I may as well say goodbye to XCOM at this point as anything post EU (expansion and upcoming sequel) are so far removed from the original license they may as well be another franchise entirely. I can’t play Xenonauts for more than five minutes either as the art/graphics just make me sigh.

    By Saturday evening I think I’ll just say hang it all and buy Hard West instead.

    • caff says:

      Quite a good rant :) You should probably just reinstall Jagged Alliance 2.

    • K33L3R says:

      Alien’s don’t get any free turns, they get to make a limited move upon contact. Late game equipment allows stealth as well, battlescanners and the squadsight perk allow snipers to fire at opponents who are unaware too

    • king0zymandias says:

      I have the same reaction to the new Xcom game. So just wanted to tell you Hard West will probably not scratch that itch. At least it didn’t for me, the game isn’t not great tactically, nor is the story any good, and the core gameplay loop is simply not very satisfying or gratifying. Fortunately this has resulted in me going back to playing some good old Silent Storm and Jagged Alliance.

      Although it’s kind of unfortunate that all the recent turn based tactical games have proven to be quite mediocre. Massive Chalice, Bedlam, Invisible Inc., Mordheim, none of these are doing it for me. But pretty excited about Battle Brothers, let’s see how that pans out.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        You know what’d make a great ‘X-COM’ type license? Stargate. SG-1 was basically a slow-burn X-COM over a number of seasons.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Surprising; I’ve found Invisible, Inc. very, very satisfying for turn-based squad shenanigans, with some very well thought-out, crisp mechanics. It feels like it hits what Firaxis try to do with reducing things down to meaningful, board-game-like decisions without being reductionist or restrictive. For example, I think its action point scaling hits a sweet spot between X-Com’s time units, that are a little too granular to reason about, and Firaxcom’s ridiculous one-move system.

        All that said, though, I can see why it doesn’t scratch an X-Com itch precisely because it is so aggressively stealth. Attack cooldowns alone seem to rule out going fully loud search-and-destroy.

        • king0zymandias says:

          It just felt to me like I was always doing the same thing every level and that there wasn’t a lot of tactical choices for me to make to allow interesting emergent situations to occur.

          Granted I didn’t play it very long, took a few hours to run through the story and didn’t get back to it since then. But now I am thinking about giving it another go. What I did like though was the fact that I was always having to make difficult choices.

      • teije says:

        Enjoyed Hard West for what it is – and trying a few interesting things, but it definitely not going to scratch the XCOM itch. What I’ve heard of XCOM 2 sounds okay, but I’m not over the moon in anticipation I have to say.

        What I’d really love for this genre? A Silent Storm remake – although the original still plays pretty good.

  21. Zach Fett says:

    I’d love to be playing Just Cause 3, but Avalanche dropped the ball on optimizing that one and my PC can’t run it even though I’m above the recommended specs. So I’ve been playing Rainbow Six Siege instead, and that’s very fun! That Article 5 situation was damn good. Hope we get more stuff like that.

    I should probably get around to playing more Fallout 4, too. I haven’t played it for two or three weeks.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      I was hoping to pick up JC3 at some point but I have an AMD GPU, so I’m waiting on some patches to both the game and drivers before I pick it up.

      I was playing FO4 a bit but I’m not sure I’m really enjoying it that much. It’s fine and definitely adds some interesting changes to the formula, but in my opinion it’s really not as good as New Vegas.

  22. goettel says:

    So far, just replaying Proton Pulse on the Gear VR.

  23. Phantasma says:

    The Elite:Dangerous:Horizons beta.

    And i get the eerie feeling it’s the distilled Elite experience all over again.

    The endlessness of space in all its calm beauty, the landing and buggy driving mechanics are intricate and interesting and i can already see myself losing another few hundred hours in it.

    But over all of that lingers a silent fear of “i really do hope that the world doesn’t stay that empty and repetitive!”

    Essentially Elite in a nutshell!

    I think the expansion won’t win over any folks that were unhappy with it before.

  24. ToomuchFluffy says:

    Since I finally managed to finish Soulbringer and Vietcong about a week ago, I rewarded myself by starting with Metro: Last Light. I was delighted to see that it actually runs reasonably well on Medium (on my weak GT820 M). There are still two other games which are on hold for now, but I have actually invested about 12 hours into Depths of Peril the predecessor of Din’s Curse. It’s not exactly pretty or atmospheric, but it certainly is dynamic (factions, quests can be finished by anyone etc.).

  25. Agnosticus says:

    It’s going to be a Tripwire weekend for me: Killing Floor 2 and Red Orchestra 2, yay!

    Probably some sessions of Frozen Cortex thrown in for good measure.

  26. raiders says:

    SHIPWRECKED, Baby! I love what Klei is doing!
    1st run – lasted 10 days = died from spider horde.
    2nd run – lasted 09 days = died via snake venom.
    This weekend I’m going 80 Days the Don’t Starve way!

    • raiders says:

      3rd run – lasted 12 days = Tide rolled in and extinguished my campfire. Couldn’t make a new one fast enough. Murdered in the darkness.


  27. HandofGodnumber37 says:

    I picked it up during the Steam Sale, and man, it gets dull. The first 25 hours were amazing, full of exploration and wonder, but then everything becomes samey. I really hope that Horizons changes that, because the core game is awesome.

    • HandofGodnumber37 says:

      Whoops, that was supposed to be in reply to Phantasma

  28. Geebs says:

    GTA 5, because it was on sale. It beats the last couple of Saint’s Row games into a cocked hat – better missions, better world, better sound, better graphics, better utter misanthropy, actual genuine(ly horrible) characters. It’s not even close.

  29. inmotion says:

    Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition coop with my gf and some Phantom Pain for added pleasure. Although I’ve been eyeing on getting my colony running in RimWorld, that might be a game for another weekend.

  30. TehK says:

    I bought me some Satellite Reign over on the GoG Sale and will spend the weekend in Cyberpunktington :)

  31. Minglefingler says:

    Just Cause 3 in small bursts as I suspect it’ll get repetitive in longer sessions. Aside from that either more Fallout 4 where I’ve started doing more of the main story or Final Fantasy XIV where in my short playing time I’m finding that the quests and mechanics are generic mmo nonsense but the world is beautiful enough to hold my interest.

  32. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I’m going to go with “start and marathon the main question in The Elder Scrolls Online” so my inner contrarian will see me finishing the excellent Antichamber and Xenoblade instead. More certain is that I just played 2 hours of Netwalk while listening to old podcasts.

  33. oceanclub says:

    Fallout 3. Yes, really. Had it on physical media (the old special edition lunch box in fact) but last week picking up the Steam version with all DLC for a few quid and dived in with a few patches. I’d already completed the base game back in the day but going to have run rushing thru it and doing the DLC (main skills=speechifying and energy weapons).

    • Fnord73 says:

      Hah, same here. Though Im not rushing the main story, just exploring as a low-level. Its pretty nice when youre not a total killingmachine.

  34. Gilead says:

    Got a Playstation 4, so I’m playing the Uncharted series for the first time.

    Buying a new system when I still have a massive PC backlog is probably a bad idea.

  35. Jerppa says:

    WWE 2K16 and The Last Of Us.

  36. malkav11 says:

    Probably intermittent bouts of Heroes of the Storm, which I am enjoying to a surprising degree despite thoroughly bouncing off League of Legends and DOTA. I think it’s the combination of having a lot of the fiddliness sanded off, the dramatically higher map variety, the surprisingly good bots, the team-wide approach to XP and customization through character-specific talents rather than an item shop, and quite importantly, the much shorter average match length. The first time I played LoL against bots it took about an hour and that was far too long for the level of entertainment I was getting from the moment to moment play. HOTS averages maybe 20 minutes. Much more viable. Even so, I didn’t play much until they introduced Chogall and the need to play with someone who already had him to get him got me up to the level where you get daily quests. Those are a pretty solid hook to at least log in most days and play a few rounds every second or third. And since they’re short, it’s not that big a commitment.

    Should probably make some further progress on Dragon Age Inquisition. Finally did the Orlesian ball mission I’ve been setting aside in favor of exploration and though it was really clever and a refreshing change of pace, but now I probably should talk to every single person in Skyhold at least once if not more before I do any more adventuring and while I enjoy those conversations that makes me want to hold off until I can commit to a lengthy session. Which I suppose is this weekend if any time…

    And for whatever reason I picked Assassin’s Creed III back up this past week and got a bunch of sidequesting and Sequence 6 out of the way, so I will probably put some time into that as well. I know people in general seem tired of the franchise and a surprising number of people hate this installment in particular, but for my money they’re consistently satisfying “comfort food” gaming and dangit, I -will- play through them in order. And I’m only halfway through, obviously, but so far III is the best of the bunch I’ve played in a lot of ways. I thought the early game fakeout with the main protagonist’s dad was neat, I love the conversations and generally increased narrative content of the game, I feel like combat is a significant improvement from both a flow perspective and the sheer range of brutal, glorious and contextual animations involved, the increased variety and number of optional objectives really encourages mixing things up but can be skipped if you can’t or don’t want to manage a particular feat, and the Homestead is a cool element, as are the naval missions, though they’re fairly shallow so far. I gather the ending is pretty bad, so maybe that accounts for the distaste. I dunno.

    Also picked up Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3, so those will probably fit in somewhere. Already gave JC3 a couple hours last night and appreciate its intro for introducing me to De Staat, along with this fantastic music video: link to youtube.com

    Very beautiful, I’ve enjoyed the writing so far, and they’ve made some clear mechanical improvements, like giving you an apparently infinite built in supply of a triggered explosive, littering the landscape with rocket launcher supply points and explosive barrels that you can tether into things, reducing the ridiculous overaggressiveness of the heat system and giving you ways to manage it by killing people calling for reinforcements and even clearing it by killing everyone on site while no reinforcements are pending, and of course the wingsuit. Unfortunately, it has seemingly random severe framerate issues for me, particularly when loading the map or mission success screens. Which really don’t seem like they should be system intensive, you know? Other times I can be cruising along at 100 mph making radical turns on the road and watching tons of beautiful scenery without a hitch. I may wait for the upcoming patch.

    • welverin says:

      Don’t apologize for liking AC3, the game is fine.

      Some people wrote it off as soon as the setting was announced, others for the story (I won’t argue there), but the gameplay is perfectly good.

      It’s just more Assassin’s Creed, and it introduced the ship combat so that’s a win right there.

      • malkav11 says:

        There are a few things that are really irritating me, like the interface for dispatching trade convoys, or Connor’s intensely suicidal interaction with the viewpoints that are on tall trees (and viewpoints used to reveal the whole map once you’d done all of them. I don’t really appreciate that they don’t here). But on the whole it’s a great time. And I still can’t get over how ridiculously brutal the kill animations are. Especially with the clubs. Holy shit.

  37. Stepout says:

    Warlock 2 for me. Been having lots of fun with it.

    • Wobsey says:

      I’ve only played the first one but it was good fun. A fun, casual 4x with nice graphics.

  38. Scumbag says:

    Killing Floor 2 just to test out all the new things. Gunslinger feels good, new boss is great, the new maps are kinda average (Farmhouse) and bloody nice (Black Forest) and the microtransactions / hat stuff is being ignored.
    Seems nice enough, though I’m going to put it back in its box until the next update with more perks / maps. I’d almost advise it, but not quite yet.

    Other than that, more Tripwire bobbins in Red Orchestra stuff, mainly mods for RO2 and testing maps for the Western Front mod.

  39. Varrl says:

    Adam, I just registered to tell you to go with Trails in the Sky. A few reasons:

    1) It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve played this year, and, relevant to the choice facing you, actually got me interested in JRPGs again after I’d decided Final Fantasy didn’t live up to my nostalgic memories.

    2) This is great timing, since SC came out last month and you won’t have to wait on the cliffhanger.

    3) I was kind of disappointed RPS didn’t have any articles about the above, since it could have used the press. Maybe you’ll like it enough something will happen…

    What am I doing? Finally getting around to playing Skyrim. Currently selecting/downloading/installing mods.

  40. Risingson says:

    I woke up around 14:00 and I have spent one hour and a half mostly watching cat videos in youtube. I don’t think I will be able to play anything this weekend.

  41. baozi says:

    Played and finished Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The tutorial and the ending is the best.

    In between I cleared all garrisons and the associated side missions, which I shouldn’t have done, as I found it pretty boring, but Far Cry has never been my thing and I bought Blood Dragon because of the setting. Didn’t like the feel of the weapons a lot, and I thought a few times how I liked playing Borderlands more, where you also walk and drive around and clear garrisons but where the weapons and finding the weapons are more fun. Basically the quickest thing was to drive to the garrisons with a car and use the car turret to clear the garrison, rinse and repeat.

    What I also found a bit annoying was how you had to hold rather than press the interaction button and how you had to position yourself rather precisely for pilfering.

    In the end I had a sniper rifle that shot exploding bullets though and the tutorial and ending really were pretty awesome.

  42. Wobsey says:

    I’m halfway through Batman Arkham Asylum. Still getting used to playing with a controller but I’m having a good time. I really enjoy being taunted by the Joker for some reason. “Watcha sneaking with you Bats? Batsnacks?”

  43. Casket The Clown says:

    I finished the original Fallout two days ago. I might play Fallout 2 or continue New Vegas this weekend. I’ll probably play Team Fortress 2 with friends.

    Of course I might just be playing music over the weekend; I don’t stick to my plans at all.

  44. fish99 says:

    Fallout 4. It’s great but … my god Bethesda needs some new tech.

  45. Munin says:

    Going to finally play some Witcher 3 now I have access to a computer which can play it again. Now it just needs to finish downloading on this slow-ass connection… 18% zzz 19% zzz

    And Adam, let me third or fourth the recommendation for Trails in the Sky.

  46. Munin says:

    I’m going to be playing Witcher 3 now that I have a computer to play it on. It just needs to finish downloading on the shoddy connection I have over here.

    And Adam, I would heartily recommend Trails in the Sky.

    That said you should have a look at FF3 if only to behold the shockingly bad graphics of the PC conversion.

  47. Day0ne says:

    I’ve finally broken the siege and am now generations deep into Crusader Kings II. Naming illegitimate babies left and right and pretending I know a thing about Medieval law. casus celebre!

  48. Ibinixer says:

    RE: Adam – Chrono Trigger. Dear god man, if you can’t pickup a ds and the title just zsnes it. This is a matter of great urgency!

  49. Dr.Ded says:

    Don’t Starve: Ship Wrecked, Fallout 4 and a few odd games I picked up during the seasonal sales (Convoy and Unepic)

  50. Zenicetus says:

    Fallout 4, where I’ve reached the point that I just want to finish the main plot and then put it aside.

    It’s been fun, but there is a point where the enemy types in side missions get awfully repetitive, and the Settlement thing never clicked with me enough to put much time into it. So I’m ready for an ending.