Roundabout Devs’ 100ft Robot Golf Is What You’d Expect

100ft Robot Golf [official site] – there’s a fantastic game name for you. Pretty much everything it is can be deduced from that name. The second game from Roundabout folks No Goblin, it’ll see giant golfbots playing on – and smashing through – courses across cities, mountains, and moons. It’s golf with 100-foot robots, see? Okay, a PC release isn’t confirmed yet, but I’m fairly sure it’ll get one. Look, I really want to post about golf robots this morning. Look at this:

I don’t know what I’d expect as the second game from folks who started with a perpetually-spinning limousine and adorable goofy FMV cutscenes but sure, giant robots golfing doesn’t sound wrong. Those are customisable giant robots too, and with a range of pilots including “five small dogs in a suit.” Grand! Along with your usual turn-based destruction-golfing, it’ll offer real-time robogolf. Multiplayer will support up to four golfbots.

FMV is out, and instead we’re promised a story mode which “tells the excitement, love, and intrigue of the Pro Robot Golf circuit through ’90s-style budget mecha animation.”

No Goblin say it’ll come “first” to PlayThings in 2016, which probably means yeah sure, a PC release is coming later. Also, they sent us an e-mail about it, and surely they wouldn’t taunt us cruelly like that? I’ve asked, and will let you know what I hear back.

Also, here’s the cute origin story for 100ft Robot Golf, from a joke in a Let’s Play of Neo Turf Masters with one No Gobliner:


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Looks a little… rough around the edges.

    *wild applause*

  2. Eight Rooks says:

    Okay, I didn’t bother reading any of the other articles on this too closely so I had no idea it was No Goblin. At first I was all “Oh, that’s nice”, but yup, now I’m sold. I still haven’t picked up Roundabout, but just knowing the devs are now making something like this for Sony – of all people – makes me smile.

  3. Enkidum says:

    I registered solely to point out that those robots are easily 400 feet. This is clearly an example of ethics in game something.

  4. deadpan says:

    I too, would play the fuck out of that.