Ho Ho GO: Counter-Strike Winter Update Adds Revolver

Our Graham will tell you that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [official site] is a cracking FPS, but he’d have been wrong until yesterday. Last night Valve dropped CS:GO’s Winter Update, which added something no FPS can be truly great without: a murderlicious chunky revolver.

The first new CS weapon in yonks, the R8 revolver is a high-damage, high-accuracy, eight-shot pistol which drops into the Deagle slot. Oh, and it’s slow as heck, as revolvers should be. Oh, but you can also fan it to boost fire rate at the cost of accuracy, as revolvers should allow. I am currently reinstalling CS:GO just to see. It’s really not healthy, is it.

Bolt-action rifles and pump-action shotguns are also essential to a Truly Great FPS, but CS has had those forever. It’s nice they’ve finally addressed this oversight.

Head on over to the patch notes and you’ll find some interesting balance tweaks too:

– Adjusted recovery time on the AK47, M4A4, and M4A1-S assault rifles to reduce the range at which spraying is preferable to tapping/bursting.
– Increased move inaccuracy on pistols: Elites, Fiveseven, Glock, P2000, P250, Tec9, USP, CZ75a.

I’m not nearly familiar enough with CS:GO to speculate upon how much this’ll change things, though I do recognise that Valve are fiddling with most of CS’s core weapons in those assault rifle tweaks. GOers, what do you make of it?

Also in the update are Killer Replays, which will let you see your death through the eyes of the person who killed you. It looks like this. The option’s only in Demolition and Casual modes, mind. Oh, and Valve have tweaked the round times in Competitive Matchmaking, and added a new crate full of ghastly gun skins.


  1. Sobric says:

    From what I’ve heard, the R8 is in a horrible state that the minute. It’s (apparently) just far too accurate and powerful for the cost (as in, it’s not worth buying most of the early game primary weapons. Just use the R8 until you have enough for an AWP).

    • Ringwraith says:

      Good idea, poor execution.
      Needs some actual proper damage falloff for a start, good grief. The Desert Eagle has no point existing right now. Or the Scout, really.

      Also the right-click ‘fanned’ shot works during pausetime or defusing the bomb, like other mode-change weapon functions. Ooops.

  2. tranchera says:

    The fact that you have to hold the trigger for a third of a second or so doesn’t balance the ridiculous accuracy and damage of the revolver. I think even without the hype of a new weapon, the most effective strategy right now would be to just use this gun.

    It’ll change.

  3. Bull0 says:

    Do you need to fan the hammer on a double action revolver? I always thought that was pure hollywood outside of Old West settings.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Yes, you do, because it makes you look like an awesome Hollywood cowboy.

    • BadMotel says:

      If it was double action only (the hammer doesn’t stay back on it’s own) then no. But, most revolvers are double and single action, meaning you can action the hammer either by pulling the trigger or by manually cocking it, thus reducing the trigger pull to actually fire.

    • AyeBraine says:

      You don’t really need (or want) to fan the hammer on any revolver.

      The existence of hammer as a control (as opposed to hammer in, say, AK where it’s internal) is facilitated by technical and practical reasons. 1) It’s an exposed part of the action that would need an unnecessarily big housing; 2) on early revolvers, aside from actually cocking it to fire, you needed hammers to set to half-cock to load or rotate the cylinder (the principle of half-cock itself hails back to the flintlock traditions); 3) when double-action revolvers came about, the manual cocking became the preferred option for precise shots, with the trigger pull several times lighter than double-action pull.

      Now, there’s a final detail. On early revolvers, there was no hammer safety. You could just pull the hammer back and release it manually without touching the trigger, and it would reach the primer and fire the gun. This was far from a desired feature, because it forced people to carry revolvers with one chamber (the one under the hammer) empty at all times. Not worth it to shoot your foot by simply bonking your hammer against a table standing up. So all classic six-shooters were actually five-shooters. Then, the transfer bar and other stuff was introduced, so more modern wheelguns can be carried fully loaded. (If it was a piece of software, imagine the forum backlash against such a bug!)

      But the questionable upside of such primitive trigger systems is that you can, if you really want, fan the thing. Meaning “keep the trigger depressed and manually pull the hammer back and release”, that works because some of these revolvers don’t have disconnectors either (disconnector makes sure that you have to re-set the trigger to fire again, meaning let go and press again).

      But considering how small and stiff-springed the hammer is, and how incredibly inaccurate the respective posture is, you’re most likely to slap at it with it firing half of the time, and making randomly spaced holes in cactuses and outhouses when it does.

      • AyeBraine says:

        (correction – you couldn’t pull hammer back properly, release it and fire without touching the trigger. I meant that you could move the hammer forward for it to strike the primer, or pull it far enough back that it gets sufficient force to do it itself. The important bit is the lack of safety; all the modern handguns have a bit that doesn’t allow the hammer to actually strike if the trigger is not used. The just stop it short of the primer.)

  4. SuperDion says:

    I’ve played it for a total of 48 minutes and shot someone out of the air. So I feel qualified to say that I have no clue what the implications are for the game.

  5. mbthegreat says:

    Reddit is not happy.

    Apparently this thing is game breakingly overpowered.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      If Reddit were ever happy, the internet might explode.

    • Phier says:

      Which is kinda funny if true, being its a .22LR revolver looking at it, even if its a .22 magnum it should be one of the least powerful weapons in the game.

      Hell my wife carries a more powerful gun.

  6. mollemannen says:

    the most OP thing about it is when you fire a shot and hold right button. next leftclick will pull back the hammer without firing meaning as long as you hold rightmouse you have an instant shot on leftclick making it extremely easy to do a fast edgepeak.