RPS Endorse Billy Idol For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

“Alice! Cara! Alice! What have you been listening to at your office Christmas party?” you beg. “Tell us, please!” Well, obviously the Rogue Warrior credits theme a whole lot, plus SomaFM‘s Christmas stream and… when she was napping, a song from Billy Idol’s reviled 1993 concept album Cyberpunk. God help me, it’s stuck in my head and I must write this to get his leering face out. So: after a day of festive cheer, I’m convinced that Eidos Montreal should bring in Billy Idol to ‘do a Mass Effect’ and provide a rockin’ song for the end credits of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site].

Here, listen to Tomorrow People on Spotify or here on YouTube (don’t worry – I checked and that naughty website’s dead):

Tell me you don’t hear a bit of Deus Ex in there. The instrumental section first kicking in around 35 seconds. That. C’mon. You can hear it, can’t you? Can you? No YOU’RE merry. Anyway, this song must close out Mankind Divided and, as the only RPS staffer in today, I am launching an Official RPS Campaign to get it in.

Cast your mind back to the end of Mass Effect, when Shepard has exposed the Reapers, defeated Saren, and emerged triumphant from the rubble, and then M4 Part II by Faunts kicks in. That’s a heck of an ending, that. No instrumental could match that. Songs, not scores. Tomorrow People, Eidos. Mark my words. Tomorrow People.

Neon Struct is already doing the ‘dystopian sneak ’em up with a proper soundtrack‘ thing, and you don’t want to be behind the times, do you? Billy Idol, man.

Anyway, if you know Billy-Boy for songs like Rebel Yell (heard blasting from a Metal Gear Solid V helicopter near you…) and White Wedding, you might find this retrospective of Cyberpunk interesting. Do check out William Gibson’s full reaction to the album which includes lyrics like “I’m the Neuromancer – and I’m trancing”.

Tomorrow People, I’m telling you.

Jaysus god, please let writing this be a magic spell to finally expunge Tomorrow People from my head, where it’s been looping for days. I don’t even know how it got in there – I usually only listen to Billy Idol in helicopters with my dog buddy.


  1. Monggerel says:


  2. satan says:

    Funny you should mention soma fm and Mass Effect, I got hooked on that drone zone station because the music reminded me of the soothing musical beeps of Mass Effect.

  3. Imbecile says:

    Well this series of posts is pretty fun. Wonder if there is a point where the booze inventiveness is overwhelmed by inebriation?

  4. santouryuu says:

    i really like the M4 part 2.it just seemed like a perfect match for mass effect,and i continued to listen to that song a lot.still like it.

  5. Stompywitch says:

    Well, you can’t fax a plane ticket!

    Oh, William. So good at seeing a big picture of the future, less so at the small things.

    I own a copy of the Cyberpunk album. It’s… not good.

    • Skabooga says:

      Ha! I was just going to post the same line! He also drops a Bell Biv DeVoe reference in that interview. It’s like the early 90s in a can.

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    Hodge says:

    You forgot to link to the video for the lead single where he goes full stop-motion cyborg.

    link to youtube.com

    And just to cover all the bases, it also features an inexplicable cover of the Velvet Underground’s Heroin because cyberpunk, right?

    Basically it’s the Lawnmower Man of rock albums.

  7. deadpan says:

    Is it even worth checking with Alex Brandon on whether this album influenced the soundtrack of Deus Ex? Because it’s pretty damn obvious.

  8. Stugle says:

    First Mickey Rourke, now Billy Idol… That’s a lot to take in one day. I worry for your sanity, Alice & Cara.

  9. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Oh no no no no no. I’m all for incomprehensible vocals (by design, acoustics, or my lack of familiarity with the language), but I would very much not like them to “improve” upon DXHR’s conclusion with a song self-soiled by warbled attempts at meaning. The gravely voiced protagonist reflection/philosophy on top was a fine addition to the musical and visual emotional manipulation, too, but AGHHHHHH SOMEONE’S THIEVING MY KIDNEYS

    Okay, fine, a “get out of jail free” pass will be given for a hidden surrealist ending, or if DXMD in general has a strong comedic bent to it, which would be really weird and unexpected but potentially not terrible. May I please have my kidneys back now? :(

  10. Zekiel says:

    Just want to say (rather late I grant you) thank you to Alice and Cara for an excellent RPS Christmas Party – most entertaining day of news I’ve read in a long while!

  11. wombat191 says:

    i know cyberpunk pretty much ended his career but ive always loved the whole album from that first moment one saturday morning i first saw the video clip all those years ago.

    so i whole heartedly support this for deus ex :D

  12. SMGreer says:

    Ah, Mass Effect’s credits, lovely stuff.

    I’d certainly encourage more games to take better care of their actual final and defining moments. Too many cut back to the menu or have cheap and nasty credits, sort of diminishes your final memories of the experience instead of letting you reflect on it.

    Certainly, Billy Idol WOULD be a very memorable note to end a new Deus Ex on…

  13. Kodaemon says:


  14. DutchLaw says:

    Oh dear, I followed the Youtube link thinking “I recall Tony James from Sigue Sigue Sputnik talking about Billy Idol ‘back in the day’ and maybe this is the rest of the story”. It was not. And not only are my cyberpunk dreams dashed, but I’ve wasted 5:07 of my life.

  15. Slabs says: