Tetrominos To The Max! Tetris Ultimate Spins Onto PC


Tetris is the socks of games, isn’t it? You may not think about it often, but you’d miss it if it were gone and, some days, nothing is more pleasing than slipping on a nice cosy pair of L-blocks. It’s perhaps not the most exciting Crimbo gift, though, so why not kick it up a notch? Take it to the next level? Introduce a whole new tetromino paradigm? Rotate blocks to the max? Ubisoft have you covered.

Yesterday they released Tetris Ultimate [official site] on PC, a year after its debut on PlayStation 4. Apparently it crashes a lot. That’s pretty xtreme. Or too much eggnog.

Tetris Ultimate offers solo block-placing and multiplayer for up to four, with a load of wikkid sikk and gnarly new modes with timers and power-ups and things. To the max!

Initial player reviews report crashes, unbindable controls, and other problems.

Tetris Ultimate is £7.99 on Steam. I’d wait to see if Ubi fix things up before gifting it to anyone this holiday season, though I suppose it might make a good white elephant present. Here’s a gift idea: hand-carve a beautiful wooden box, from maple or cherrywood perhaps, and place inside a disc containing a downloaded copy of a better, free Tetris game – NullpoMino or Cultris II or a link to Tetris Friends or something.


  1. iainl says:

    It shouldn’t be a surprise, I suppose. The console release last year was an utter mess; I suspect more would have been made of it, if people weren’t distracted by them having the same trouble with AssCreed: Paris Edition

    link to forums.ubi.com

  2. Jekhar says:

    Nah, thanks. I’ll stay with my copy of Tetris Plus for the Saturn and it’s charming puzzle mode. As you mentioned Ubi, this surely requires Uplay, despite beeing sold on steam?

    • epmode says:

      Requires 3rd-Party Account: Uplay (Supports Linking to Steam Account)

  3. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    I used to be obsessively into Tetris, until i worked out an infinitely viable trick (at least on the more modern versions of Tetris with a certain algorithm hold feature, which I’m pretty sure they all are now). Ever since then it’s kind of lost its fun :(

    • Josh W says:

      There’s always the fabulous “not-tetris 2”. I’ve had endless enjoyment setting up perfect runs, waiting only for a 4×1 piece and an L only for some physics to glitch and my whole tower to tilt sideways, or building up a mess of partial pieces that suddenly start completing lines for themselves. It’s great anarchic fun, although it does seem to behave slightly differently depending on what computer you play it on.

    • Vagrant says:

      Most modern official tetris games have an ininity-spin mode that’s easy to exploit. Most the hardcore players tend to play modes other than endless nowadays, though. 40L speed trials are great, although the Tetris The Grand Master series are the shining gem of Tetris.

      I’d highly recommend seeking out TGM (probably emulated since an arcade cabinet isn’t easy to find) if you’ve ever been a big Tetris fan. Nullpomino has Grade Mania, which is basically the same thing, but just seems to lack something for me.

      • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

        I did do TGM 2 on MAME for a bit, that was some good stuff. Also remember that video of the guy finishing invisible tetris on TGM 3!

  4. golem09 says:

    I almost thought about getting this, because I played a lot of Tetris online when I got Tetris DS a decade ago.
    But… how can you screw up Tetris?

  5. Artificial says:

    Was this game an absolute mess on PS4? I’d love a new Tetris game but I’m very wary of this one.

  6. luis.s says:

    I thought EA “owned” Tetris?

  7. kud13 says:

    How on earth can you screw up controls for Tetris?
    Arrows to move sideways, up to rotate, down to drop.

    F2 for new game. Seriously, how can you mess this up?

    Then there’s always http://www.firstpersontetris.com if you feel you’re too sane and well-adjusted.