Mix-And-Match Murder In Fallout 4 Weapon Mods Mod

Ever been sat in front of a Weapons Workbench with a tonne of material, wishing you were free to craft whatever the hell you wanted? Sure you have. And with no crafting restrictions, you could teach those Super Mutant Ancient Behemoths obnoxiously roaming the Commonwealth a serious lesson. Imagine if you turned up with, I dunno, an Electrified Triple Barrel Minigun? They’d shit an irradiated brick for sure.

The Any Mod Any Weapon mod for Fallout 4 [official site] asks: what’s stopping you?

In normal circumstances, Fallout 4 only allows you to tack a set number of weapon modifications onto your chosen firearm. Any Mod Any Weapon created by ‘LucasGod’, on the other hand, lets you go wild. I mean seriously wild. I’m talking Targeting Huge Target Seeking Fat Man wild. Or Recoil Compensated Huge Rapid Gatling Laser¬†wild. Or Suppressed Triple Barrel .44 wild. WILD.

Here’s those three monstrous machines and more in action:

“This mod allows you to craft and attach any non-melee weapon mod, on any non-melee weapon,” says LucasGod. “It’s not balanced, not immersive, and might even affect the non-unique weapons carried by enemies you find in the wild or on stores. But it’s really fun!”

Weapons pieced together using Any Mod Any Weapon will keep their modifications even should you decide to uninstall and while there are still some slight restrictions – you can’t attach a muzzle to a barrel that doesn’t support muzzles, for example – there’s clearly ¬†scope for crafting some wondrously heinous concoctions via seemingly incongruous materials.

Watch out Super Mutant Ancient Behemoths, your number is up.


  1. TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

    Or legendary modification, just put double damage on enemies with full HP on a Gauss gun and max out Ninja perk.

    In all honesty, i mostly miss not being able to have a .50 pistol, well at least not the pipe one.

    • HerrKohlrabi says:

      Try the Caliber Conversion Kit mod, seems like you can convert both 10mm and .44 to .50 cal with it.

  2. goettel says:

    This. Made me reconsider my refund.

  3. Czrly says:

    Hell, what are they trying to do? How dare they suggest that a lack of balance in a SINGLE PLAYER RPG might not be a complete abomination and might actually lead to FUN? They’ll be nailed to the pillory for this!

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      And there’s apparently a bonus challenge: if you don’t deactivate the mod after you’re done god knows who you might end up facing.

  4. Baines says:

    That, with a slight bit more sanity, is what Borderlands bazillion of mix-and-match weapons system should have been.

  5. Mrice says:

    Neat mod/article but that video presenter is quite annoying.

    • Ericusson says:

      Found him quite awesome actually meself !

    • Sulpher says:

      I was charmed by the dispassionate presentation of ludicrous guns. Plus there’s that tacky slap bass muzak in the background, like he’s hawking these absurd arms at an American flea market.

  6. Pulstar says:

    FO4 earns the Most Boring Fallout Storyline award with 15+ merit.

  7. Shazbut says:

    All the guns are weaker than a real life pistol apparently, but hey – videogames.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Sure, because that keeps the action moving along while the player takes lots of hits that would drop anyone in real life. The enemies are bullet sponges too, for balance.

      I only find it really annoying when the visual appearance of light armor or no armor at all doesn’t match the bullet sponginess, like those Child of the Atom dudes. At least add some in-game lore about radiation-toughened skin or something.

  8. AaronLee says:

    Instantly summon the spirit of Ichiro Itano and unleash a furious storm of anime missiles with the Fluted Triple Barrel Target Seeking Fat Man!

  9. MrObvious says:

    For that, would be interesting to see a modification to make it real ironman. Combat more along the lines of NeoScavenger (one good shot to your arm? Good bye arm, good bye health, welcome infection, welcome sepsis). I am getting more and more tired of the bullet sponginess and level scaling in games. Get away with the fantasy weapons, keep just a few to spice it up, get away with insane health, balance enemies appropriately. Let’s see, Fall Out 4 meets original Fall Out meets Jagged Alliance 2 v 1.13 mod meets Neo Scavenger meets Day Z anyone?

    • Zenicetus says:

      I don’t think that would work for Fallout 4 without major re-scripting of all the game elements, so the pace of the game wouldn’t drag too much. The bullet sponginess of the player character lets you explore without constantly creeping in stealth mode, and you can move quests forward via combat without taking half a day on each one.

      If the combat was more like S.T.A.L.K.E.R even, let alone the more hardcore military games, it would take twice as long to get through the game. The content just isn’t that compelling. Once you’ve killed a few hundred Raiders and Supermutants, it can get a bit tiresome.

      OTOH, I’m sure someone will mod higher damage to the player at some point. There is always an ultra-hardcore crowd.

      • Pieclone says:

        That was a pretty quick and easy mod tbh. Change damage given and received by player to about 300% and it’s more fun (for me). You have to be a lot more careful with combat and Power Armour becomes a necessity for some battles rather than parked decoratively outside one’s home.

        Still waiting for a proper Hardcore mod (e.g. required sleep/food/water, setting of crippled limbs with splints etc.) as well as some Frostfall style camping mods but I suspect we’ll be waiting for the release of the GEGK in the new year before we see those given the scripting requirements.