Have You Played… Urban Terror?

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Urban Terror was a Quake 3 mod that aimed to marry realistic weaponry and maps with the physics and speed of Quake 3, which made for both a strange anachronistic experience and also something that, in retrospect, resembles modern Call of Duty.

I’ve written before about how my love of one game could make me play and enjoy obviously pale imitations. That’s why I ended up playing Urban Terror, too: I enjoyed Counter-Strike so much that I could not resist trying similar mods for other games. Urban Terror at least dodged the worst of those me-too-isms by keeping the quicky, bouncy movement speed of its parent game, but it was still undoubtedly walking in Counter-Strike’s shadow.

As with Body Blows, that’s totally fine. I liked Urban Terror mainly because it reminded me of another game I liked, but it also had admirably beefy weapons and it was a game in which you could bunnyhop and use sniper rifles at the same time.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in trying, hit the link above. There’s still a small community playing and maintaining the mod.


  1. Bull0 says:

    So much like counter-strike they even modelled the M4 with the ejection port etc on the wrong side. Adorable.

  2. mcnostril says:

    I mostly remembered being blown away by the fact that you could climb up the side of things.

    • Beren says:

      The parkour system was superb in this mod 15? years ago.

      Few or no commercial games have ever matched it, instead opting for the “hopping on crates” theory of fps movement :P

      Sadly I think the meta in urbanterror evolved away from using it much in the map designs I played when I popped in a few years ago.

  3. Goodtwist says:

    At least the music seems to be good.

  4. LexW1 says:

    I played it a bit back in the day and remember being rather unimpressed with it. Not because it was a CS rip-off (it didn’t feel like one as much as the time, though it’s pretty obvious now), but because it was so inferior to stuff I wished existed but didn’t, like an Action Quake 2 for er, Quake 3.

  5. kyrieee says:

    I played quite a bit of this back in the day. It was a lot of fuu, but to be honest I wanted to play CS but only had a Mac.

  6. Riaktion says:

    Does this have not support, does anyone know?

    • Riaktion says:

      *not support

      • Riaktion says:

        ***** BOT SUPPORT…. sigh

        • intutama says:

          it does have not

          • Havalynii says:

            Actually, it absolutely does, although you’ll have to create a text file and then run it from the console (tilde, I believe). We used to run servers with six of us versus dozens of bots all of the time and it was fun. They had different personality types and loadouts that you could spawn, as well as different skill levels, which essentially translated to how often they missed more than how clever they were. Fantastic fun, I’ve actually been thinking of jumping back into it some time. Goldeneye: Source scratches a similar itch.

  7. Riaktion says:

    Having done some Google research, the answer is no. Well kind of, but no.

  8. Onemoar says:

    Indeed I have played UrT for nearly 10 years its nothing like counter-strike don’t let the skins and dated graphics fool you
    whilst it does have some age-related problems and a development cycle that would make a mentally retarded child look like einstein
    its not without its charms sadly there is basicly no community left due to problems with the developers and various levels of internet drama
    have some foot-age link to youtube.com

  9. Unruly says:

    Played more than a bit of this back in the day, when it was still a new mod and didn’t quite have the parkour stuff added in yet. Back then it was basically just Action Quake 2 for Quake 3, which was what drew me to it. Once they started adding in things like wall running and everything I started to lose interest.

    But watching that video I recognized a lot of the maps, even if I couldn’t actually name them anymore. I was kinda sad to see my two favorite maps from the old days didn’t make it in though. I guess that’s what happens when Rommel and Riyadh are maps that were designed for the old style of play and not the new.

    • Nouser says:

      That video is from a long time ago and it doesn’t even show all the popular maps. Riyadh is widely played in TDM and CTF servers.

      • Unruly says:

        The last time I played was not long after UrT got its standalone release, back when the Quake 3 source got released. So maybe 2006/2007? At that time, I couldn’t find any servers playing Riyadh or Rommel. Pretty sure Rommel had fallen out of favor long before that though.

  10. Sim-Deck says:

    I played this way to much. Used to play in a clan on the old Barrysworld Servers. I’ve got mates that I see and socialize with to this day because of those times on UT.

    Great game.

  11. TRS-80 says:

    I have, nothing like the plink plink plink of a silenced rifle. I guess you could say it’s like CoD, but with the still somewhat austere modelling of that era of FPS rather than the gritty real-worldliness that precludes real precision IMHO.

  12. MrObvious says:

    Every time I see a bunny-hop quick-scope hit-scan FPS I cringe. Does that mean the ADHD medications really worked?

    • Onemoar says:

      the video george linked really doesn’t do the the game justice sr8 servers are mediocre at best
      and yes the game supports bots but they are generally horrible and prone to crashing (why would anybody wanna play a twitch fps against bots )

  13. Assassin Agent says:

    Wot? =D Urban Terror is still alive? Well, I need to download this game again.