Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor Beta Is Live On Windows

Way back in May, we were told the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number [official site] Level Editor was “pretty close to completion” by developers Dennaton Games. It’s taken its sweet time, but the subversive, hyper-violent top-down shooter’s level editor has now entered its public beta phase, meaning it’s now time for you to get your trigger-happy hands round blueprints of your own. So long as you’re playing on Windows. For the rest, the wait continues.

Yes, sadly if you’ve enjoyed Hotline Miami 2 courtesy of either Mac or Linux platforms, “TBA” is the best the Dennaton website can offer. For Windows users, the long-awaited editor is available now in beta form and can be installed immediately by restarting Steam, accessing the game’s properties, and selecting ‘editor_beta’ from the drop-down beta menu accordingly. Your game should now update to the beta version with the editor in tow. If you should at any point wish to opt out of the beta, simply repeat this process in reverse.

The editor brings a new character too, The Hammer, a pal of Dennaton’s who’s in the game as a blank slate for community creators. “Why is he in Miami?” they say. “Has he anything to do with 50 Blessings? Is he in it for the money or for love? Well, that is up to you to decide!”

Even for Windowsians, Steam Workshop support isn’t ready at this stage, so Dennaton suggest you share your levels through an “online file storage provider, e-mail, or other any other way you can think of.” Reddit, as always, isn’t short of suggestions on this front.

So as not to overwhelm, Dennaton has also put together a handy step-by-step guide for assembling levels and a short one for cutscenes. I’m looking forward to seeing what the community puts together. In many ways, the ostentatious Hotline Miami 2 was a flawed gem for me – it was good but ultimately failed to reach the high standards set by its forerunner – therefore I’m hoping some of the wrongs are righted (deaths from enemies off-screen, anyone?) and the rights made rightier.


  1. Kodaemon says:

    I absolutely loved Hotline Miami, considered it my GotY. I really liked Hotline Miami 2, despite the flaws. Still, this is too little, too late.

    Sorry, Dennaton. This won’t cut it.

    • rabbit says:

      when you say too little, too late – mind telling me exactly what you mean by that? too little too late to repair what damage? you say you really liked #2 – what wound is it that this isn’t quite enough to heal?
      i too really liked the original but didn’t bother with number 2 at launch & then, on hearing it discussed post release, decided against it entirely. but am interested to hear what the problem is from the point of view of someone who did actually really like the game.
      just curious

      • ExodusTheAvali says:

        I don’t know if this is what he was talking about, but they took too long. The editor was meant to come with the game on RELEASE, apparently, but didn’t. One and a half years later all they give us is a buggy beta version with half of the promised features non existent.

        They took too long to retain the hype and what we expected from them was not delivered.

        • JAS54 says:

          Was actually 10 months. Not a year and a half, but still a fucking ridiculous amount of time for a feature promised at release.

    • JAS54 says:


  2. yogibbear says:

    I paid for this game legally via VPN, but due to it being banned in my country subsequently had to then pirate the game to play it because GMG wouldn’t let me download the game I’d paid for. I hate that my country is into censorship so this game basically doesn’t exist on Steam.

    • Philopoemen says:

      Australia? It stuffed up my Steam queue for weeks because of that nice “This title is not available in your country” splash.

      Censorship of games seems silly given online distributing, but I suppose the Netflix example in Oz is in the same arena – we have to use VPNs to get full content.

  3. JAS54 says:

    Why the fuck should anyone care?

    I waited for a VERY long time for a game that came out VERY flawed. Three years was how long it took them to release a game that was in almost no ways (save the soundtrack) an improvement on the first. To make matters worse, I pre-ordered the most expensive version of the game in the form of the collectors edition. A decision which I fell just short of regret on for how amazing the vinyls are. Regardless, even the vinyls had their issues, with a number of completely asinine song choices that had NO reason on the album. I could, but I don’t want to devote paragraphs to the myriad of problems this game had. Instead, I’ll just focus on one.

    The number one reason I was hyped for this game was because it would have a level editor. I pre-ordered the game because it would have a level editor. But when I received the game, to my overwhelming dismay… There was no fucking editor. Not only was there no editor, there was no editor in sight. You should all realize that it took them 10 months, almost a full year, to release a buggy crapped out version of something that was promised on release. I would have NEVER thought an indie developer would stoop to the same level that companies like EA do on a regular basis.

    In fact, you know what Dennaton? You might as well just fucking charge me a season pass for your bullshit hypothetical content next time, instead of suckering me into buying a game that not only takes steps back from the first, but does so as an unfinished product.

    I will double up the point raised here previously:

    Too little, too fucking late Dennaton.

    This is actually a shameful display. I broke a rule by preordering and it won’t happen again.

  4. Person of Interest says:

    So, is this game safe for me to play? Because judging from the comments here, I will likely enjoy the game, but then become enduringly, astoundingly angry at the developers. That is not my usual reaction after playing an enjoyable game, hence my concern.

    In case it’s a risk factor: I have no problem with modding tools or the mentioning thereof.

    • LW says:

      The game itself just doesn’t really match up to the first; I’m not quite sure what’s causing all the rage.

      • Stevostin says:

        Agreed. The idea of having multiple charachter all able to be incredible murder machine ruins it. The theme of crazyness being gone is also emptying the game of one its strong assets. You’re left with gameplay, just gameplay. While it seems a bit better adjusted than in the original it’s also super repetitive, and even more arbitrary and random. Frankly speaking, HLM’s gameplay was “interesting and fresh but not yet a formula”. They behaved like it was. It’s still not and it doesn’t have the backbone to be actually the only interesting thing for a game.

        Music is nice for sure but I don’t know, it doesn’t have the magic of the first OST. Probably the surprise being gone.

        I don’t know why someone would want to create levels on this. The gameplay itself will not allow you to create one really good experience. Why bother ?

      • Laurentius says:

        I don’t know about that. As a player who first play HM2 and then proceed to play first game I must say I am super baffled by this. HM2 is better in every way then HM1. It’ tighter, cleverer, plays better, less bullshit.

    • JAS54 says:

      Yeah, you’re safe. It’s only infuriating for people like me who pre-ordered and have been following the series since the first game’s initial release.

      Both games are good. The first is 10/10 good. Pretty much the perfect five minute game. The second is 7/10 good. Pretty much screams average and without the soundtrack would probably be considered much worse.

      Since someone mentioned it, I have to clarify that the second game is NOT tighter in every way.

      Quick objective rundown for the second game compared to the first:

      Music: Better
      Map Design: Worse
      Gunplay: Better (More responsive)
      Melee: Worse (Less responsive)
      Story: Bit of a mess
      Graphics: Basically 1:1
      Weapon Variety: Worse
      Ability to Come as Advertised: Worse

      So honestly the simple answer if you’re looking for an opinion, play the first and see if you like it. Then you can think about buying the second. You won’t be getting as mad at the developers as I did either way. At the end of the day, you didn’t wait just short of three years to pay 100 bucks (CAD) for an 8-bit game that shipped incomplete.

  5. Catchcart says:

    I just want to say thanks to the author for explicitifying (is that a word? it is now) the platform. PC gaming is not a Windows-only pursuit. I hope RPS in general adopts a house style to help clarify this… Or maybe you already have? I seem to recall seeing ‘Out for Windows now’ at the bottom of a review recently? If so: Kudos to you, RPS :-)

    • LionsPhil says:

      It remains the default assumption that unless otherwise specified the default platform is Windows because, well, it is, but RPS have been pretty good at pointing out the state of (or potential for, taken with the same grain of salt as all pre-order claims) Linux or Mac versions for a while now. Especially when a multi-platform or planned-multi-platform game releases something only for one platform.

  6. CaptainSchmaptain says:

    Still haven’t bought HLM2, but I will if the editor gets properly finished. I’ve wanted to make my own levels since playing HLM1!