What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Ho ho ho and good morning to one and all! I’m feeling remarkably spry after the RPS office Christmas party with Cara (and pub afterwards) so either thirteen hours of drinking are about to come crashing down on me, or I am as invincible as I like to pretend. UNSTOPPABLE! But I will hurry through everything I need to write and edit for the weekend, just in case. Tell me: what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: Thanks to recommendations from the people of this parish, I’ll be starting my JRPG quest. I’m going with Final Fantasy III, since it’s the earliest I have on PC and I have a strange desire to do even a series with no connections between parts in chronological order. Or as close to that as I can get. I do actually have the first Final Fantasy on iPad but I got to a point where I’d beaten up a pirate to win a boat (yay) was sailing around with no idea what to do next (boo). Then I found a sick elf. I think it’s an open world game and I’d need a good map if I were going to continue.
Alec: I know what I’m not playing, which is Fallout 4 – thanks to the messy death of Michael Radiatin’. For better or worse, that game has been a near-daily part of my life for almost six weeks, and I’m glad of the break. Time to go stare at a sunset, presuming December can muster one.
Alice: I’m digging back into games from this year which I didn’t finish or want to see more of, part inspired by and part for all our Advent calendar stuff. So, y’know, I can’t really say too much or I’ll give away the precious secrets. It’s nice to be back in Los Santos, I can say. And obviously I’m playing Isaac, seeing as I am alive?
Graham: Rainbow Six Siege has been playing on my mind since Adam and I last played Terrorist Hunt mode, so I’d like to put some time aside to play more with friends and strangers. I worry about its long-term future as a public multiplayer game but I hope that every other Ubisoft game benefits from its destructive tech in due course.
John: I, as ever, shall pretend that I’m going to play all manner of games, when what I’m really going to do is look after a bonkers one year old, stare stupefied at the TV when he sleeps, and be horrified that it’s somehow Monday again.

Although this weekend I AM going to play something. I’m going to do one of those oh so trendy room escape things in Bath. Dear me, I hope I’m not terrible.

Philippa: I’m either watching League of Legends or I’m trying to work out which time zone I’m in. Maybe both.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. caff says:

    I might pick up Rainbow Six Siege, it’s garnered a decent reception for the gameplay even though I tried the beta a while back and found it all a bit “meh”.

    Will probably push along a bit in Fallout 4.

    And because I drank a fair amount of absinthe at the work xmas party last night, I think Rocket League will be my paracetamol.

    • anHorse says:

      The business model is really putting me off Siege

      Especially because it seems to suggest that it’ll go f2p soon

      • Zach Fett says:

        What’s wrong with their business model? All maps and operators are free, the only thing you have to pay for are premium skins. I’d rather have cosmetic microtransactions and avoid having the community split like in other MP games.

        • anHorse says:

          Painful grind, escalation in price of each operative from a nation after the first one (whilst boosters are offered alongside for real cash)

          Having some grindy unlocks can be fine, but adding mechanics worse than f2p games for character unlocks isn’t

          • Calculon says:

            I’ve played it and it isnt much of an issue tbh.

            At ‘level 9’ I typically score more kills than those with level 30-40. Its actually more of the game mechanics and the planning/strategies that have the biggest impacts – and not the operator you choose, or whether you have a scope site or not.

  2. Shizzle says:


  3. frenz0rz says:

    Likely a main course of Fallout 4, with a slice of Heroes of the Storm for dessert.

    The latter has kept me occupied for months and it’s a joy to finally be into a MOBA that isn’t utterly toxic. A 20 minute game here and there is the perfect distraction between stomping around in power armour wielding a giant rocket-propelled sledgehammer for hours on end and, well, going to the pub.

  4. lowprices says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles X, a good Wii U game about fighting weird monsters in a weird, beautiful world and ignoring the cutscenes, which are dreadful. Also going back to Dungeons of Dredmor, after Cool Ghosts did a video on it.

    • lowprices says:

      Also Nuclear Throne, which I rediscovered after it launched, and have completely fallen in love with.

  5. Pich says:

    Dark Souls, finally got past Horny and Shcmo

  6. golem09 says:

    Gonna play some “sit on your ass and binge Fargo”.
    Then probably some Borderlands 2 to try it out with my gf and see if she likes it. A 0 rerun would be pretty fun by now.

  7. airtekh says:

    Probably more Rainbow Six Siege, interspersed with bouts of Rocket League.

    My two favourite multiplayer games this year.

  8. sillythings says:

    I’m currently trying to decide. I’m in the mood for something immersive, but it can’t take too long to finish, since I’m leaving to visit my fianceé in 11 days and also suspect there’ll be a lot of overtime to pull in my final week at work.

    I gave Thief Gold a try, having only played and greatly enjoyed Deadly Shadows many years ago. I have to say though, Thief Gold didn’t really do it for me. I enjoyed the game’s atmosphere and music, I liked how you are given a little mission overview by Garrett before a mission and how maps aren’t exact, I think that really adds to the immersion. And I like all the different types of arrows. But man, the levels? I thought the first map, Lord Bafford’s Manor, was okay, but Cragscleft Prison just ended up being too much to me, personally. It felt like a maze, everything looked a little samey, and it just was more of a chore to explore rather than fun.

    • Geebs says:

      Cragscleft is a pretty poor level, to be honest. Thief 2 is a much more playable game – it throws out most of the zombie/dinosaur nonsense of the first game and replaces it with some of the best stealth gameplay ever. It still looks pretty rough, but the levels have a better sense of place and proportion and have much more to explore. I honestly recommend giving it a try even if you didn’t like Thief Gold.

      • sillythings says:

        Noted! I might just pick it up the next time it’s on sale, then. Like I said, there were a bunch of elements I DID enjoy, so if Thief II improves upon the formula in the ways you’ve mentioned, that sounds excellent.

  9. NetharSpinos says:

    Darkest Dungeon, Total War: Shogun 2, Killing Floor 2 & a bit more of Bullet Heaven 2.

    Oh, and Dark Heresy on Sunday.

  10. nanotramp says:

    8 player Twilight Imperium 3rd ed with the 2 expansions. It will probably take all weekend too. Worth it though!

    • derbefrier says:


      TI is such a fun board game. havent managed an 8 player game yet that ought to be a blast.

  11. deadfolk says:

    Yakuza 5. I loves me some Japanese gangster with a heart of gold action.

  12. goettel says:

    Still very much on Dying Light. The Following trailers gave me craving for buggies, so I’m wading through the opening story of Far Cry 3. Devs: I’d like less story in my walking and murdering simulators, please.

    But screw all that awesome sandboxery. The only question real men will ponder over this weekend is whether to pull that €3 trigger on KUNG FURY: STREET RAGE. Hacking time!

  13. Munin says:

    Been playing some Valkyria Chronicles over the past couple of days and I think I’ll continue with that. That is, as long as I don’t crack and get the latest expansion for EUIV and lose myself down that hole again…

    Also, wrong choice Adam! :p

  14. gabrielonuris says:

    I’ll be playing Wolfenstein: The New Order for the second time. I’ve already finished it, but this game is so good that it falls on those rarely occasions, where instead of having me uninstalling it to play the next game from my backlog, I chose to start a new new game just moments after the ending credits.

    • polecat says:

      It really is very good. I was revisiting The Old Blood earlier which is also great fun, albeit more superficial.

  15. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I don’t know! I’m currently paralyzed with indecision. First world problems at their finest.

  16. Barchester says:

    I’ll be finishing up on Diablo 3 with my roommate, blowing stuff up in Just Cause 3 and perhaps beat Assassin’s Creed Syndicate along the way. And get a Christmas tree in between.

  17. fish99 says:

    Fallout 4, 149 hrs in and level 51. Starting to see where the story is going now, but there’s so much to do in the game there’s probably another 100 hrs. Not saying I’ll necessarily do everything but I do want to complete all the proper quests (as opposed to radiant/repeatable ones).

    Shame about the framerate drops in Boston and the mechanics issues and glitches the game has, but I’m still very much enjoying it, just not quite as much as New Vegas or Skyrim.

  18. MrPyro says:

    I’m playing a fun little game called ‘Christmas shopping’. It’s a kind of money/relationship management game where you spend hours trying to figure out what various family members you only see once a year want and do not already have.

    The single player online version is pretty good, but I suspect I’m going to have to dive into PVP mode this afternoon.

  19. Zach Fett says:

    I’ve been playing Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair a buttload since it released this last Tuesday. 18 hours so far! I’ll be playing a lot more later today, too.

    EDF! EDF!

  20. Synesthesia says:

    Finally finished fallout, so I’m free!
    I absolutely hated it, I felt like it had no respect from my time. Everything the player does is absolutely innocuous, nothing carries weigh.t It´s just poorly designed dungeons splattered over an old engine. I like the Silver Shroud quest, though.

    So maybe some siege, it’s been a while since I played a good shooter. Maybe I should reinstall red orchestra 2 again, see if the community is still healthy.

  21. ToomuchFluffy says:

    I have been playing about 35 hours of Depths of Peril, most of it this week. I’m completely addicted. Still, I had a lot of trouble with actually making a character work. My first two melee priests didn’t work at all, but my lightning mage with a warrior in front went better. I have also tried another time to make a melee priest work and even though I’m having a better time of it, she is still completely incapable of adding much damage to the fight. Mostly relying on my recruit while healing both of us.

    So far the best moment I remember from the game was with my second melee priest (at level 8 or so) when I quickly had to teleport back to town because of an attack. I had to first get rid of a whole group of monsters in front of my covenant house, before discovering that there was massive fighting going on all over the town. They killed almost all of the traders and quest-givers and half of the other covenants were involved in the fighting in numerous locations.

  22. celticdr says:

    Finally going to re-take the castle just to get Preston off my back who brings it up every single time I speak with him after completing a side quest, which btw is beginning to drive me bonkers! Ahem. Fallout 4.

  23. anHorse says:

    Well aside from totally reinstalling a game that was crashing my pc when I tried to validate files I’m going to be playing Mordheim

    I’m having loads of fun with it, the balance between risk and reward is excellent. It’s present in the mission choice where lower risk = less resources, in the gameplay where gathering resources or going for secondary objectives means you aren’t optimally positioning for combat and in the magic system where spells and magical objects all have the chance of crippling drawbacks.

    Also the wounding system is much more interesting and filled with personality than the pure permadeath of other games. Thus there’s no desire to alt+f4 or quit the save when your best troop dies but you may have to massively adapt to live with them

  24. Stellar Duck says:

    I’ve been planning to go on a new visit to Pripyat so I may well do that. Spent last weekend modding it, so I should go see the Zone again. I miss that dreadful place.

    Or I might end up playing Scourge of War Waterloo or Gettysburg again. I’m still trying to figure out how Napoleonic battles work. It seems a lot more complicated than the Civil War. Maybe because cavalry plays such a large role?

    I’m also planning on getting a new round of Civil War 2 organized. After my last Union victory we’ve agreed to switch sides. Been spending a while trying to devise a strategy that won’t end in abject failure.

    • ToomuchFluffy says:

      I recommend AtmosFear 3.0, Absolute Textures, Absolute Structures, Darius6’s Weapon Sound Overhaul and Massive Simulation Overhaul. Mostly grahpical and atmospherical improvements with some AI-improvements (MSO) thrown in for good measure. I have tested it once, but then decided to first play through CoP on Vanilla, but at least with the first tests I had no problems.

      For a less Vanilla experience there’s always Misery of course. And even though I’ve heard that Complete doesn’t work very well, I’m not sure how true that is. I also think its constituent parts might not be up to date anymore. Not sure how much that matters though.

  25. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I’m curious to see how crowded Elder Scrolls Online gets during its free weekend, and I’ll probably try to help some newbies in zone chat, provided it’s not a constantly scrolling pile of refuse.

    Otherwise, I’ll be carefully placing things into a suitcase in preparation for In-Flight Tetris.

  26. Ben King says:

    Just picked up Her Story on sale at gog because $5 was too much for this cheapskate. So I’ll be doing that this evening, then some Fallout4 settlement building, then mopping the apt and food prep for D&D as our party storms Kragmaw Castle in Neverwinter Wood. I suspect my monk will get KO’d again, because that’s what happens to her in fights:-/

  27. Kitsunin says:

    I’ve been playing Dragon Quest Heroes, which is certainly my favorite Warriors game yet. The gameplay is a nice scaling-back, actually, with characters having at most 4-hit combos using two buttons, and four spells. It’s nice because it means just about every attack has a clear purpose, and playing smart (not just cautious, which has been enough to win on the highest difficulty in every other Warriors game I’ve played) is rewarded.

    DW 8 I felt really just has way too many indistinct ways to deal damage. Like they realized 8-hit combos which can branch at any point was too many for them to all have use, so rather than changing that they added an all-new combo button and decided each TYPE of combo would be distinct rather than each attack.

    And I’m playing The Binding of Isaac. My save file now says “The End” which naturally means I’ve unlocked slightly less than half of the secrets and have multiple yet-untouched final bosses.

  28. Scumbag says:

    I am a student so I cannot afford new games. Since everyone is playing Fallout 4 I may as well trawl through my old Fallout backlog in Steam.
    Fallout 3 / New Vegas’ faces are so damn uncanny.

  29. malkav11 says:

    Probably Heroes of the Storm to take advantage of the auto-activated stimpack at level 10 and bonus xp event (though to be honest I feel a lot less fussed about XP in that game now that talent gating is gone), almost certainly. Maybe do some more time as Kharazim, who’s obscenely fun and effective.

    But beyond that, dunno. I might well spend much of the weekend watching Let’s Plays instead of actually playing things – primarily a rather solid skilled playthrough of Dark Souls that’s grabbing me much more than the blind runs I’d previously encountered. The thing is, the blind run approach certainly displays all the ways those games screw with a new player, and that’s got a certain appeal…but it also means a fair amount of repeating stuff you’ve already seen and waffling around trying to figure out how and where to progress. The skilled playthrough went through Anor Londo and the Painted World by video 13. The main blind run I was watching had just about gotten there by video 35-ish. I don’t have that kind of time, I’m afraid, as amusing as it was.

    Assuming I actually get in some gaming, though…Assassin’s Creed III, where I am poised to complete a couple of homestead missions before (hopefully) moving on to the remainder of Sequence 7’s main plot. Or Dragon Age: Inquisition, where I still have a bunch more talking to do in Skyhold before I go out adventuring again, though I did have some nice chats with Iron Bull and Sera and get a few gear upgrades crafted last weekend. Or Fallout 4, where all I’ve accomplished is finding a few secondary locations near Concord (people who claim this one doesn’t have the degree of unique little locations to find that Fallout 3 did appear to be nuts so far). Just Cause 3 is on tap but should probably wait for the patch since the frame rate is a mess. (Fallout 4 runs beautifully.) Maybe I’ll dip back into Mad Max a bit instead. Quite different games, really, but it’s Max that convinced me that Avalanche could make a game that was actually rewarding to play as designed, as opposed to hollow sandboxes for people to fill themselves, and thus that I might consider picking up JC3 after all.

    To be honest, I sort of wish this article were “what -did- you play during the weekend” and popped on Mondays. My predictions never seem to be accurate!

  30. yan spaceman says:

    I’m gonna fire up Bioshock 2 again. I’ve only played it through once and I can’t remember if I played the Minerva’s Den DLC at all. I have also been thinking of starting a new campaign in Total War Shogun 2.

  31. Arona Daal says:

    Found WINSPMBT in the dusty Depths of my Harddrive,and got hooked again.
    Also a bit NEW VEGAS,which i got in a Sale.
    And of Course : Project Reality.

  32. Zenicetus says:

    Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I usually don’t dive into one big AAA action-RPG immediately after finishing another one (Fallout 4), but in this case I was drawn to the Victorian setting. The reviews have been better than I expected, so I decided to try it.

    Having fun so far. The freedom to travel vertically is a nice break from the heavily grounded Fallout 4 movement. It’s also fun using fists, blades, and the occasional thrown knife instead of guns. It’s not quite Arkham quality melee, but it’s pretty good, even with mouse & keyboard.

    The minor annoyances are the way the colorful sci-fi HUD elements tend to break immersion in the historical game world (which is the whole point of this series, after all), and the lack of a FOV adjustment. But I can live with that.

    Maybe RPS will revisit Syndicate when the Jack the Ripper DLC is released. I think that’s next week.

  33. jpm224 says:

    Just reinstalled witcher 3 after about 5 months away from it. Still my GotY without a doubt.

    • mgardner says:

      Playing Witcher 3 for the first time because I always have a huge backlog and as a result rarely buy anything when it is new. I can see what the fuss is about. Maybe I will be playing Fallot 4 in 9 months.

  34. DevilishEggs says:

    Somehow it’s come to pass that I’m playing Eve, Wurm Online, Pathologic classic HD, Nuclear Throne and Quake Live. When I’m done with all that, I’ll probably arrange my socks in logarithmic order by thread count.

  35. thedosbox says:

    After being inspired by yesterday’s Billy Idol tomfoolery, I picked up Neon Struct. It’s been excellent so far, and has the best reproduction of a shitty run down mall in games.

  36. derbefrier says:

    Star citizen 2.0 went live last night.gonna pew pew around that quite a bit i imagine. I also got gifted some tabletop simulator. Its pretty cool played some King of Tokyo on it and it works really well so I am sure i’ll spend some more time in that.

    A buddy also got arcadia quest as an early xmas gift. gonna check that out later today. its gonna be a bbusy weekend.

    • Marblecake says:

      Hah! So it’s not only me, then :D
      Definitely going to do some coop exploding and generally be bad at flying space ships over the weekend.

      And also some coop Far Cry 4, which I bought after “finishing” Fallout 4 and which is definitely the better open world shooter of the two in my book.

  37. Napalm Sushi says:

    Lovecraftian rogue-shmup Deathstate just received a routine monthly patch that almost doubles the size of the game, adding three new worlds (in addition to the original four) complete with whole new suites of enemies, bosses and items. It incorporates them by having each of the first three levels now randomly be one of two different worlds.

    This is some damned impressive after-market support and I’d recommend Deathstate to anyone who fancies a fun little magical-blast-em-up that relishes in the more indulgently fantastical end of the cosmic horror genre.

    I mean, you power up your character by absorbing monster organs into your body. That’s metal as fuck.

  38. amateurviking says:

    I am dipping my toe into Final Fantasy 14. We’ll see how that goes.

  39. pertusaria says:

    I will be playing some Crypt of the Necrodancer, because I have a friend staying over who I think will like it. I’m also watching a two-player game of Donkey Kong: Country on the SNES.

  40. PancakeWizard says:

    Rimworld. Can’t get enough of it! Although as with all games of this type I’m always designing my own (better, naturally) version of a colony sim in my head as I play.

  41. Josh W says:

    I am playing XCOM, I will probably be playing it until the new one comes out. (That and xenonauts.)

    After all this turnbasedness though, I’m starting to feel in the mood for an arcade game or two again, not sure what yet.

    • Josh W says:

      Oh, and I’m probably going to be playing some Arcadiaquest tomorrow. Still haven’t quite decided what I think of it; competitive mmo-aggro boardgame.

      It actually is very fun, but it approaches the supposed quest of the game much closer to dota style farming; make enough progress on the various supposed objectives to pull ahead of your opponents, while looking out for PVP opportunities, I haven’t seen any catchup mechanics yet, so it’s possible it will just lead to one player slowly powering ahead.

  42. Betamax says:

    Started the day with some Merry Gear thanks to RPS (Santaaaaaaa!)

    Tonight I stride boldly into hour 210 of Witcher 3, wrapping up Hearts of Stone before finally returning to the main story after 25 hours or so.

  43. piedpiper says:

    Instead of playing new and fancy games I will play FEAR. Thank you, RPS! And I wanted to start DLC for my favorite game of 2014 – The Talos Principle.

    Honestly – I wanted to play FEAR (I won’t put “.” into it’s name, don’t ask why) long ago and RPS was the last drop in my glass! Oh god, it’s 12 years old. Here’s for some old-school gaming!

    • bill says:

      Heh. I’m almost finished on Dredd Vs Death, which I had similarly wanted to try for ages and picked up in the steam sale… but FEAR is also on my list of games that I missed the first time around.

      Maybe that’s one for the steam xmas sale.

  44. raiders says:

    heroes of might and magic® 3: complete.
    bought it today.
    gog sale.
    added hd mod.
    completed tutorial.
    holy s***!

  45. tsff22 says:

    My friend got me the GOG version of Witcher 3 yesterday, so I’ll be plugging away at that. I’m still in White Orchard, but its easily my favorite of the series due to how user friendly it is and how good the combat is in comparison to the second and ESPECIALLY the first game.

    If all goes well, I may be able to get the Expansion Pass off Amazon this Christmas, assuming the Amazon version uses a GOG key.

  46. Cloudiest Nights says:

    Ludum Dare!

  47. Moonracer says:

    7 Days to Die just released their alpha 13, so I’ll be playing a bit of that. So far just getting used to the new systems. Unfortunately there are some fresh bugs to work around, but it is still fun.

  48. Philopoemen says:

    Vampire: Bloodlines as a Malkavian. My innate seriousness screams against such tomfoolery, but I’ve heard it can be quite fun.

  49. Awesomeclaw says:

    I’ve been trying to play JC3 but the memory leak it has means it crashes pretty often so I’m mainly limited to 30-40 minute play sessions on that. I’ve picked up a bunch of games recently but none of them have really held my attention (FO4, GALAK-Z, Divinity: OS, and a couple of others). Maybe I’ll go wandering in Fallout 4 and try to get back into that.

    I have the Uncharted Collection to get through too but it became apparent pretty quickly that those games are all basically the same so I need so space them out a bit. I also gave Mechwarrior Online a go since I think that just released on Steam. It’s pretty alright, and certainly has all the trappings of a BattleTech game (plus some microtransaction stuff which you may or may not feel OK about).

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      Oh, also I got Assassins Creed Syndicate. I like that there are some more reasonable stealth mechanics (last one I played was 4 which IIRC wasn’t very stealthy, so I don’t know if these are actually new) although I don’t think it controls super well since you stick to walls and corners too much. It’s a good one of those games, but it’s still very much one of those games.

    • Gilead says:

      I completed the first two last week. The second one is improved enough that the first two played differently enough for me, but I’m saving the third one to play over Christmas when I need a a lighthearted ten hours of shooting enemies while dangling over a precipice.

      • Gilead says:

        I mean the Uncharted series in my last comment. Damn the lack of an edit button.

  50. Gilead says:

    Reinstalled Endless Legend with all the expansion content, but haven’t started it up yet because I’m fearful that I will emerge blinking into the unwelcoming light of Monday morning with no idea how my Sunday disappeared.