Wot I Think: PewDiePie’s Legend Of The Brofist

“You can now get Edgar Farts in the Pants menu.” I’m not sure there’s any statement that can better sum up my expectations of PewDiePie’s Legend Of The Brofist [official site]. The once mobile game, now PC too, is a classic-style arcade game, surely reflecting an era of gaming far, far older than the very oldest of the YouTube star’s fans, and boy does it contain farts. But… it’s actually not that bad. Here’s wot I think:

Now, I’m an immature 38 year old. I find farts funny. But I like to think my fart humour has a level of sophistication that requires at least context. When someone farts in a church, that’s extremely funny. When a fart sounds a bit like a tune on a trumpet, that’s hilarious. But just a fart noise in a bedroom – no, I’m more refined than that. And the word “fart” just on its own doesn’t quite reach the bar for me. Because I’m no longer a Cub Scout.

I’m not going to pretend to understand PewDiePie, because I’m old, and I recently came to the realisation that this is my generation’s source of bewilderment. My parents stared in confusion as I fell about laughing to Vic Reeve’s Big Night Out and listened to Pizzicato 5, their parents were horrified at their raucous rock and roll music, their parents disgusted by the overtly ankle-revealing dance moves. For me, it’s YouTube personalities, and it takes everything in me not to put the word in quote marks. It’s fine – I don’t get it, but it’s not for me, and I think it’s important to be okay with that. Even though it’s obviously not okay and everyone under the age of 20 has clearly lost their mind.

So it is that the phenomenon of this Swedish-born neighbour of Alec’s, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a very rich man for bleating inanely into a camera while having a pretty face. In my day we made do with podcasts. He’s had over 10 billion (with a B) views on YouTube, is more popular than Rhianna, and to be enormously fair, he’s made the careers of a good number of indie game developers just by mentioning their games. And now he’s made his own.

Featuring PDP himself, in the form of a sprite that bears not even a passing resemblance, he must discover why some evil barrels are attacking him and seemingly destroying his views on YouTube. These are probably in-jokes I don’t have the remaining lifespan to uncover. I do know that he lives with his girlfriend, another YTer Marzia Bisognin and some pugs, and they quickly appear in the game, uh, buried beneath piles of clothes. You rush about the house, digging through more piles, while jumping on barrels’ heads, until you’re done. Then there’s a car-roof-top leaping chase sequence, a side-scrolling schmup via little planes, followed by a traditional Mario-ish stretch of platform jumping. And you know what? It’s all fine! The schmup sequence is even enjoyable. And then boy does it get weird – an abandoned underground station populated by various mutated creatures, and flickering Slenderman-likes who destroy you with their darkness.

Ensuring every box is checked, there’s a slippy-slidey ice world, dungeons, levels in the sky, and so on. And with this PC version, co-op’s added in, so long as there are two of you sat at the same machine.

There’s a shark called Shannon, exploding cows, lunatic seals – I assume these might all mean things to “Bros”, as PDP so elegantly calls his followers. If they are, I can only imagine that their appearances would be pleasant surprises. I know this, because I remember when the splendid Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People came out, and it made so, SO many references to Homestar Runner cartoons and characters, and that’s a web thing I adored (and glory be, am adoring again now it’s come back to life). Many other people show up and become playable when you unlock them with gathered coins (do not fear – all in-game – no in-game purchases here), and again I assume they are all familiar to dedicated viewers. One of them has a pink moustache – imagine such a thing.

But the reality is, it’s a decent fun platformer. Very classic, not a single original idea, but old ideas executed reasonably well. It does seem to possess an ability I’ve yet to see from any other game. It can crash Steam. It takes down the whole platform when it crashes. I looked on the forums to see if there was anyone else reporting this, but unfortunately all that’s there are dozens of pages of arseholes declaring this the end times because some chap they don’t know has released a game about seventeen times better than most of the dross that flops in every day.

They’re simply wrong. The game’s fine. Not stunning, not a must buy, but a perfectly respectable platform game with what I can only assume are gazillions of pleasing in-references for the True Follower. It’s hard not to grimace at “the Pants menu”, and fart noises in the soundtrack are grating, but I stopped noticing after a bit. The “Bros” thing, and the possibly not aware incessant reference to “fisting” these bros, is clearly the brand. But underneath it all is a sweet little game, that takes its cues from 16bit gaming in many right ways.


  1. gpown says:

    I’ve never seen anything by Pie, but I need a review by Dunkey for the cycle to complete.


    • commentingaccount says:

      No matter how good it is, it won’t compare to Killbutt or KNACK, BABY

    • mukuste says:

      Dunkey is the only one of these make-videos-about-games YouTubers that I find consistently, laugh out loud funny. I don’t know what it is, maybe a certain anarchic edge to his comedy, but he’s the only one I occasionally check up on.

  2. commentingaccount says:

    Honestly, this is what I figured the game would be. Solid but not spectacular and also a bit annoying in the references.

    I want to point out that Brofist was a thing literally years before Pewdiepie link to knowyourmeme.com There used to be a damn funny video on youtube involving the F-Zero anime(BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT EXISTS) and the brofist ascii but damn if I can find it now.

  3. Al Bobo says:

    I’m not exactly PewDiePie aficionado, but I have watched some of his Let’s Plays. He’s started to curse a bit too much for my tastes, but there’s this one Shadow of the Colossus -Let’s Play that involves a horse and it totally cracked me up. After hysterical laughter ended and only sore stomach was left, I thought “Time well spent”.

  4. MrFinnishDude says:

    I haven’t watched PewDiePie in many many years, but I’m almost tempted to get this game out of spite, because most of the negative steam comments tend to gratuitously use the word autism.

    • Hedgeclipper says:

      Doubtless Pew is sobbing into his enormous piles of money because people were mean on the internet.

    • horrorgasm says:

      Is it really gratuitous when it’s actually an accurate comparison? It may all just be an act and a lot of people may like that act enough to make him a lot of money, but none of that is relevant to the fact that his act does in fact resemble certain heavily autistic people. If you think that’s funny, ok, but let’s not pretend it doesn’t sound like that.

      • MrFinnishDude says:

        I’m referring to using autism as an insult, it’s like saying retard or spastic (in the UK). It’s not “political correctness” shit but simple and basic human decency shit.

      • Premium User Badge

        Grizzly says:

        I must say that I find it hard to see how PewDiePie’s act resembles people who have autism. There might be a stereotype, but between spindoctors like autism speaks, anti vax organizations and the ever present internet hate mob I honestly wouldn’t know what that stereotype is anymore.

      • LennyLeonardo says:

        Yeah, he doesn’t try to seem autistic, he has said that he is not autistic and, as far as it’s possible for a non-expert to judge, he does not seem autistic. Using autism as an insult is apparently a thing on the internet, and that is only disgusting.

        The general perception of autism really needs to change. I mean, the fact that you think he resembles people who are “heavily autistic”… I mean, Jesus.

        • LennyLeonardo says:

          Blegh, this is not a good place for this rant.

          • Premium User Badge

            Grizzly says:

            FWIW, I approve.

          • Grayvern says:

            Society in general is an awful place for anyone with mental illness issues, and that’s discounting the tyranny of the mentally strong exemplar that goes on between people involved with and who have mental illnesses.

  5. MikoSquiz says:

    While I’m not a big fan of Mr. Pie’s show or schtick (shrieking is a turn-off and “bro” always makes me think of violent alcoholic American amateur athletes first), he does seem to be a sterling chap all around and I wish him all the best. I just wish this game wasn’t all about his schtick, because it seems the sort of thing I might otherwise enjoy.

    • Eight Rooks says:

      Ditto. I have no interest in watching anything he does, but I can see the appeal for younger generations (it’s not that baffling, John, come on) and he seems like a perfectly decent guy in person, someone who’s fairly self-aware about the surreal nature of his fame and how he pretty much got there by chance (at least early on).

  6. Edgewise says:

    Let’s all join the backlash-backlash!

    Seriously, I like any review where the reviewer is able to recognize that “this might not be for me but that’s OK.” It’s funny how much maturity that takes.

  7. alms says:

    It can crash Steam. It takes down the whole platform when it crashes.

    Sheesh, youth. When I was young, people used to delete The Internet.

    • April March says:

      It wasn’t deleted, I took it and gave it to a dude that had written a pretty funny comment.

  8. Le blaireau says:

    I bloody loved Pizzicato 5

  9. level12boss says:

    Also merits a mention that the game is available for the new AppleTV4 platform as as a MFi controller compatible title. It makes a lovely little retro console title for the $2 admission fee.

    This is equally vintage RPS coverage. The social commentary is smart, entertaining, and spot on.

  10. ribby says:

    “I’m not going to pretend to understand PewDiePie” Surely you understand it just as much as any immature TV Show for very young people.

    It’s very simple- young people watch him until they realize they don’t enjoy him anymore, at which point they stop. But there’s always new young people to fill the void. I did much the same with Tobuscus.

    • JuergenDurden says:


    • JuergenDurden says:

      wow. sorry about that.

      i meant to say:

      “it was exactly like that for me with gamegrumps and jontron”

  11. Warwise says:

    Even through I´m 32, I used to watch some of his earlier videos from a few years back, and most of them were really entertaining. He definitaly has/had a genuine and funny reaction to the games he plays/played.
    About the game, no thanks. I have no interest in plataform games. Btw, most of the haters just feel envy. Myself, I think its amazing that the internet itself is making the milionaires and celebrities of our days, unlike TV celebs who lose most of the money to the companies. Now its just one guy, a camera and straight contact with the audience. Thanks Youtube.

  12. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    I’m guessing, rape jokes, another PDP staple, are not referenced much?