What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

This Star Wars merchandise-o-marketing mania has gone too far. So far today, I’ve been woken up by the bin lorry blasting a John Williams score, bought a croissant labelled a ‘Kesselrunant’, noticed my antibiotic pills are in the shape of Kylo Ren’s head, seen posters for ‘the Chewie’ in the window of the hairdresser round the corner, and been forced by the greengrocer into a ‘lightsaber duel’ with carrots before he’d sell me an avocado (marketing paid £250,000 for the rights to do that, he apologised). Take it easy, George Skywalker. Pop an ‘ewok flavour’ chill pill. Play a (Star Wars) video game.

Adam: Even though I’ve already written a review, I’m going to carry on with my latest Total Attila campaign. That’s a surprise to me because when I binge on a strategy game, I usually need a break. I’m currently playing as Mercia and trying to make a United Kingdom. So far, I’ve set fire to Wales and thrown a few boats at Ireland. Scotland looks menacing. I’m also going to play LISA because I missed it first time around and enjoyed what I saw during development.
Alec: I just watched a Star Wars film and I’ve just been writing about Star Wars games, so there is a very, very strong possibility I will end up playing Star Wars games too. I quite fancy another run through Dark Forces after all these years, but the Movie Battles II mod for Jedi Academy also looks pretty tasty. I’m aware that I’ll just get my arse kicked if I wade into a specialist community like that, of course. Luke never had to deal with more than two other Force users at once: he had it easy.
Alice: I’d hoped to be revisiting Deadly Premonition, but between computers apparently lost the save I’d kept from the point where it opens up. Boo. So Isaac: Afterbirth, obviously. Might finish Jazzpunk, yonks later? Hack the planet in Hacknet? Finally get around to Dontnod’s Remember Me? I don’t know. Why do you want to know? Who sent you?
Graham: I… don’t know. I’m between games at the moment and I’d like to start something new, but there’s a good chance I’ll either play a little more Rainbow Six Siege or simply spend the weekend lying face down on the ground, half asleep. We’ll see.
John: This weekend I shall be playing at a soft play centre in Farrington Gurney. I have ridiculous ambitions to play Tearaway on my new PS4, or finally get my Steam Link working with the downstairs TV and play some Just Cause 3 on the 40″ screen. But I won’t. A nappy will need changing, and then something will explode, and then it will be 7.30am Monday again and I’ll be at my desk staring at the monitor and not knowing what happened. But at least I’ll have been to the soft play centre.
Philippa: This weekend I probably won’t be playing much, to be honest. I’m away from home so I have my phone and laptop for games but it’s that point of the year where I’m kind of in need of some downtime and exhausted from dental surgery. Really, I need to curl up into a ball and regenerate a bit. If you really need an answer it’s Zookeeper on my phone or Picross also on my phone. I want to be the best person in the world at Zookeeper. I feel that’s a sensible life goal.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Still Doorkickers. I’m loving this game, perfect ‘just one more go’ nuggets of tactical fun. Then back to the Witcher 3, if time allows. Time to see Skellige.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      How would you compare it to games like, say, Frozen Synapse and XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

      • LionsPhil says:

        Way better than Synapse for predictability (which is important, in order to feel your decisions are more significant than the RNG* and mistakes avoidable). Kinda a different beast to X-COM since it’s pause-realtime, with you choosing the timeslices. Several missions force you to push forward very aggressively on tight time constraints, so you can’t just huddle forward as a little cover-tortoise (and even that doesn’t work so hot).

        It gets very hard, though. I got it last year, and I still never made it past the (campaign) mission where you have to escort a VIP down a huge street full of crossfire. Thankfully there are a bunch of non-campaign missions too to shower you with upgrade points.

        (* I know people have responded that Synapse is a lot more deterministic than it appears, but between the communication of various to-hit times as repeated misses, and the simulate-vs-reality being so susceptable to butterfly effects from the tiniest variations, it really does feel horribly random to me.)

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Like Phil says, it is closer to Frozen Synapse than anything else. The key difference is the planning phase doesn’t exist, just a pause button you’ll spend all mission hovering over. It has a similar level of satisfaction in a well executed plan but a bit more leeway when people start taking shots. There’s some procedural enemy/bomb/hostage placement but its fairly limited so even the harder missions later on can be learnt how to beat. Overall though I spend less time pondering each ‘turn’ than I would in Synapse, so missions are quicker to play through and a bit more addictive that way.

        Synapse is purely a multiplayer game to me now, Doorkickers is a really excellent singleplayer alternative.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    Heretic with Guncaster because I haven’t done a full game playthrough of the former in a long time and I haven’t played any of the latter since the first public version.

    • DevilishEggs says:

      nice Heretic is an interesting part of fps history

    • fabronaut says:

      I forgot that mod existed! I’ll definitely have to check that out.

      it’s funny how there are so many Doom (and variants) mods available that any time I’m hankering for that old school arcade-y twitchfest FPS goodness, I always seem to forget that I could just poke around and dig up a few mods.

      Brutal Doom really helped me remember that Doom mods are a vibrant subculture that is pretty much constantly producing cool things! playing through unmodified Doom with the better engine (hooray mouselook, strafing, and cool lighting effects!) is also fantastic.

      we’re so damn spoiled by gaming these days. if this kind of selection was available to me when I was a kid, my mind would’ve exploded.

  3. Imbecile says:

    Trying to finish fallout 4, with maybe a smattering of rocket league and a soupcon of rainbow 6 siege.

    • caff says:

      This sounds like my ambitions. I have progressed from “delighted” with Rocket League to “addicted”.

      • Imbecile says:

        Yeah, its a great game especially with friends. Its the closest a game has ever felt like playing football to me.

  4. ToomuchFluffy says:

    Still mostly “Depths of Peril” (approaching the 50-hour-mark).

    Yesterday I (as in, my 24-level-melee-priest) was trying to kill some unique boss and had to run away and wait for my covenant-partner to respawn a few times. In one case he died and I had to flee through a town portal. When I came back the renegade I was also supposed to kill on the same map had apparently stumbled into the boss and they had finished each other off. Two quests solved :-)

  5. Cyrus says:

    Deus Ex: HR, attempting to finish it somewhat soon.
    Feels a bit that my Jensen has become too powerful, starting to max out all the augments, almost.

    Also have Metal Gear: Revengeance on my to-do list.
    Played it for a few hours for about two weeks ago, not sure if it’s my cup of the tea really, I’m not terribly good at precise controller games.

    • welverin says:

      Don’t be ashamed to turn the difficulty down on MGR if that better suits your skill level. It can still be damn fun.

  6. TehK says:

    Good question…. I wanted to continue my Sunless Sea campaign, I wanted to try the new Dota patch, I wanted to have a look at the latest Don’t Starve expansion, but I also have Book of Unwritten Tales 2 and Satellite Reign sitting here, begging for attention.

    Decisions, decisions…

    • fabronaut says:

      I’m definitely late to this thread, but let me just say that the new Dota patch is so. frigging. amazing.

      Really, I loved the previous patch (what was it? 6.84 or 6.85? whatever) and this one is even better.

      There are changes to the map near Roshan (new jungle camps on both sides and Radiant side now has two split ramps for escape). Kind of a mindfuck as someone who plays support, since now I don’t know where to plop my wards. :p

      Boring heroes have been reworked! Examples: Faceless Void isn’t just a straight “zomg passives” hero now. OD is much more fun — no longer “max arcane imprisonment first” since it now drains intelligence per skill attack or something? Riki’s ult is different? I’ve played a few matches and it’s shaken things enough to make it feel very fresh.

      New items! Probably the most important bit, really. There’s a new cheap item called Faerie Fire that costs 75gp, takes up one slot, adds +2dmg, and can be consumed for umm… 50 HP instant? I think? Dragon Lance for boosting ranged carries, Aether Lens for extending cast range of spell casters (my personal favourite — extending Shaman shackle reach or Ogre stunblast feels absolutely vicious). Basic brown boots are now 400gp.

      It’s an excellent patch, and the best part? I seem to be encountering more friendly players on a regular basis. I stopped playing dota for months because I got tired of dealing with assholes of all stripes — whether I could understand their language of choice or not. I know that mute is always an option, but it really sucks when you’re stuck in a match with some manchild raging at you because of mild mistakes. As if that’s gonna somehow motivate me to give a shit and actually support him and/or play better…

      tl;dr — play the new patch! It’s excellent! :D

  7. MacBeth says:

    I managed to get my hands on an Oculus Rift DK2 to borrow over Christmas, so I bought Elite (fortunately just after Horizons came out, and not just before!), and therefore I am playing about in space in glorious VR.

    My main problem at the moment is knowing what all the buttons on my Thrustmaster Hotas X do – I’m using the default bindings, but I haven’t seen any diagrams of what they are, and I can’t look at any diagrams while I have the Rift on my face anyway! #virtualworldproblems

    • vorador says:

      I’m also using the Hotas X and i’d recommend the Crab made bindings. You need to drop the file in your profile and then choose it on settings.

      link to forums.frontier.co.uk

      It requires quite a lot of memorization, but allows you to do most actions in the game without having to drop your hands off the stick. I’d recommend printing the bindings map and playing for a while without the Rift to memorize them.

      • MacBeth says:

        I was coming to that conclusion myself, as it happens, but thanks for the tip. There’s a distinct lack of explanation of controls etc. in the “tutorials”. Also it doesn’t really help when the on-screen tips say ‘Press Joy 11’ and you’re left wondering which button is meant to be 11… :)

        Still looks amazing in VR though.

  8. Borodin says:

    “my antibiotic pills” That’s what you get from licking buses!

  9. Andrew says:

    Why do you want to know? Who sent you?

    It was you, Alice, all along.
    Me? Oh, nothing special. I just quickly finished couple of games for cheevos (I’m trophywhore, yes sir). Later gonna play Deus Ex HR DC, or something else FPS’ish — still testing my Steam Controller, now with gyro.

  10. udat says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles X. It’s incredibly more-ish. I’m compulsively exploring until the small hours of the morning and then dreaming about the game. Or more accurately, about Mira, the world you are exploring in the game.

  11. tonicer says:

    I’ll be continue playing my heavily modded Fallout4 … 107 hours isn’t nearly enough … and maybe someday i will finish the main quest … hey at least at around 80 hours playtime i got to diamond city so i’m not slow or anything ;D .

  12. Fomorian1988 says:

    Finally finishing up The Witcher 3, until the next expansion DLC drops.

    • RedViv says:

      Hopefully the same. Hah. There is NO WAY to AGAIN be distracted by gathering ingredients while breathing in the coastal forest, swampland, rocky atmosphere of someone who actually knows what the Baltic coast looks like so much that it will be Monday before I get anything done!

      Also maybe KotOR2 because I realised I never finished my Sith playthrough, and the new film inspired me in its use of [REDACTED] to more [REDACTED].

  13. lowprices says:

    More Invisible Inc and Nuclear Throne. I’m not a person that will be writing up a list of my Games Of The Year, but if I were both of those would be at the top.

  14. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I’m playing AC Unity. My initial impression that it was largely bug-free at this point has proved erroneous as there are still occasional issues with characters and missions getting stuck, but it’s mostly solid. There are some strange design choices, not least in the revised controls, often frustratingly imprecise to a degree that previous games were not. Yes, AC controls have always been controversial, but in Black Flag input intent and action result generally mapped pretty well if you knew the controls. Paris is lovely though (playing with French audio of course just as I played the other ones in Italian) and some missions are more open-ended, which is nice. Not in any hurry to play Syndicate, though I’m sure I’ll get around to it if only to see the city.

    I really REALLY want the collectathons to go away, not just in this series but ALL games. You have done 1/20 instances of a thing! I blame achievements. Thanks for nothing, Microsoft.

    • JuergenDurden says:

      arent achievements just the worst?

    • malkav11 says:

      Collectathons have been a thing since at least the SNES. Maybe even the NES. They are awful, true, but not the fault of achievements. But now at least there’s sometimes a completely pointless extrinsic acknowledgment!

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        True, but it feels like they’ve morphed into a new, more terrible, shape. I don’t mind collecting per se depending on how it’s designed, but it used to be that they were hidden surprising things that you could stumble upon instead of a finite and knowable checklist with nagging icons and objective markers. There is no surprise or mystery left in games when everything is an ‘achievement’.

  15. icarussc says:

    Replaying the fantastic Dragon Age: Inquisition. As long as it’s approached as a walking-in-the-scenery simulator, it’s *so good,* with some nice walking companions to boot.

    Of course, I loved Arkham Knight, too, so what do I know?

    • welverin says:

      Well, both games were well received over all (DA:I more so than B:AK), so I’m not sure why you’re acting like dissenter by liking them.

      The main reason B:AK got so much flak around these parts was the crap port.

  16. Darth Gangrel says:

    Sword Coast Legends has a free weekend on Steam, so I figured I’d give that a few hours, to see if it’s really as bad as the reviews paint it out to be.

    Not a big DnD fan, KotOR is the only game with any DnD trappings I’ve enjoyed, but a free-for-a-few-days RPG doesn’t come along all to often.

    After watching the new Star Wars on Wednesday, I too feel like playing Star Wars games, listening to Star Wars music and doing everything Star Wars, so might fire up some Star Wars game as well. I got the Star Wars Humble Bundle, so I can pick and choose.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      Me too, and for the same reason as you, to see if it’s really that bad, and I’m having a lot of fun with the variety of quests and puzzles, exactly what I needed for my RPG fix. I’m still to see any of the flaws pointed by those reviews, and tbh, I’m beginning to wonder why would people hate it, and at the same time love Pillars of Eternity; is it because of developer’s reputation and biased opinion? Who knows…

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        After playing 91 minutes of it I declare it “really good, but sort of generic, which is just fine for me”. Not something that I’ll play and be amazed by, but something I could be significantly entertained by when I have nothing else better playing. Or when I feel like just playing some generic-but-good RPG, kind of like watching nature programs on TV. Good for the time being, but nothing I’m very excited about, nothing that’ll leave an impression other than “hmmm, nice”.

        It’s currently too expensive, I’ll wait until it’s 5 euro in a sale (which means 75 % off its currently 50 % off price).

        • gabrielonuris says:

          Yeah, it surely isn’t a “Witcher 3” kind of marvelous RPG, but something to play now and then.

          I found the price a little steep too, even with 50% off, but I’ll put it on my wishlist for now. For a game I wasn’t even interested with, that’s something already.

  17. Mario Figueiredo says:

    I’ll be playing daddy. No, not that one. The other one. The one where you actually have to spend time without playing games.

    • Baranor says:

      I actually got in 40 minutes of Minecraft yesterday. Amazing. Thank god I play tekkit on a server with a capable player and four 64*64 automated quarries and energy to matter storage.

      And sometimes I get to play a boardgame or fool around with a card game. Sometimes.

  18. Geebs says:

    I’m playing “be amazed at how well Steam home streaming actually works, gosh that’s amazing even over wireless, I can even do Dirt Rally!”

    This thing actually really works. Colour me impressed.

  19. michelangelo says:

    Since its release I’ve been resident of one city in the game related to blood and not related to PC (boooo, for that fact). Through and through. I already know all its corners as well as corners of my beloved first 2012’s Dark Souls. It’s been very lovely, original and worth attention (two hundred hours, ehm).

    But recently I moved on. To the station called XCOM exactly. Because I didnt play it with ENEMY WITHIN additional content. And its even better then UNKNOWN. By a lot actually.

    At the other hand it convince me that real release date of XCOM2 is when the last DLC shows up. So some time in the summer—probably.

    • Biaxident says:

      Enemy Within has been on my “to-play” list for ages, tried it a little a few times and it seems good but I just get distracted and go back to CSGO and EU4.

  20. JamesGoblin says:

    Some emu stuff that shall not be mentioned and some indie MMO tests that noone cares for =)

  21. Premium User Badge

    Risingson says:

    I just began Dead Space. Two chapters in, I mean.

    I find the gameplay a bit boring, to be honest. The only difference between difficulty levels is how many bullets you need to kill the monsters, and everything is so streamlined that it becomes a routine. I like how the information is dosaged, though.

    But I don’t know. I miss some proper puzzles there.

    • Premium User Badge

      Risingson says:

      Look mom, i just invented an ugly verb

      • fabronaut says:

        I like your verb. I can see it having a lot utility!

        I just dosaged myself with caffeine, so I may be somewhat biased.

    • Josh W says:

      My experience is that the game is best on maximum difficulty playing it hotseat style, I’ve mentioned this before I’m sure. There are loads of advantages to this, particularly if you spend your time screaming distracting advice at the person who’s trying to play. More shots required to kill them generally translates into having to pull off better chopping shots etc. and swapping person means that everyone is generally worse at it, and no-one gets bored.

  22. eocar89 says:

    I re-started Divinity original sin, the enhanced edition, and I am getting really addicted. I think it is the right time I could really enjoy it to the end (I have never finished the first version)

    • teije says:

      Exactly same here. What a gem of a game, and the way Larian improved it substantially for the EE is wonderful.

      • cairbre says:

        I did this too. I played it this afternoon I never got very far when I first played it. Enjoying it so far

  23. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Recently restarted Pillars of Eternity after I bounced off the difficulty (it seems better now after the recent patches) so that’s on the menu. Possibly some Bloodbowl: CE and Guild of Dungeoneering as well.

  24. ExitDose says:

    I fired up Fallout 4 for about an hour. I then stopped and went back to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and I do not regret that decision. I’ve run out of patience with Fallout. My reaction to it is the same one that I had with Skyrim. I understand why some people love it, but nothing about this installment is working for me.

    I’m also thinking about breaking out my copy of Labyrinth: The War On Terror and learning the rules via a solo play through. Seems like a neat game.

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      I’m of a similar mindset. I’ve just had to tell myself I don’t care for Fallout 4 much at all. There are numerous improvements over 3, but they’re mostly small things that didn’t do enough for me personally to want to invest any more time into it.

  25. JuergenDurden says:

    hrrm, i guess tonight will be another run of ‘way of the samurai 4’, trying once again to find the path that let’s me kill that a**hole shogunate minister, and tomorrow i’ll be playing ‘airport frustration simulator’ for a bit before indulging in a 7 day campaign of ‘xmas on the beach- gran canaria dlc’.

  26. Sigh says:

    Is it me or do the RPS staff answers to these articles seem increasingly Andy Kaufmanesque?

  27. pfooti says:

    I’m home for the holidays for a while, which means my nice shiny desktop is thousands of miles west of me. Does anyone have a suggestion for something fun to play on an older (2013), integrated graphics macbook? I was thinking about seeing if it would run pillars of eternity, as I’d been avoiding it until now.

    • fabronaut says:

      Whenever I’m stuck with a laptop, I bust out some of the older games I’ve stocked up — particularly my GOG library where applicable.

      As the graphics requirements are rather modest, you can probably even toss VMware Workstation or Parallels on there with XP, if you don’t want to fuss around with dual booting for titles that require you to have some flavour of Windows. Defeating XP’s activation mechanism is hilariously trivial — you just need to whack at a couple registry keys to disable the 30 day activation timer.

      If you’re just using the VM for games, I don’t think you’ll need to patch it up all that much. Just drop the games inside your little sandbox and with a bit of tweaking, away you go! :D

  28. Kitsunin says:

    Brawlhalla. Mmmm, I love this Super Smash Bros.-like — it’s free to play at its finest, with a $20 pack netting all the gameplay stuff, present and future. Matchmaking is a dream even though I live in Taiwan, which is such a beautiful rarity, and this is the first time I’ve truly had fun climbing a ranked ladder (I’m Silver 3 so far, woo!).

    On the absolute opposite side of F2P there’s Mechwarrior Online. Fuck Mechwarrior Online. The gameplay is really good but the grind is some of the most glacial I’ve seen in my entire life, and your reward is mostly flat-out upgrades. Literally stuff like +10% acceleration, range, etc.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Aaaaaaand I just had a ranked opponent ask if I wanted to join them for 2v2s after a close battle. What a blast, I’m falling in love with the game all over again.

  29. Krupp says:

    Rainbow Six Siege.

    If anyone is interested in trying it out, here are some keys to play the game this weekend for free:

    The asterix (*) is an A. Just redeem one of these on UPlay.

    • dysomniak says:

      All gone, and no one had the courtesy to say anything. Tsk tsk.

  30. Zach Fett says:

    Probably jump back into R6 Siege, haven’t played since last weekend and I’m curious to see how the patch turned out. Also still waiting for Just Cause 3 to be friggin’ playable. Wish I had refunded it at this point.

    I also need to prepare myself for the upcoming Steam sale.. Might pick up Total Annihilation since it was added to Steam yesterday, that was my first RTS!

  31. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Underrail for me. I made a psi user that excels in chemistry, because I just started re-watching Breaking Bad and chemistry is amazing.

    • Le blaireau says:

      Me too, gone for high con pure psi. It is seriously good, probably the best rpg I’ve played all year. The combat is a thing of beauty and with the oddity xp system it has brought something very new (to my knowledge) to the design table, that I think could become a feature in a lot more games. It allows any kind of playstyle without needing to grind away, just explore and have fun whilst leveling logically. Genius.

      • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

        Yes! I’m so glad I chose to level with the oddity system. It makes exploration both fun and rewarding. It really is much more fantastic an rpg than I had imagined.

    • csbear says:

      Just started playing a few hours last night with a psi character. This is going to be a good one!

      • csbear says:

        Edit: Oddity system here as well. Glad to hear people are having fun with it as I wasn’t sure if I should have went ‘classic’ or ‘oddity.’

  32. celticdr says:

    Acquiring the Game of Thrones box set on BluRay, watching it whilst playing Telltale’s game simultaneously (which I got on a Steam sale ages ago but held off playing until all the episodes had been released). Who will I side with, the Lannisters or the Starks?

    Either way someone “will remember this”.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      I’m pretty sure the identity of that “someone” is going to be whoever looks at the bank balance next time.

  33. Vacuity729 says:

    Well, ever since Space Hulk Ascension became effectively unplayable in mid-August due to a borked update that enabled the new DLC and game mode, my campaign has been on hiatus. Just recently, a proper workaround has been discovered, so I’m fully intending to return to purging the genestealer filth with righteous vigour.


  34. Crimsoneer says:

    I really, really want to get buried into a Star Wars game, but I can’t quite think of one which captures me right now…

  35. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I’ve been tempted to dip my toes into the newest version of DF, though I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m concerned that the control scheme will run circles around me. Until I’m caffeinated, I think I’ll boot up Neo Scavenger and die of sepsis or something.

  36. GernauMorat says:

    Finally got around to Valiant Hearts. It really is very good, and is perhaps the most beautiful game (graphically) I have ever played. Even the pigeons have WW1 helmets and bandoleers! Also, use saw on leg is not your average inventory puzzle.

  37. Phantasma says:

    I’m trying to tell myself that it has nothing to do with the current events, because i have played the game for over a month now and i’m certainly not the biggest Star Wars fan out there, but here i am… The Old Republic.

    It was a strange combination of feelings back then. I wanted something with a certain story focus but at the same time felt a faint urge for some meditative easy fetch-questing.

    I subbed for two months because Bioware really went for the most misanthropic free to play model i had to witness so far (and that’s something as i played Star Trek Online with their 35€ ships.)
    As a f2player you even have to pay for hiding your hat or displaying your surname.

    The combat system is a classic taskbar cooldown affair. In fact it’s positively museal in its stubborn ancientness.
    But i knew what i was getting into, so it’s almost bearable.

    Where it does shine is location and story.

    I always hated it in Guild Wars 2 that you are eternally trapped in enclosed quadratic troughs, extremely cramped but still with far too many different things going on.
    Here every planet map has an distinctive theme (Civil War entrenchment, corruption in the seat of power) that is communicated visually as well. Of course it’s not exactly open world but at least a nice snapshot of the situation…mostly.
    And with some decent distant LODs there are some stunning vistas to be had.

    Story-wise the bigger arcs are classic heroic fair, some of the smaller tales and dialogue bits are surprisingly well written though.
    And even if the dialogue choices don’t affect the bigger world in any kind, they really help with character building. Maybe it’s hyperbole but so far this is the only MMORPG in recent times that somewhat earned the RPG suffix.
    For exmaple, my Sith Inquisitor is a scheming menace but thanks to my choices far from a moustache twirling bond villain i feared him to inevitably become. Punishing mouthy subordinates, of course. Potentially harming scavenging children with hidden explosives; Completely unecessary for winning a war and therefore out of the question.

    After Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 i was sure Bioware had completely lost it, but i’m really enjoying it so far.

    Maybe the honeymoon will be over soon and the ugly tide of MMO trappings drowns everything else, but for now it entertains me well.

    Who would have thought. Certainly not me^^.

  38. fish99 says:

    Fallout 4. The game has reached a weird spot where there’s no clear main story mission to move things forward and I’m working for multiple factions that have diametrically opposed objectives. I also don’t really care for any of the factions. And unlike Skyrim where the radiant quests were something you chose to start, F4 likes to just force them on you. Defend the output is no better than Take Roman Drinking really.

    I think instead of trying to give you a game you can play forever Bethesda should be aiming for 60-100hr of solid unique content.

    I’d really like to finish it before the holidays.

    Btw there’s still a sign-in issue on this site with Firefox.

    • celticdr says:

      Yeah I really hate how every time you go to get xp for finishing a mission in FO4 from Preston he gives you another one straight away, I mean WTF Preston?! Can’t you deal with it yourself? Quit hammering on that same house panel all the time and go out there and save your own settlement for a change!*

      *I have a weird OCD thing with quest games where I cannot stand not seeing the bottom of the quest list… yes, yes, I’m seeking help for it already.

      • Zenicetus says:

        The game got a lot more fun for me when I figured out I could ignore Preston and his constant demands for opening new settlements. I set up just a few to get a good flow of crafting supplies, did his Castle mission and that was it.

        Also I guess I streamlined the game a little by only joining the Railroad faction and ignoring all the BoS missions because they seemed like such assholes. The Railroad stuff plus finishing the main storyline was long enough as it was.

    • Phantasma says:

      Ah, there is? That explains how my lenghty post got completely lost in the ether after submitting it.
      Which is strange by itself cause normally the textbox shouldn’t even be accessible withoult having logged in.
      Wasn’t much fun writing all that again.

      Dear RPS, i really love you, but a better comments system and especially an Edit button is a prerequisite before i’d ever decide to pay for an subscription.

  39. malkav11 says:

    Given that next week I will be unavoidably away from my gaming computer and any gaming I would do would be on handheld or mobile (which I generally don’t even bother with, historically speaking), I would like to hard binge on PC gaming this weekend. Try and round out my Diablo III season journey before the season ends. Get in at least the 15 games worth of Heroes of the Storm to get the lower end stimpack, if not the 50 for the higher end. Play Just Cause 3 at all (its technical issues are rendering it pretty much unplayable for me). Stalk the corridors of Skyhold talking to mans over and over. Get in another sequence or three of Assassin’s Creed III. Wander post-apocalyptic Boston as a weird counterpoint to ACIII’s take. Try out Underrail for the first time since I bought it in a bundle lo these many years ago. Get in on Marvel Heroes’ holiday event. Etc.

    Unfortunately, my hand and wrist are feeling pretty dubious from the day’s worth of signing off on interpreter billing yesterday and I should probably rest them by not doing anything of the sort.

  40. Assirra says:

    Both COD blops 3 and Tales of the Sword coast got a free weekend so will be checking out those.
    If neither can hold my interest it is back to Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  41. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Recently started playing the Snow Day mode for Rocket League. I really like it, much better than the mutators in mix-up mode (although giant beach ball is pretty fun.) It also seems like it is better suited for players at my skill level as a lot of the aerial play is taken out and it is much easier to predict where the puck is going to go. It’s nice getting a hat-trick almost every game. :)

    Might play some more Fallout 4. ~90 in and still barely touched the main quests. The hoarder and serial killer in my brain won’t let me.

    Just Cause 3 is a bit more iffy. I am about 17 hours in both t I feel like I have seen just about everything I want out of the game. The storyline is atrocious and makes no sense. I’ve done horrible horrible things to people and yet all you hear is “Rico, you’re my hero!” I’ve had to make up my own plot where Rico is actually the General (“Here’s the REAL general!”) who is so wealthy and has the whole country so terrified of him that he can do whatever he wants. The whole conflict is his own invention so he can run around feeling like an action movie star.

  42. yan spaceman says:

    I’ve been looking at Jedi Academy as well, though the mod that caught my eye was the Evolution of Combat IV mod … link to moddb.com

    I’ve also fired up Bioshock 2 again and I’m really enjoying it. The collapse of Rapture on New Years Eve gives it a lovely seasonal atmosphere – drinks, cakes and packets of fags in abundance. Ace.

  43. pertusaria says:

    I am (finally) playing A Good Snowman is Hard to Build. Lovely and meditative, but the difficulty picks up fairly quickly – we’ll see how long I last. Thanks for the long-ago recommendation, RPSers!

  44. anHorse says:


    It’s still boatloads of fun, unfortunately it seems to be losing a lot of players over time

  45. teije says:

    Well, DoS EE playthrough. Otherwise – played around with Long Dark after the recent update. Looks pretty good, some nice improvements. But it still needs a difficulty between the easy and normal – I’d like the survival stuff all on normal (or even harder) but without the wolves – to me just distracts from the survival in the Canadian winter challenge.

    Might also get to Underrail – played a lot during EA and enjoyed it.

  46. Zenicetus says:

    I’ll probably finish up Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, which I’ve been having a surprising amount of fun with. Maybe a little Endless Legend on the side.

    It’s weird that there hasn’t been more mention of Synducate on RPS besides the WIT article, but maybe it’s the overshadowed-by-Fallout effect. Between the two, I think it’s the better game despite the collectibles and achievements fluff. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for the Victorian setting.

    As usual, the controls are a little weird, but I’m getting excellent frame rates and seeing almost no bugs. Flying around the city on rope lines is fun, almost Batman-esque.

    I haven’t played MGSV and it was so popular here that it’ll probably get the Stealth award in the advent calendar (if there is one), but the stealth in Syndicate is very good. The best stealth game I’ve played this year anyway. You can play it from two different angles with the two main characters. Evie for the sneakier murdering, and Jacob for sneaking the setup and then a fisticuff finisher to clear the area. Because the skill trees overlap so much, and the siblings have basically identical stats otherwise, it’s more of a roleplaying choice which character to choose on a particular mission. But it adds a nice dimension to the game.

  47. Shizzle says:

    Rainbow Six Siege. It’s good.

  48. Ben King says:

    Lumino City which I don’t quite really enjoy, but it’s so awfully cute and charming that I am certainly going to plow right through it by the end of the week. Also Fallout 4… I. THOROUGHLY lost my dog last night but was delighted because this is the first Bethesda game I’ve played on PC, and so I could simply bypass the weird hiccups of their sprawling world by teleporting myself to Dogmeat via console command. Only HALF felt like that broke my “no fast travel” oath which I’m really happy I took up.

  49. Wobsey says:

    I just polished off Kingdoms of Amalur after 75+ hours of play over the past two years. By which I mean I still have about 287 side quests to finish. That game is a real nightmare for the OCD set. But it is good fun.

  50. csbear says:

    After watching Star Wars this afternoon, I will be juggling Underrail, Witcher 3, Serpent in the Staglands (thanks Richard!), and Age of Decadence… somehow. Really enjoying all these immensely.

    I also want to get to Divinity:OS EE, Wasteland 2, PoE, Shadowrun: DF, and… ahhhhhh! CRPG overload! That’s OK, at least I won’t have to purchase anything for quite some time.

    • csbear says:

      Did I mention that Witcher 3 is one of the bestest video games ever made?