Gears Of War Remake & Killer Instinct Coming Soon-ish

Remember when Windows 10 was coming up and Microsoft were all excited about PC gaming again and announced they were bringing the Gears of War remake and new Killer Instinct to PC? And how they didn’t have much to say about the ports then in June, and haven’t had much more to say about them since? Oh Ian Microsoft, you and your fickle love! Love us, Ian. Why don’t you love us? Ian, please. But wait! One of Ian’s mates has now said we should probably expect them early-ish in 2016.

Of course, Ian couldn’t tell us this straight-up. Heaven forbid he let us know what he’s thinking. No, no, let’s wonder and dream and keep our ears to the ground for gossip then, heck, just ask your mates. Sure Ian, no worries.

Over the weekend on the ole Twiteroos, someone asked Ian’s pal (and Xbox head honch) Phil Spencer when we might see the two games. His response: “Haven’t announced dates yet but won’t be too far into 2016.”

If you’ve got a fresh new 2016 calendar already and are starting to plan your year, er, as a placeholder maybe soak the first three or four months in blood? I’m relieved to have musclesoldier news to to tell my nan at Christmas dinner (Marcus Fenix is “such a nice boy”, she says).


  1. MeestaNob says:

    I’d like to believe the PC is beyond feeling the need to wait for it’s eternal abusive spouse Microsoft to offer up scraps in the form of a moderate remake of 10 year old game and a free-to-play 2D fighter.

    There’s literally a thousand other games that are worth playing rather than waiting for Microsoft to show a token acknowledgement of gamers outside of it’s Xbone ecosystem.

    • Steven Hutton says:

      Killer Instinct is really good though…

      • Baines says:

        Iron Galaxy is developing the PC version.

        It took Iron Galaxy over a year to fix a game crashing issue in the PC version of Divekick. Every few months there would be the promise of a fix. Then the fix was being rolled into some future undefined and undated bigger content update, which eventually was revealed to be the Nidhogg fencer.

  2. Arithon says:

    I’d setting for the original release patched to remove
    Games for Windows Live
    so we can run the copy we already bought.
    A steam key (of the original) to all registered owners of GOW on GFWL would be a fair apology.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    No news on Halo Wars 2?

  4. Turkey says:

    Gears of War? Seriously?