Gibbing All The Way With Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Pedestrian-gibbing racer Carmageddon: Reincarnation [official site] may have launched out of Early Access in May, but developers Stainless kept on patching and updating away. Following two big patches considerably boosting performance, they’ve now dropped another adding two new cars, a new way to wreck cars, and other odds and ends for Chrimbo. Heinz Faust has returned once more with a new terrifying vehicle on tank tracks, the Blitzkrieger, as you can see in this here video:

Aye, I bet that can crush the heck out of stuff. Stainless say that to add it, they “had to add support for vehicles which had more than 4 wheels plus support for tank tracks”, which will handily also let modders add fancier, wheelier (or trackier), deadlier, vehicles of their own.

Check all that’s in the update over here but wait, don’t miss the bit about new ways to destroy cars!

“Any damage that causes whole body deformation – things like the damage you get from Mines, Slaughter Mortar, Mine Shitting Ability and Earthquake Bomb – now includes a chance for a chassis twist! It can even happen through extreme damage, such as falling off a very tall building or very high speed impacts. Whilst fiddling in this area, we also made the Earthquake Bomb do more mine-like damage. Smashing!”

Carmageddon: Reincarnation is half-price in the Steam sale, down to £9.99.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    That is some nice damage modelling on those tracks.

    The chassis twist thing makes me think of awesome classic 1NSANE, where a solid thump off a cliff could leave you driving a banana, with all the exciting handling that entailed (and probably the best force-feedback road feel I’ve ever got from an arcadey racer).

    • Zach Fett says:

      Was 1NSANE 2 very good? It’s the only one on Steam and it’s currently on sale. Been considering it for a while. I haven’t played the original in like.. well years and years and years. So I’d basically be going into the sequel with an open mind, I won’t be putting it against the original.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        You might also want to try beamNG or something like that, it has some impressive tech behind and it should currently be very very cheap.

        • Zach Fett says:

          Yeah I’ve had and Next Car Game: Wreckfest in my wishlist for a while, they both just haven’t dropped to a price I’m comfortable with yet!

      • yhancik says:

        Surely not as good as it could have been if they had named it 2NSANE

    • roothorick says:

      Don’t forget about Wreckfest, Bugbear’s magnum opus. They let you drive a banana too. In fact, the cars take way more abuse than they probably should and keep going — probably deliberate, to show off their unique from-scratch damage system.

      Fair warning: while it borrows heavily from FlatOut gameplay-wise, it’s not a true spiritual successor and takes itself a little more seriously.

  2. Skeletor68 says:

    Sounds like it might be time to dip in soon then! Didn’t sound like my laptop could handle previous performance issues.

  3. TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

    Does this thing still requires a liquid nitrogen cooled CPU and a Titan X quad-sli for some reason?

    • Paul says:

      No! It runs amazingly well now on my 970 and looks much better than before. They launched it too early, if they launched after Update 2, reviews would be stellar.

  4. Kefren says:

    The way people seem to explode (into monochrome red paint) at the slightest touch is very silly.

    • Spacewalk says:

      Carmageddon always made me laugh and this video doesn’t disappoint. I guess they’ll be picking up another sale sometime before the year is through.

    • Kollega says:

      I honestly thought after watching the trailer that I would be more interested if the game wasn’t all relentless-action-and-gratuitous-bloodshed 100% of the time. Even if given the series’ history, those two things are pretty much the point. Then I went to look up the unedited gameplay, and from that the problem seems less the action-and-bloodshed (the latter honestly looks more like a token homage to the series’ roots than the focus of the game) and more that the level design is markedly artificial, diluting a lot of potential awesomeness.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I suspect that’s very intentional to keep the tone comical enough that mowing down whole streets of pedestrians in one powerslide is funny rather than uncomfortable, as their crumpled bodies roll over your bonnet and lie in the road behind you, twisted and bruised in unnatural shapes, horrified friends and family huddled over them.

      • thelastpointer says:

        Yeah, I remember the devs of Overgrowth saying that they changed characters from humans to silly animals because the detailed damage model they had was sickening with realistically behaving human bodies.

  5. Zach Fett says:

    Man, this looks great, especially Blitzkrieger! Haven’t played in a few months, since the big ol’ optimization patch, so I’ll have to re-install and check out what’s new. Such a fun game, even when it was poorly optimized I had a blast just ignoring the race/mission/etc. and roaming around the big maps, causing havoc and running over civilians.

  6. SomeDuder says:

    Anyone currently playing this? Are the performance fixes actually performing?

    • Ingall says:

      It’s a vast improvement for me since the last time I played (which was a while ago so there may have been other updates that have slowly made improvements that I am unaware of). It was basically unplayable, and now it plays well. I have a very old and underpowered PC and it ran just fine (I think it may have automagically picked relatively low settings though) . I’m sure a shiny new supercomputer will have no problems.

      • SomeDuder says:

        Sounds good. Got fond memories of the very first one, so I might get this when it gets its heavy discount.

        Performance issues have plagued this game since the start of early access, so I was wondering about that. Thanks!

    • lokimotive says:

      I uninstalled it and intending to never looked back because of the performance issues, but I’ve since gotten a new computer and reinstalled it. It works fine now, but I can’t really speak to the improvements. However, I will say that the loading times are still incredibly slow. That’s probably the most annoying part for me, because it’s game that I just want to pick up and play for a little bit, but it takes forever to load.

  7. Bobtree says:

    Every crash sounds identical.