The Seventh RPS Christmas Cracker

***** The RPS team are currently in their winter hibernation state and will return on 4th January. In the meantime we didn’t want you to think we’d forgotten about you or the supporter program so we have hand-crafted a selection of the Bestest Best RPS Cracker Jokes. It’s also our way of giving you the “reveal” moment that we had to take out of this year’s advent calendar. We’ve made these posts open to all. Whether you celebrate or not we hope they raise a smile. Love, RPS xxx *****

Q: What do you call a dog who helps you with your Christmas presents?

A: PaRappa the Wrapper


  1. N'Al says:

    A Playstation game referenced on a PC gaming site, that’s the joke, right? RIGHT?

    • Fnord73 says:

      Lol, in the postmodern definition, a Playstation is a Personal COmputer, insofar as it is now a machine that computes your personal stream of signas for you.

      So there, the end to the PC vs. Console wars. :-)

  2. Dorga says:

    Every time i die a little

  3. MrDusk says:

    It’s gotten to the stage where I have finally created an account here, after simply reading for years, just to air my grievances about a post. I hope you are happy.

  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I don’t get this one.. but I’m probably better off for it anyway. ;o)

  5. GWOP says:

    RPS must be hemorrhaging readers by now.

    • Premium User Badge

      kfix says:

      No shortage of miserablist commentors though, thank dog.

      • GWOP says:

        (My tongue was firmly on my cheek when I read that.)

        • GWOP says:

          (*wrote that)

          • Premium User Badge

            kfix says:

            Sorry I missed where your tongue was (*in), these puns are dulling my senses….

            Merry Christmas :-)

          • Premium User Badge

            Don Reba says:

            Sorry I missed where your tongue was (*in), these puns are dulling my senses….

            Wait, whose cheek was that tongue in?

  6. zxcasdqwecat says:

    I mustn’t look away. I mustn’t look away.

  7. Lycan says:

    Either the quality is dropping, or the novelty is wearing off – I really liked the 4K resolution and Lego Harry Potter ones, but the recent ones haven’t been great…

  8. Anthile says:

    Maybe I deserve this.

  9. Freud says:

    I figured the answer would be a boxer.

  10. Synesthesia says:

    Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!

  11. MrFinnishDude says:

    that pun gave me internal hemorrhage

  12. Vandelay says:

    Wait, they are doing 12 days of these aren’t? We have another 5 more jokes to suffer through!