The PC Games Of 2016

The best PC games of 2016 are a long way from decided, but what are the contenders? We’ve raked the internet in pursuit of the games due to be released over the next 12 months and assembled them into this handy list, which includes links to our preview coverage, release dates and other helpful details. If you’re searching for something to look forward to in the new year, read on.

Games are eligible for the list regardless of the type of release due, which means we’ve included games which are coming to early access over the next 365 days as well as those planning to celebrate their final versions. The list is split into categories, and these links will take you to each of them:

Action games
Adventure games
Driving and Racing games
Exploration games
Fighting games
Puzzle games
Simulation and space games
Strategy games
Survival games

The list currently contains 308 games and we’ve excluded hundreds we think look like guff. We’ve probably also failed to remember or find some great looking games too, however. What PC games are you looking forward to in 2016? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll update this list throughout the year so its information and excited descriptions are always up to date.

Article by Matthew Cox and Joe Donnelly.


  1. Arkayjiya says:

    Thanks a lot for this list, it reminded me everything I’m excited for in the next year. 2015 was not a big year for me (Life is Strange, Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity mostly, although I’m going to try Undertale) but next year I don’t even know where to start:

    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Dark Souls 3
    Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst
    Dishonored 2
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    Torment: Tides of Numenera
    Hyper Light Drifter
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    Squadron 42

    And that’s excluding all the adventure games I just read about in your section that are looking amazing (Oxenfree, Californium…)

  2. SuicideKing says:

    Note to RPS: It’s probably a better idea to call 19th Century India Hindustan rather than Bharat, as Bharat is the official post-independence name, and is more of a 20th century thing.

  3. Kirgen says:

    Note: Planets3 (cubed) is no longer called that, nor is the website correct and instead redirects to the new site

  4. ExitDose says:

    The strategy list looks really good. The RPG crop is fantastic, even with Godeater’s absence.

  5. kud13 says:

    Spellforce 3: 3 playable races, 4 unique units… “more complicated than SF1”

    SF 1 had SIX playable races (3 Light and 3 Dark)–each with its own stockpiles of… (wood, stone, iron, food, moonsilver, Arya, Lenya)…. SEVEN resources (and the Light and Dark could not be combined into a single army- they’d start killing each other), and each race had a roster of EIGHT units.

    “More compicated than SF1”— DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!!

    Also- can’t wait for new Cossacks.

  6. Loimographia says:

    I think Steamworld Heist isn’t really a platformer, it’s more 2D turn-based tactical stuff like Shadowrun Returns and its brethren. I just bought it on my 2DS and can confirm it’s pretty snazzy and super approachable for strategy newbies like me. It has that ‘just one more mission’ itch to scratch.

    Also, is Banner Saga 2 actually Q4 2016? I know they originally said ‘Winter 2015’ and thought it only got pushed back to like Spring; is there news it was pushed back that far? I’m gonna be a bit heartbroken if it was.

    BS1, Dishonored and Mass Effect are probably my top played games on Steam in terms of Hours Played, so I’m super pumped that they’re all getting sequels this year. Someone else mentioned Agatha Christie’s ABC Murders as a game and I’m gonna be all over that because she’s probably my favorite author ever because I’m secretly a little old lady at heart. And WoW: Legion because even though I’ve canceled my account for now, it’ll be nice to resub and catch up with old friends before post launch entropy kicks in and they all unsub again. All in all, 2015 was a great year for games; I just hope the hype for 2016 doesn’t lead to general disappointment in 2015’s wake.

  7. RizaAn says:

    You guys should check out Paragon. It’s a PC game coming in 2016. There are plenty of games coming from android, ios to pc and ps4.

  8. RizaAn says:

    You guys should check out Paragon. It’s a PC game coming in 2016. There are plenty of games coming from android, ios to pc and ps4.
    mobile game tips and strategy guides

  9. Koobazaur says:

    Can I request addition of Karaski: What Goes Up? It’s coming out in February, the short spiel is:

    The Glorious Commonwealth’s first Airship has been compromised! Who is the saboteur? Who can be saved? Uncover what the passengers are hiding and write the grisly conclusion of its final hours in a Single-player and Open-ended Adventure. Dziękujemy!

  10. Virake says:

    Tarkov, huh? well, let’s just pretend we don’t know what inspired it.

  11. melanie43 says:


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  13. Hamses says:

    Dear RPS, You’re linking to the games of 2015 post in the global header. You probably meant to link to this 2016 series of posts.

  14. fco says:

    of the games not shown, I’m most looking forward (and think would be great additions to the list) to:
    -Sethian: a puzzle game based around slowly learning a made up alien language.
    -Thimbleweed Park: Ron Gilbert return to full on point & click adventuring.
    -Headlander: Double Fine’s take on metroidvania.
    -Obduction: mhh.. maybe asking for RPS to add a Myst spiritual successor by their own creators to is most anticipated list its a stretch, but still…

  15. Anonymous says:

    An awesome 4x strategy game I’ve been beta testing is also going to be released in 2016. As an avid board game player, it really brings the things that I love with board games to life, like espionage, back-stabbing, and great online support. Think “Twilight Imperium” meets “Endless Space”. Here’s their page, I hope this game gets some attention because it would be awesome to have a strategy game with a strong multiplayer presence.

    link to

    • lisce says:

      Goddammit. SHARDLIGHT! I’m not very good at posting links…

  16. Curled Woofy says:

    Surprised to see that Shardlight is missing, considering the very positive reviews for the last two Wadject Eyes Games Games on RPS.

    • Curled Woofy says:

      Oops, should have checked the second page of comments too. Oh well…