Sleeping Dogs F2P Spin-Off Triad Wars Closing

Sleeping Dogs is a pretty fun open-world murder simulator, sending an undercover cop punching and kicking and sticking-heads-in-fansing around the Hong Kong underworld (have you played it?), but its follow-up was not really the game expected or wanted. Triad Wars [official site] took the city into a free-to-play online thingy, played solo but with asynchronous multiplayer where you build an empire while interfering with AI-controlled representations of other players’ operations. It was not e.g. Sleeping Dogs 2. Soon it’ll be nothing, as it’s shutting down later this month without even leaving beta.

Developers United Front Games actually announced the closure last month, but at a time after we here had turned off the lights for the Christmas holiday and were already sneaking swigs from the cooking brandy. They explained the scrapping:

“Since the start of the Triad Wars Closed Beta this year, diligent Enforcers have run rampant through the streets of Hong Kong, killing rivals and building Empires. During this time we have gathered immense amounts of feedback, information, and data on the game. We’ve loved seeing how you’ve played Triad Wars but we know it wasn’t right for many of you so we’re letting you know today that we are going to close the beta and service on January 20th 2016 at 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.”

That “we know it wasn’t right for many of you” is a gentle, resigned way of saying “you didn’t like it,” I think, and makes me feel for the person who wrote that. Bless.

Anyway, another forum post declares “There will be some super exciting announcements coming in the New Year” from United Front. Maybe that’s something more right for many of us e.g. Sleeping Dogs 2.

If you, like me, never really understood what Triad Wars even was, this dev livestream from early December may illuminate things a little:


  1. PoulWrist says:

    I’d love a Sleeping Dogs 2. I loved the setting of the game and the focus on melee combat over the chaotic and uncontrollable gunplay of GTA.

  2. MeestaNob says:

    Free advice for United Front: Just make Sleeping Dogs 2.

    • Turkey says:

      I doubt they were or are in a position to make a sequel. Triad Wars was probably a compromise with the publisher since Sleeping Dogs didn’t do as well as they’d hoped.

      • DuncUK says:

        However, they are left with many of the building blocks for a triad based game that could be single player. It “just” needs a story line and compelling characters.

        • Shuck says:

          Right – they “only” need to do most of the work still, in other words. Unfortunately.

        • xipheon says:

          Not quite. This game is using leftovers from the original Sleeping Dogs. It’s literally the same map, or at least a small section of it. They have nothing they can use towards the next game because this one was all reused assets.

        • icecreamjones says:

          This was already 90% recycled assets from the first game

  3. Slackar says:

    Not surprised. Played the closed beta for a few hours and uninstalled. It was incredibly bland, grindy, simplistic and lacked even any kind of resemblance of a soul… like most F2Ps really.

  4. Don Reba says:

    Smelly armpit choke hold is the worst.

  5. Chem says:

    If only it wasn’t bogged down by horrid f2p nonsense it sounds like it could have been a legitimately fun game.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Yeah the idea behind it was pretty good. Building a Triad Empire and defending it against encroaching clans could be awesome. The way it was done was not though.