Sky Fortress Ahoy: Just Cause 3’s Patch & DLC Plans

Open-world explore ‘n’ explode ’em up Just Cause 3 [official site] has been out for a month now (it’s pretty great!) and the most exciting news around is surely that a multiplayer mod is coming from the JC2MP folks. All the game’s actual creators, Avalanche Studios, have to talk about is future patches and DLC plans. Pssh. Sure, yeah, I bet your performance boosts are great and all, but I’m far more interested in my PC grinding to a halt trying to render the antics of five dozen parachuting murdermaniacs. Ah! Pssh. Fine. Go on then, Avalanche, speak up.

They said in a dev update yesterday:

“For those of you that are still having some issues with your game, rest assured that we’re working on optimisations, bug fixes, performance enhancements and improvements, and we’ll continue to roll these out as soon as they’re ready, with the next patch expected later in the month. We’re doing everything we can to get to the bottom of all the issues that are reported to us.”

While some folks work away on patching, others are cracking on with the game’s main DLC, three packs themed around land, sea, and air. They say the air pack, named ‘Sky Fortress’, “is nearing completion, and will bring new missions, features and other exciting surprises to the skies of Medici.” The description sounds as generic as DLC can be, but the name does conjure up images of vast murderbases floating in the clouds with bellies full of jets and cannons, which I suppose I would be okay with.

But that JC3MP, eh?


  1. japstersam says:

    I wonder if they will add any FOV adjustment? I really enjoy the game for some casual mayhem, but on any big-ish screen, the FOV is really low, especially when you’re driving cars.

    • fish99 says:

      Yeah the FOV is very low. There is a 3rd party ram-hack fix available but it messes up cutscenes.

      I also had issues with mouse sensitivity being inconsistent across the game, mostly when in vehicles and turrets.

      • onodera says:

        I think it’s intentionally low to simulate the unwieldiness of heavier weaponry. I wonder if it’s different for 1-2-3 weapons as well.

        • fish99 says:

          I don’t think that’s the cause, because as soon I switch to a 360 pad there’s no difference in sensitivity between aiming on foot, and in a vehicle turret. Also when in a car, the vertical sensitivity (but not horizontal) goes really low with a mouse, which again doesn’t happen on a pad.

    • animalsafari says:

      There is a 3rd party tool that lets you adjust the FOV in real time via a slider: link to

      Works great, I use it at around 63 degrees.

  2. Tycow says:

    I’d settle for getting past the intro screen without a crash to desktop… :(

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Weirdly, I had no problems playing it last week on my R9 290, up until that card died, but now the replacement (otherwise identical) card ends with a blue screen every time I try to play.

    • Hidoshi says:

      I had the same problem, until I allocated more memory to my drive that runs Just Cause