Battlefield Hardline Getaway DLC Legging It This Month

“Do people even still play Hardline?” I wondered, having seen EA announce a release date for the third lump of Battlefield: Hardline [official site] DLC. “I thought everyone stuck with to Battlefield 4.” So I checked and yep, they mostly have: Hardline’s PC playercount is less than 10% of the older BF4’s. But hey, if you’re one of those 2,000-odd folks playing murdercops and robbers right now, you might be glad to hear that ‘Getaway’ pack is coming this month with new maps and vehicles and weapons and things. Even if not, you might still enjoy watching the getaway in its slick trailer:

Not bad that, is it? I like the cars and the explosions, and the bit with the really big doors. Those doors and tunnels are from the map ‘Diversion’, which is set deep underground in the fictional Houston Flood Diversion Center – a fine structure to poke around in! Another map rolls along the coast of central California, big trees and all, which is grand. Along with another two maps, Getaway brings a new mode that’s basically CTF with bags of swag, new cars, a new gadget, and new weapons including a one-hit-kill fire axe. Here, you can read about it all on the DLC’s page.

Getaway arrives for DLC season pass holders (or Premium Members, to use EA’s wanky terminology) next Tuesday, January 12th, then will be sold separately from January 26th. Splintering an already-small playerbase seems foolish to me but hey, EA made daft promises of dickish staggered releases, so I guess everyone’s stuck with them.

Say, are you a Hardliner? What do you dig about it? Or, if you’re someone tried Hardline but stuck with BF4, what was the issue?


  1. Maxheadroom says:

    Player stats are fun. Did you know somewhere there’s still 175 people playing X-Rebirth?

    link to

  2. Chaz says:

    They should have gone for a 70’s cop film vibe, like the French Connection or Dirty Harry. Tooling up with a .44 Magnum, dressing your character in a plaid jacket, flares, platform shoes and then cruising around in one of those big boat like American cars, would have been cool.

  3. GemFire81 says:

    The only game worse than this pile of crap rip off of Battlefield is Battlefront. Nothing like seeing 18 different games made using the same game engine. You would think when all they are doing is reskinning games and then making them more casual that these games would get a sale price of about 10 bucks instead they are 59.99 + the dlc price. You’re NOT making a new game you greedy assholes!