CS:GO Gives Everyone Nice New Gloves

Hey, if I’m gonna spend hundreds of hours staring at some dude’s hands, I want to be sure they’re safe and warm. Are you okay, Johnny Counter-Strike? Are you looking after yourself? I know De_Dust gets cold at nights. Recognising that the worst of the winter is yet to come, Valve have kindly outfitted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [official site] characters with new gloves and sleeves to keep them nice and warm.

The blog post announcing these new hand-protectors also mentions that over 10 million unique players are now playing CS:GO each month. That is a lot of mittens to knit. You might ask “Gloves for Christmas? That’s so boring! How about sexy lingerie?” but I’m afraid I cannot help you. Maybe no one can.

Really, though, as the arms (and guns) are sort of our avatars in FPSs, I am always unreasonably excited to see them made-over. What do your gloves say about you? Here, have a look (click for bigger):

As for the gloves themselves, I wish Pip were around for a serious Style Breakdown. Gloves are often neglected as part of an outfit, but they can really set it off. I can see the black tactical gloves making it to avant garde fringes, paired with lots of dramatic black and leather (another short-lived goth ninja spin-off, maybe? SWAT goth?), and that final pair definitely belong on the manicured hands of a charming yet sinister terrorist named Hans. When he finally takes those gloves off, at the climax of the film, you should be worried.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    Glove and love? Oh my.

  2. Mortivore says:

    Glove skins incoming.
    ETA: Next patch content patch, right in time for the new operation.

  3. int says:

    Maybe they could also let us, I don’t know, decide our player character’s look instead of just randomizing? Like you could in CS and CS:S.

    I hope this is the harbinger of player customization. More balaclavas I say! This is serious mum!

    • purex. says:

      They are not randomized, each map has its setting and set of Ts and CTs that fit the “story”.

  4. MirzaGhalib says:

    “You might ask ‘Gloves for Christmas? That’s so boring! How about sexy lingerie?’ but I’m afraid I cannot help you. Maybe no one can.”

    Hahahahahaha! I love you guys at RPS so much right now.

  5. Slackar says:

    Mmmm, those are some sexy gloves.

  6. navyknight says:

    I have those gloves in black. Punching things with them is fun for me, not so much fun for what I’m punching.