Tiger Shark Biting Into Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Soon

The aquatic latest expansion for Don’t Starve [official site] launched into Early Access in December and has picked up a few patches along the way, but what’s the grand plan for Shipwrecked? What’s coming next? Another biome, new characters, balance tweaks, and extra bosses including the Tiger Shark, according to creators Klei. They’ve shared more of their plans for Shipwrecked and its path to a proper launch, see. Knowing them, I bet that Tiger Shark is a bit more feline and horrendous than actual tiger sharks.

The plan is for updates adding new things every 3 weeks or so, with the next coming mid-January and the last at the end of February, followed by a patch dedicated to fixing bugs and balance. What sort of new things? They mention adding another the Tiger Shark and another two yet-unnamed bosses, three new player characters, another biome, more set pieces and decorative bits for the world, and the ability to move between regular Don’t Starve worlds and Shipwrecked’s archipelagos through portals.

Fixing balance is huge too, and Klei tell players “Your feedback on these new systems is worth its weight in gold (how much does text on the internet weigh?) when we adjust the tuning of systems as it allows us to make much more informed decisions than we would otherwise be able to make.” Right now, they say they’re “still actively looking at the balance of key points like volcano eruptions, sharx, floods and poison.”

If you’ve been playing Shipwrecked, how’ve you been finding the new tropical world of boats and aquatic antics? How does it feel having an expansion coming from someone other than Klei (Capy are behind Shipwrecked)?


  1. tehfish says:

    Been playing this a fair bit lately and loving it.

    The only real bugbear i’ve had with it so far is the new poison mechanic. Primarily because it’s quite devastating, quite easy to get effected by early in the game, the cure requires reasonably hard to find ingredients and a science machine to craft plus the poison effect is *permanent* without the cure…

    I think all it needs to balance it is for it to wear off or lessen it’s effects over (a reasonably long) time, so it is possible just to ‘tank’ through it if you don’t yet have the means to craft the cure.

  2. noizy says:

    Have they said if the price will remain at 5$ after it leaves early access? Seems pretty cheap.

  3. Grover says:

    “What sort of new things?”

    How about a SAVE STATES option for the love of Gaben. Ain’t nobody got time for permadeath. Let normal people have saves and rogue-like masochists enjoy the game as it was.

    • tehfish says:

      Quick tip if you don’t like permadeath: alt-f4 force-close the game if you die. If you’re not extremely slow the save doesn’t delete and you can start again from the last save. (usually the autosave just after sunrise each day)

  4. Angstsmurf says:

    I don’t know why I enjoy this so much more than the plain vanilla game. Is the difficulty higher? I certainly die a lot more early on, but it is as if the permadeath prevents it from becoming tedious and boring, rather than the other way around. Having to restart in a totally different world every time you do something stupid keeps it fresh.