Have A Fiddle With These Lovely Diddy Planets

We’ve delighted before at the little world generators and scene builders of Oskar Stålberg, building diddy little tenements, cities, and archipelagos. His latest goes even bigger, building pretty little planets in the tool appropriately named Planet. It’ll run in your browser, giving you a diddy hex-based planet to morph and build upon, with clicks raising and lowering the world, spreading trees and towns and ice. What fun!

Simply load the page up and it’ll give you a planet you can gawp at, the cosmos swirling behind it. Click to raise terrain and plop down different types of tile, but do also have a look at the different brush sizes to do clever things with shaping the terrain. Heck, I was pleased discovering simple things like spontaneous bridges. And how zooming out to a distant view will cast a shadow of night over half the planet, lights in homes flicking on as they spin into the darkness. Charming!

You can play with Planet in your browser or download a desktop version.

“In a way,” Stålberg said of his older Brick Block in issue 3 of Vertex, “a web demo like this is simply a mischievous way to trick people into looking at your art longer than they otherwise would.” I heartily approve, you little scamp.


  1. SamLR says:

    I really want a way of running this as my desktop wallpaper & screen saver…

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Seems the feature was removed from Windows… I assume because of security. :(

      link to answers.microsoft.com

    • Phase- says:

      You can do it in a roundabout way kinda that is very expensive if you don’t have an unlimited internet plan. You can set up a livestream of this on your pc and then use the html screen saver to have it play the livestream as your screen saver. This is literally the most roundabout, overly engineered and demanding way to do this.

      link to myweb.tiscali.co.uk

  2. iainl says:

    This is lovely. Like building my own Civ V level, without all the boring bits.

  3. FreeTom says:

    I recommend not clicking on the web version unless you’re using your proper games PC. I just tried to give it a look on my work laptop (during my lunch break, productivity fans) and it locked up the whole desktop for about two minutes.

  4. GenBanks says:

    Very cool. I wish there were little people on the planet to mess around with as well.

  5. Angstsmurf says:

    Very cool indeed. Only works in Firefox on this Mac.

  6. Bernt01 says:

    Amazing, lots of stories begins to take form in my head , when i’m constructing my own planet..

  7. daniangione says:

    I really like this… I made a Medieval Coruscant just for fun :3

    link to imgur.com

  8. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Reminds me a bit of Carcassonne because they’re simple tiles which match and fit quite well. Lovely thing.