Medieval II: Total War Collection Comes To Mac & Linux

Medieval II: Total War is coming to Mac and Linux, nine years after first arriving on Windows. The port is being handled by Feral Interactive and will be released on Thursday January 14th. The pack includes both the base game and its expansion, Kingdoms.

Here’s a trailer:

Our own Rob Zacny recently ranked every Total War game released in order from best to worst, and Medieval didn’t fare so well, coming in 7th place in a list of 9 games. Rob wrote that:

While it may be a better game than Rome, it’s not memorable like Rome. Rome is a tragic hero, fatally flawed and hugely ambitious. Medieval 2 is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

As many people took to the comments to say however, Medieval 2 was transformed by its mods. The Stainless Steel mod for Medieval II: Kingdoms is still often considered better than any of the official games as a result of its various additions and AI improvements, and Third Age remakes Total War as a Lord of the Rings game where you can play as humans, dwarves, elves, orcs and more.

Unfortunately for those of you who already own the Windows version, it looks as if you’ll have to buy it a second time to get it on the newly supported operating systems. Good news! It’s a Steam Play title, which means if you already own the game for Windows, you’ll be able to play it on Mac and Linux for no extra charge. If you do want to buy it though, Medieval II: Total War Collection costs £18.99/$24.99/€22.99. The base game and expansion will also be sold separately for £14.99/$19.99/€19.99 and £8.99/$11.99/€11.99 respectively.


  1. nearly says:

    No word on Steamplay? I can’t imagine many people being willing to rebuy a game that old, but maybe they think there are enough new potential players to make it worthwhile (I somehow doubt that’s possible)

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      Just received an update from the developer and amended the story: it’s a Steam Play title, so if you own it on Windows already, you can play it on Mac and Linux.

      • seamoss says:

        As a long-time (and long-suffering…) Linux gamer, this is obviously welcome news. The only misgiving I have is that I wish the publisher had waited for this game to be released on Linux prior to bundling the game in Humble Bundles (at least a couple in the last few months). Because of Steamplay, most folks will already have these games available on Linux and the porting company (Feral Interactive) won’t get too many sales.

  2. eocar89 says:

    Still the best Total War game, together with the first Rome.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    The demo was acting up on my system (Win 7 x64), so some caution required, I suppose.

  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Whoo! Already have it on my bootcamp, but considering disk space allocation and such, this is quite splendid indeed.

  5. fantodant says:

    I know it doesn’t get a lot of love in the scheme of things these days, but this is still my favorite TW game. The original Rome blew my mind the first time I played it, but this, especially with bug-killing and game-expanding mods like the aforementioned Stainless Steel, was just so damn good. The medieval era in Europe/North Africa/the Near East remains by far the best-suited time period for a TW game. Shogun 2 with its expansions was totally awesome, but it always suffered a bit from a lack of unit diversity. Not a problem with Medieval 2!

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Second this. Shogun (the first one) was an excellent introduction to Total War but Medieval was where the whole thing shone like a gem. The new strategy map was an excellent addition to Rome but again it took Medieval 2 for it to truly shine. I wonder if we’ll see a Medieval 3 with all the Rome 2/Shogun 2 shininess any time soon.

      Call of Warhammer (aka Rage of the Dark Gods) mod is also a very good thing™.