Bughunt: The Witcher 3 Rolls Out Patch 1.12

The Witcher 3 [official site] is jetting off to Toussaint with its second expansion this year, but it’s always important to tidy up before you go on holiday. Awfully grim to come home to mess and clutter. Spending your first night back in an unmade, sweaty bed is a miserable end to things. So developers CD Projekt RED have put together another patch for TW3 and its first expansion, Heart of Stone, to clear up lots of small but niggling complaints – the equivalent of clearing the fridge of cheese that’ll go bad while you’re away.

Patch 1.12 is now up for download on Steam and GOG. The full changelog is in this here PDF, where you’ll find difficulty tweaks, performance improvements, dragging and dropping to apply repair kits, fixes for quests including the a fix for the Wolf School Gear quest, some unkillable characters being stripped of their accidental immortality.

You know, patch stuff.

Now you’ve had a little time to finish up and reflect, what do you make of Heart of Stone? Are you jazzed for Blood and Wine? I’ve not touched Heart of Stone yet myself because somehow, 75 hours into The Wild Hunt, I still have so much to do. I’ve heard great things about HoS, but I’ll never get anything done and give up entirely if I get another load of tasks to stuff my quest log. Must get cracking on this before Blood and Wine – no firm word yet on when it’ll arrive.


  1. DrPolito says:

    I really loved it. That’s nothing special since I love the Witcher-franchise. Something small I really liked were the sunglasses from the auction, since the “Professor”-character in “The Witcher 1” was someone I really looked forward to killing… So, all the small bonus stuff in it was like perfect spices in a great soup.

  2. PoulWrist says:

    Waiting some more on the whole thing. I guess when I’ve got my hands on one of the new GPUs coming out this summer I’ll give it a go.

  3. djvecchitto says:

    Hearts of Stone is really excellent and, somehow, a step up from the vanilla campaign. Imagine an entire campaign with a story as compelling as the Red Baron quests, except with even higher stakes for Geralt… and with more inventive quests, better boss battles, stronger challenge, etc.

  4. SMGreer says:

    Hearts of Stone is ruddy brilliant. A relatively short set of quests but every one bursting with quality. There’s real craft in the storytelling and challenges, that trumps the majority of full game releases.

  5. Mungrul says:

    Yeah, I liked Hearts of Stone, although the difficulty drove me batty at times as I was playing it on Death March New Game +.
    The characters and quests were great, and it lasted me a good amount of time.
    The new Rune mechanics seemed somewhat pointless however, and I wish someone would be brave enough to release an RPG experience without levelling. I think there’s a market for that.

    • Buggery says:

      Oh! Riddle me this: in your new game + in the main game, around what level were you for Destination: Skellige?

      I just started it at level 50 (it has a recommended level of 46) and there are a couple of pirates that are of the “no level number shown, just a red skull and crossbones” that are absolutely wrecking my shit because I can’t block them for some reason.

    • Christo4 says:

      I really wish as well for an rpg experience without leveling…
      You can find different weapons with different abilties and spells and stuff, but i wish sometimes that there was no leveling in the traditional sense.
      Sometimes imo Dark Souls works very good as such. Even at Sl1 you can finish the game (which i did). Not a lot of RPGs can say that.

  6. USER47 says:

    Hearts of Stone is brilliant expansion. Interesting characters, combination of humour and very serious and creepy story theme…Gameplay wise the new bossfights are interesting, trash fights not so much, but bearable.

    Also, the general creepiness of the Faust inspired story is very well supported by new music motiv.

    • SMGreer says:

      Aye, the new soundtrack is a great part of the DLC. That recurring motif is sinister from the first instant you pass a village hearing children singing it.

  7. kud13 says:

    Heart of Stone was great. Hope this patch FINALLY fixes the bug with “Fool’s Gold” DLC.

    • Buggery says:

      Which bug? As far as I know, the two major bugs (not being able to examine the pigs in the village / not being able to talk to a character in the cave) were fixed a couple patches ago.