Virtual Reality Sneak ‘Em Up Budget Cuts Looks Ace

I’m not sold on virtual reality, but I am certainly interested in hiding in vents and lobbing knives at robots’ faces. That’s Budget Cuts [official site], a first-person stealth game coming to Valve and HTC’s Vive space-sensing cybergoggles. Imagine, if you can, reaching out into a virtual world with your own hands and… dunking a dead robot into a bin. That future is almost here. Observe:

It took me a while to realise, so I’ll point it out in case you haven’t twigged: the teleportation portals aren’t just fancy sneaky tricks, they’re how you get around. Locomotion is an issue VR folks are still wrestling with, especially when VR’s combined with motion controllers (as the Vive is). One solution we’re seeing a bit is ‘point to move’ type stuff, and here that’s pulled into the game world as a portal gun. I’m impressed by how quickly the player reportals at points in the trailer, zipping around.

Anyway, beyond that, I am also into breaking into places and hiding in vents and rifling through drawers and, of course, throwing knives at robots’ faces then dunking them into bins.

Valve’s Chet Faliszek said on Twitter, “If you ever heard me talk about an amazing stealth game on the [Vive], this is it”. Yes, I imagine he does have a soft spot for Vive games, but his enthusiasm does it for me.

Details are scarce right now, but developers Neat Corporation call this video “a very early look” so Budget Cuts is probably a fair way off yet. As for the Vive itself, pre-orders start at the end of February then it’ll launch in April. No word yet on how much the goggles cost.


  1. stevecentra says:

    This looks really cool! I hope it works for non-VR in case the Vive is really expensive… I like stealth games more than I like VR

  2. Synesthesia says:

    Ha! Loved the jab at Oculus at the end. This looks great! Holding out for the vive might work for me after all.

  3. Clavus says:

    Lot of fun VR games coming up, and this one just moved way up in my list. Probably going to grab it once I have the Oculus Touch controllers (was confirmed on /r/oculus that they got in contact for a Touch dev kit).

  4. mukuste says:

    One does wonder what the VR component adds to the experience here. To me VR always seemed to be about being immersed into interesting or beautiful environments, and the environments here seem to be as drab as can be.

    • C0llic says:

      I’d get used to seeing lots of flat shaded, minimal looking VR games. You have to remember the extra GPU horsepower needed for rendering two screens, and barriers to entry might be an issue. There’ll be graphically impressive stuff too I’m sure (valkerie).

      I think it looks very fun myself, but its obvious you’re losing what makes it impressive without the goggles.

  5. Crimsoneer says:


    • Crimsoneer says:

      Having rewatched the trailer, the mention of Occulus Touch support suggests it’s hardly going to be Vive exclusive…