Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human Surfacing Tuesday

The possibly-best part of BioShock is also the best bit of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld: gawping at a drowned city. So huzzah for The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human [official site], a Metroidvania with a submarine diving down into the ruins of our lost world. These ruins are, of course, filled with exotic and terrifying sealife I am quite keen to meet. And soon I shall, as the game’s currently psyching itself up to plunge into the Sea of Releasedness next Tuesday, January 19th. Here, have a look at this trailer:

That’s a lovely place to explore, isn’t it? And those are bosses are wonderfully unpleasant to battle, aren’t they? The game’s set millions of years in the future, long after rising tides had forced humanity into underwater cities then… something bad happened. But what? Poke around and you might find out. Assuming you aren’t eaten by giant sharks, anglerfish, rays, or worm-spitting megaworms.

Headed to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam, Itch, and the Humble Store, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human will cost £6.99/$9.99/€9.99. It’ll launch for a 15% discount for the first week.

The game does have a demo from last year, when it was on Kickstarter, but I imagine a fair bit has changed since then. Probably hold off unless you really, really want to be underwater right now. I understand that urge. Oh, I understand that urge.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    Looks great, I love it when I haven’t heard of a game and they just burst forth in a fully fledged fashion. I will be wish listing this one.

    • eightohnine says:

      Right?! While RPS is great at bringing game gems to my attention that have managed to slip under my radar, I really wish there where a dedicated and tastefully curated source which makes this it’s sole focus.

      No op-eds, no sneak peeks, no-teasing-a-game-with-a-launch-date-the-year-after-next, no reviews, no what-else-is-going-on-in-the-business-thought-pieces – RPS covers all these delightfully well for me – but just straight forward “Ever hear of this game? It is available now!”.

      At one point I thought Venus Patrol would scratch that itch, but then the whole site turned pretty obscure and opaque to the point where I had no idea what was going on anymore. Indeed, what DID happen over at Venus Patrol?

      • davethejuggler says:

        Man i know what you mean with Venus Patrol. I backed that on kickstarter and was really looking forward to it. I admit that i didn’t start going to the site for a while as i forgot all about it, so maybe i missed something explaining how to parse the site in the future? Now it seems to mostly be about putting on and promoting events in the states. What a shame.

        • eightohnine says:

          Just did a quick sweep of the internet regarding the state of Venus Patrol. I found that Brandon Boyer, the creator of VP, was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago. While there’s obviously no details about the current state of his health, this does explain the current inconsistency in signals from the site. Here’s hoping he’ll kick cancers ass.

  2. Kefren says:

    This reminds me of my favourite level of Blood Money (Amiga) – level 2. link to

  3. Nevard says:

    This looks right up my alley… apart from the art style which is some kind of messy mspaint not-quite-pixel art :x
    I usually love sprites but most of the art here just seems… rushed?
    I hope it’s easier to decipher outside of a trailer format.

  4. Zach Fett says:

    Alice is on a roll today with making me aware of games I’ve never heard of and probably would’ve missed. This and The Final Station look excellent!

  5. eightohnine says:

    Had me instantly reminded of Operation Neptune, an edutainment game I used to play as a kid. Minus the “Unidentified obstacle 12 miles ahead. Sub approaching at 4 MPH. Input hours to reach obstacle.”-part.

  6. santouryuu says:

    This looks a lot like Aquaria,though their art styles are quite different.
    i thought aquaria was okay,didn’t really like the arcadey action parts but really liked the design and world setting