Bus Simulator 16 Delayed, Stuck In Traffic

Terrible news, everyone: Bus Simulator 16 [Facebook page] has been delayed and will now arrive on 2 March. I presume at that point three editions of Bus Simulator 16 will arrive at once.

What do you mean I have to write the rest of a news post and can’t just coast on that one joke?

It’s like this isn’t RPS anymore.

As per the press release nestled in my inbox:

“During the game’s final test run however, publisher Astragon Entertainment have discovered some unexpected minor technical complications that sporadically occur on some system configurations. In order to ensure the best possible gaming experience for all players, they have therefore decided to examine the problem in greater detail in effort to eradicate it in time for its full release.”

I would also like to point out that after further investigation the name seems to be erroneous. It’s a bus driver simulator and not a bus simulator. If you were hoping to gain an insight into the psyche of a bus you are going to be very disappointed.

Here’s the teaser trailer to keep you occupied while you wait. Amusingly it leads with the phrase “ON SCHEDULE”


  1. Canadave says:

    The top of the site right now:

    Bus Simulator 16



    Desert Bus VR

    I’d just like to congratulate Mr. Stone on his promotion to Editor-in-Chief, and say that I, for one, welcome our new niche simulator overlords.

    • MrNash says:

      I’m just so happy to live in a world where there are enough bus simulators out at the same time to even allow something like this to happen. =)

      • Llewyn says:

        That’s what deregulation does for you. They’ll all be falling over themselves to arrive first and run cheapest, until the survivor abandons the service you really want six months after driving the others out of business.

  2. TheAngriestHobo says:

    So… what’s with all the bus-related stuff today, guys? Is there some weird holiday I’m not aware of?

  3. Llewyn says:

    I assume this series is as awful as all the other X Simulator… things that aren’t sims in any meaningful sense*?

    *With the exception of ETS2 which also isn’t a sim at all but has redeeming features.

    • Borodin says:

      I don’t know. OMSI wasn’t bad

      But are we to understand that there have been fifteen previous Bus Simulator games? I don’t remember any of them!

      • Llewyn says:

        Sorry, I should have been clear that OMSI definitely wasn’t included in this – I meant all the Removal Truck Simulator and Road Roller Simulator and Muck Spreader Simulator guff. OMSI’s a proper sim as much as things like iRacing are.

        • Synesthesia says:

          I wish there were more of those. A proper taxi simulator would be fucking awesome. Running your peugeot 504 through the streets of buenos aires, circa 1980, at night. I want that!

          • Llewyn says:

            Oh yes, I’d love that, a real high-quality driving (as opposed to racing) sim would be an amazing thing. Which reminds me that I ought to see how CCD is looking these days. And I think it would have to be that era for maximum atmosphere – you could maybe push it to the early 90s if you were setting it in African or Chinese cities I guess, but anything modern would be relatively soulless.

            But while I’d jump at the chance of BA in a 504, Lagos in a Mercedes 240D or Saigon in a Toyota Crown, wouldn’t you personally prefer something a little more exotic? Luton in a Ford Cortina maybe?

          • Synesthesia says:

            all of the above.

  4. Rojas says:

    What a article title!

  5. cannonballsimp says:

    The music on that trailer is hilariously dramatic

    • teije says:

      That whole trailer is mental. Is this actually a parody?

      • April March says:

        I hope so, and I hope that the release trailer is live-action.

  6. hughie522 says:

    I played one of the previous games in the series: Bus Simulator 2012 and it was truly awful. You’d turn a corner and glitch into the kerb, effectively breaking the game. I think you’d be better off with OMSI (which I haven’t played, but it’s meant to be like the European Truck Simulator 2 of Bus Sims :P).

    • Llewyn says:

      OMSI’s a serious sim – it’s the X-Plane or iRacing of bus sims. ETS2’s an enjoyable game – an NFS or a Fuel maybe – but it’s no sim.

      Lots of people like both of them, me included, but I’d be wary of suggesting someone might like one on the basis of liking the other.

      • hughie522 says:

        My bad; Bus Simulator 2012 wanted to be a serious sim, it’s just so badly made I can’t see anyone having the patience for it’s BS :P.

      • alms says:

        ETS2 is certainly a game more than a sim, but you’re doing it a disservice comparing it to any given NfS.

        • kd_ie says:

          Not at all. ETS2 is about the 12th installment in the 18 wheels series (even if not in name), and they only ever improve tiny bits on new releases.
          For example the menus, the engine sounds and all that look and feel almost the same since 1998.
          Don’t get me wrong, this is still the best we have available in the truck sim genre (although Rig N’ Roll did so many things so much better, but failed elsewhere), but the new versions usually feel more like a tiny graphical update and some “DLC” content.
          When it comes to improving things that feel important to me as a simulator fan coming from driving sims and OMSI1/2, I’m basically hoping and waiting for them for a decade now. :)
          For example they just can’t get the feel of the driving down: handling, sounds, the manual stuff in the cabin all feel “blurry” and distant.
          And then comes the driving situations, the roads they design, they are very unimaginative. No exciting traffic scenarios (they could learn from City Car Driving when it comes to traffic simulating), or busy cities, only straight open roads with 90 degree corners.
          The Trucks & Trailers game improved quite a bit on this front, but it was not really included in the main game.
          I know, I’m a niche even in truck simming. :)
          My dream game:
          – OMSI-level detail in simulating the dashboard and the whole truck.
          . Physics and handling could come from a racing sim like rFactor2 or iRacing.
          – The world should be from an AAA open-world game like GTA5 or Watch_Dogs.
          – Narrator from Stanley Parable. :)

          • alms says:

            A sim is not judged on the quality of its menu music, rather mainly on that of its physics: NfS games, AFAICT, never even get anywhere close to the degree of realism of ETS2, because that was never a design goal.

            Physics in ETS2 are far from perfect, but SCS clearly has made ETS2 with realism in mind and keeps making improvements.

            Also it doesn’t make sense asking for physics to be taken from a racing sim because the tire model and vehicle dynamics are completely different. For a truck sim to be realistic, it has to be designed from the ground up to be one.