Puzzle Game: Find The Cucumber

So here’s a short puzzle game based on recent real-life events: Find the cucumber.

That isn’t an innuendo. I lost two slices of cucumber while on a flight and am now accepting solutions to the problem of what happened.

Here are the case details as I recall them:

1. I decided to try to improve my airline experience by making it more like a spa.

2. By which I mean: I took the two slices of cucumber from my in-flight meal salad and decided to use them as an eye mask as I slept.

3. To keep them in place I tucked them into the sleep mask the airline provided.

4. The sleep I got was terrible and I kept waking up and feeling cold wet cucumber against my eyes.

5. Eventually it was breakfast time so my partner woke me up.

6. I got confused and panicked that I couldn’t see and ended up scrabbling at the sleep mask until it eventually pinged backwards over the top of my head.

7. The only thing which stopped it being properly airborne was that the elastic strap was tangled in my hair.

8. I then napped a bit longer.

9. Suddenly I woke. “Where is the cucumber?” I asked of my partner.

10. “You’re having a dream, sweetie – it’s okay,” he said.

11. “No really. Where the hell is the cucumber?”

12. I do not like cucumber. It makes me feel incredibly sick when I eat it so I am certain I had not eaten it.

13. It was not in my blanket, down my bra, or anywhere on our row of seats.

14. There is a significant chance it might have catapulted down the plane.

15. But surely you would make some kind of surprised loud noise if two cucumber slices landed on you out of nowhere on a plane.

16. There was no noise.

So where the hell is the cucumber?


  1. Llewyn says:

    16. There was no noise.

    Really? My perception of planes is that the only time there’s no noise is likely to be sufficiently long after they’ve crashed for all the fires to go out.

    There would have been a noise, you simply didn’t hear it over all the other endless, deafening noise. Case closed.

    PS: That baby you heard screaming all through the descent? Nothing to do with the plane, she simply couldn’t stand cucumber either.

    PPS: Slightly more seriously, it probably landed on someone who was, pre-cucumber, asleep.

  2. X_kot says:

    Check your carry-on. They likely were expecting to be promptly devoured, but after being upgraded to sleep aid, they have decided to escape their perilous situation. Maybe the kind human will take them in; they don’t take much room, nor do they require many amenities. They can grow old together and retire in peace.

  3. Haywardan says:

    You don’t like cucumber. But does your partner?

    I bet he ate them.

  4. Premium User Badge

    johannsebastianbach says:

    12. I do not like cucumber. It makes me feel incredibly sick when I eat it so I am certain I had not eaten it.
    Sooooo … how do you drink your Hendrick’s and Tonic? That seems to be the only relevant question around.

  5. Skabooga says:

    Well, the most computer-gamey answer I can think of is that the cucumber slices entered your body through your eyes while you slept, and are even now parasitically changing your body until one day you wake up to find that you have become a cucumber!

  6. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Maybe your partner was on to something: Maybe the cucumber was a dream the entire time.