American Truck Simulator’s Free Nevada & Arizona DLC

How handy it is to have an American on call! I’ve been phoning Hayden up in the morning (or the middle of his night, whatever), with queries like “What the hell is ‘cilantro’?” and “I’m sorry, but: a FANNY PACK?” It’s also handy to have one write about American Truck Simulator [official site] and spot basical geographical facts like: Las Vegas is definitely not in California.

Developers SCS Software had said that the initial release would only bring Cali, but they’ve now announced that Nevada (home of Las Vegas, don’t you know!) will be available at launch as free DLC, and Arizona will follow free tree.

“We were still not sure about Nevada’s finish-line when the game box packaging design was being finalized, so the boxes sitting on retail shelves will put the spotlight on California, but there is actually more coming your way right out of the gate,” SCS explain. Nevada will be available on launch day as free DLC (in my day we’d call that a patch etc.) then Arizona will follow later. “You will just have to wait for it a little bit longer,” they explain, “this part of the world is still under development.”

They say they have plans to add new areas beyond Arizona but most, “if not all,” of them will be paid DLC. Just how much they add will depend on how well it does.

American Truck Simulator is coming on February 3rd, priced at $20/€20.


  1. Grizzly says:

    So we will be able to drive a desert truck for hope? Yay!

  2. Cyroch says:

    Can’t wait. It will get 2 days of my undivided attention. After that it will have to share it with XCOM2!

  3. Blackcompany says:

    Very eager for this. I hope it does well. Would love to see a day when we can drive across all 50 states and I know the devs would too, as that would mean the game is doing quite well indeed.

    • Mokinokaro says:

      48 states. I doubt they’d do Hawaii and Alaska’s tricky to do without Canada.

      • magogjack says:

        I want Canadian and Mexican DLC – North American Truck Simulator please !

      • jrodman says:

        The European version has ferries. Though Hawaii might get a bit tedious even with them.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Ha-ha! Good old head clouding flu! Yeah, 48 states. And I live over here. Oy.

        • Chaz says:

          Given that large chunks of Europe are still missing from ETS2, I sincerely doubt that’ll ever happen. I still want to drive through France, Spain and Italy.

          • jrodman says:

            Have you tried out the promods? Some dislike them, but I loved them. Some parts of France and much of Spain was still missing last I tried them out, but enough was there to be good.

  4. brucethemoose says:

    Never played this game, is there weather in it?

    If so, the southwest should be fun. The sky just tries to kill you out here:

    link to

    • brucethemoose says:

      I should also mention that it was hot and we were in a drought, like, a day before that.

      • jrodman says:

        The European version had weather, I imagine it will be in here too. Though I haven’t heard anything about “extreme weather” getting added. More like rain sometimes.

        Does northern Texas consider itself part of “the southwest”? I’ve always considered that to mean places like Arizona & New Mexico. Far-west Texas being included wouldn’t surprise me. Or are you just not well-centered in that little home-photo?

        • The Librarian With No Name says:

          Almost all of the Texas panhandle north of Lubbock could easily be considered part of the Southwest. Amarillo especially is the first city along Route 66 where you’ll start to encounter the three major signifiers of the Southwest: vintage neon, turquoise paint, and green chilis showing up on menus that have nothing to do with Tex-Mex.

          It’s easier to see on a topographic map than a political one. The border between the South and the Southwest is the line where it gets too high and dry to grow cotton, for cow-related historical reasons.

  5. Fnord73 says:

    Stil waiting for the combat mod. Mad Max trucks ftw.

  6. Godwhacker says:

    Here’s hoping for ‘Swing State’ DLC that sees you driving Donald Trump through Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida

  7. GWOP says:

    Wait until the autonomous truck update arrives, and all Truck Simulator customers lose their jobs (and in the game) and are locked out of their playing their own games.

    Soon, every time you run the game exe, all ATS will be at that point is virtual trucks driving themselves across virtual landscapes to deliver virtual goods to virtual people. You’ll be rendered naught but a looming Monolith, observing.

  8. Cinek says:

    52 states = 52 paid DLCs.

    • jrodman says:


    • Llewyn says:

      Two things. First, I’m curious what you’re counting as numbers 51 and 52 (memories of New Model Army notwithstanding). Second, that Arizona and Nevada are not paid DLCs is the entire fucking point of the article.

      So you have a maximum of 47 paid DLCs, assuming they’re all individual states rather than wide areas (I’m not paying SCS DLC prices for Rhode Island).

      And seriously, if they were to somehow deliver 47 DLCs’ worth of proper content then why should anyone begrudge them that? Not that I think it would be a sensible use of either their or their customers’ money, but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it.

    • mukuste says:

      Actually it would be kind of great if they incrementally did all states in small DLC bundles like the three mentioned in the article. It would give them a unique chance to create an absolutely huge game world.

    • Unsheep says:

      According to the SCS website (link to, they haven’t actually made the majority of the maps yet, they have only modeled a few of them as I understand it.

      So its an ongoing development. It will probably take a few years before you get all the states, or most of them at least.

      It feels strange simply because the US is one country whereas Euro Truck consisted of many different countries. Getting a Scandinavia DLC did not feel odd in any way in ETS2, however it does feel strange to have an Alaska DLC since the game is called American Truck Simulator…and not Arizona Truck Simulator or East Coast Truck Simulator.

      Unfortunately the pricing model seems to be the same as for most simulators; OMSI 2, Flight Simulator X and Train Simulator 2016 etc. The complete game will end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

      Granted, American Truck Simulator will be much bigger in size than Euro Truck Simulator 2, however considering that the driving physics is very simplistic for a simulation game you are mainly paying for the scenery.

  9. jrodman says:


    I hope they have the other parts of the state too.

  10. Viral Frog says:

    It’s good of them to include Nevada and Arizona for free considering they’re the two most ridiculously boring states to drive through in the entire nation. Seriously. Arizona is slightly prettier than Nevada. But really, all you get to look at is sand in two or three different shades of the same color, with the occasional Joshua Tree.

    • Rindan says:

      Spoken like someone who has not driven through Ohio. Perfectly flat corn fields from horizon to horizon.

      • ritsl says:

        Wow! I have actually driven a truck through California, Nevada, Arizona, and Ohio and I will have to agree that Ohio is the most boring.

        However, if you’re in an area of Nevada or Arizona (or any other southwest state) where you can’t see a mountain or any other object, you can experience a weird trance where you start to feel like you’re either going up or down a hill when you’re actually on flat land. No drugs required.

  11. Unclepauly says:

    I have cousins in Vegas. Yes they are the mafia.