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Ark Survival Evolved Resources, Cooking & Crafting Guide

Which tools to make and how to make them

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Resources At A Glance

Material Farmed From Best Location Best Tool Best Creature
Wood Trees Forests Hatchet Mammoth
Thatch Trees Forests Pick Brontosaurus
Stone Stones, stone piles, rocks Everywhere Hatchet Doedicurus
Flint Stones, stone piles, rocks Everywhere Pick Ankylosaurus
Fibre Plants and grass Grassland Metal Sickle (or hands) Gigantopithecus
Hide All creatures (bar insects and fish) Everywhere Hatchet Sabertooth
Pelt Mammoths, Direwolves, Megaloceros Snow biome Hatchet Direwolf
Chitin Insects, Spiders, Scorpions Swamps and caves Hatchet Sabertooth
Ketatin Creatures with horns and shells Everywhere Hatchet Sabertooth
Metal Golden-seamed rocks, small round stones in rivers Mountains Pick Ankylosaurus
Oil Black, pillar-like rocks Underwater, snow biome Pick N/A
Crystal White crystals Mountains and caves Pick N/A
Obsidian Small black rocks Mountains Pick Doedicurus
Silica Pearls Ocean, underwater caves, snow biome shallows Hands N/A


You won’t just be gathering resources to craft items, however; if you want to survive on the island, you’ll also need to eat. Like any other resource, food must be collected manually – either hand-picked from bushes or, in the case of meat, forcibly removed from your fallen prey. There’s only limited nourishment to be gained from raw ingredients, however, so you’ll want to get cooking in order to create the heartiest, most beneficial meals.


During the early hours of the game, you’ll likely be forced to rely on berries for sustenance. These commonly-found foodstuffs can be handpicked from the bushes found almost everywhere on the island. Most berries (that’s the Amarberry, Azulberry, Mejoberry and Tintoberry) restore 1.5 units to your Food meter and 1 unit to your Water meter.

Stimberries and Narcoberries, however, are slightly different. Narcoberries raise your Torpor by 10 (and will cause you to pass out if you consume too many), while Stimberries have the opposite effect. These berries increase your Stamina by 5 and decrease your Torpor by 10 – at the expense of increasing your thirst by 10. As such, you should avoid using Stimberries and Narcoberries as a regular food source.

Cooked Meat

Berries are great in an emergency (or even as your core diet, provided that you can farm them in significant enough quantities), but seasoned island dwellers will favour Cooked Meat as their food of choice. Each Cooked Meat increases your Food meter by 20 and restores 8 Health. Additionally, it takes far longer to spoil than Raw Meat, especially if stored in a Preserving Bin or Refrigerator.

To produce Cooked Meat, you’ll first need to hunt creatures in order to gather Raw Meat (which, incidentally, will increase your Food meter by 10, but reduce your Health by 5). Next, you’ll need to cook the Raw Meat on either a Campfire or, much later in the game, an Industrial Grill. A Campfire (crafted using 12 Thatch, 1 Flint, 16 Stone and 2 Wood), can cook one piece of Raw Meat roughly every 20 seconds. The resource-hungry Industrial Grill, meanwhile, can produce one piece of Raw Meat every 1.4 seconds.


Although Cooked Meat will likely form the basis of your diet in ARK, it’s far from being the fanciest foodstuff on the island. By following the game’s dozen or so Rockwell Recipes (most frequently found by slaying creatures) you can combine specific ingredients in a Cooking Pot to produce extra-special delicacies. These dishes don’t just decrease your hunger when eaten; they also have unusual, beneficial effects when consumed.

For instance, by combining Water, 20 Tintoberries and 2 Narcotics in a Cooking Pot, you can create Medical Brew which will heal you over time. Meanwhile, a stamina-boosting Energy Brew can be cooked using Water, 20 Azulberries and 2 Stimulants. Some recipes have even odder effects, however; the Shadow Steak Saute, for example, makes you impervious to extreme temperatures and will briefly allow you to see in the dark! If you’re curious, it’s made with Water, 3 Cooked Prime Meat, 20 Mejoberries, 8 Narcotics, 2 Rare Mushrooms, 1 Savoroot and 1 Rockarrot.

Incidentally, these last two ingredients can only be produced by delving into ARK’s surprisingly in-depth farming system and growing them yourself from seeds. We’ll be looking at farming in more detail shortly.

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