Door Kickers 2 Will Release In Early Access This Year

Door Kickers 2 was very briefly announced two weeks ago, but now there’s more information beyond “it exists”. The sequel to top-down breach-and-clear-’em-up is subtitled “Task Force North” and trades urban environments for a military Special Operations team fighting in a fictional “Iraqi-like” country. It’ll be 3D, there’ll be co-op, and it’ll enter Early Access in September or October of this year. More details below.

From the Steam post, it sounds as if it’s maintaining the core concept of directing small units of armed men through combat scenarios, with a reliance on sound tactics to stop you from being struck down. Much else sounds different, including having different kinds of squads to control, access to gadgets such as drones, and the ability to “take advantage of nighttime, darkness or even good old sneaking to surprise the enemy”.

The structure around the game will change too, as it’s now powered by their own 3D engine, will come with modding support including a mission editor, and will have cooperative multiplayer as well as the singleplayer missions and campaign of the original. Competitive multiplayer meanwhile “is still in the books but will make the subject of a separate announcement later this year”. The development team also note that they’re still very early in-development, so it’s likely things will change and the early access release will lack many of these features at launch.

Stealth seems like the most natural extension of what the game included, and hints at the possibility of a more Commandos-like experience. If there are dinghies and the ability to dress up in your enemy’s clothes, I’ll be in heaven. And without that, it still sounds pretty good. Door Kickers was our best tactical game of 2014, after all.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    Heck yeah, looking forward to some co-op tactics.

  2. w0bbl3r says:

    Can’t wait for this, co-op is my fave game mode of all time (when done well), and this game is perfect for it

  3. Sin Vega says:

    Obviously a single screenshot is inconclusive, but it strikes me immediately that this looks like a major graphical upgrade but without fundamentally changing the style of the game. Quite impressive. Optimism am go.

  4. Hobbes says:

    On the wishlist for Doorkickers 2:

    A stronger customisation tree for individual soldiers this time round (as opposed to squad doctrine).

    The ability to tinker and modify guns, with the ability to set multiple custom loadouts on a per soldier basis. This is particularly important because the same rifle might serve multiple purposes depending on the scenario.

    Actual injuries for soldiers during campaigns, with the option to medivac team members (which renders them “out” for the rest of the mission).

    The ability to choose insertion time (but not necessarily insertion conditions, and some missions may have a limited window). Sometimes you may find it beneficial to hit the opponents early in the morning, just before sun up, other times you’ll want to hit them during guard shifts.

    The ability to pre-scout the area and gain intel before starting the mission (gaining pre mission hints and the like) through things like HUMINT, SIGINT and UAV flyover.

    All of that can be built on top of what made Doorkickers 1 great, and give it a really excellent Rainbow 6 feel.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I’m just spitballin’ here, but would it benefit from a grappling hook and a jetpack? Also, would double-jump be a good addition?

      • Distec says:

        Survival crafting elements is what this game def needs tho.

        • Hedgeclipper says:

          And zombies, you can’t really call it a game if it doesn’t have zombies.

          • hungrycookpot says:

            I work full time and have 12 children, I think what it really needs is a way for me to pay more money in-game for levels and equipment, to make it fair for the people who won’t have time to play so we can see all the content too.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      All of that sounds like pointless fluff.

      It would kill the simplicity that made the first one bril.

      Especially the custom gun stuff.

  5. Slackar says:

    Hopefully they fix the transition between the floors. That put me right off the first one.

  6. wodin says:

    I’d ike to WW2 Stalingrad version!

    • Solomon Grundy says:

      Wow, that’d be cool. I’m interested in this game, but have very little interest in modern warfare.