Far Cry Primal Trailer Confirms It’s A Far Cry Game

I don’t know much about Far Cry Primal [official site] beyond its stone age setting, but Adam did recently tell me that you use owls as binoculars in the game. That doesn’t mean you hold them up to your face and place light-refracting lenses in their mouths, but that you can maybe possess or become an owl. I don’t know. There’s a new trailer below though and there’s definitely an owl flying away from a feather-explosion in it.

Exactly 1 minute in for the feather explosion.

I like Ubisoft’s willingness to do silly things with Far Cry – not because of Blood Dragon, but because of the strange and tangential console spin-off, Far Cry Instincts, in which you could turn into animals. I like to think that there’s a BioShock Infinite-like metastory that links all these different interpretations of the same idea, but instead of lighthouses there’s always a man, a bow and arrow, and an infinite supply of necks to pierce.

(This is no bad thing. Bows and arrows are the best weapon and I like Far Cry games a lot.)

Far Cry Primal is being released on February 23rd and I’m not sure I know any more about it after watching the trailer above than I did before. I went to an owl sanctuary in Cornwall once however and all the owls were lying face down on the ground with their wings outstretched. We were told this is because it was so hot and they liked to sunbathe, but I’ve always wondered if it was because actually they longed for someone to use them as a pair of binoculars.

We’ll have more substantive thoughts on Far Cry Primal shortly, but this is all I know about owls.


  1. Lord_Mordja says:

    I’m a fan of the series, but I just don’t give a hoot about this one.

    • frogmanalien says:

      But owl you need is bows (and, presumably arrows).

      (So I hear you say all owl puns are bad – but says whooo?).

      Seriously though, am excited to see a AAA FP game that tries something different – although I can’t believe that no sooner does one come along, but another does too- Wild looks good but seems unlikely to make it to PC – I’d like to say I don’t give a hoot but…

      • BrazilanChap says:

        Well, we all know that the game will be just a carbon copy from nother FC games. It will just be wearing a different skin.

      • Llewyn says:

        I’m somewhat tawny f this is a good move for the series or not.

        That said, you’d have to be a complete twit twoo object to owl puns.

  2. EvilSnake says:

    Rather disappointed they didn’t use a QotSA song for the trailer given its title.

  3. Drew says:

    But… how can they fit a wing-suit into this game?

    • Okami says:

      You need to skin 200 flying squirrels.

    • Drumclem says:

      Tagline is “One man will rise above extinction.” Does that mean that we are going to play a Neanderthal?

      If so, are we really playing a man? And is there a hidden message to this paradox?

      You have two hours.

      • Drumclem says:

        That wasn’t supposed to be a reply but… oh for an edit button.

      • Cinek says:

        Main protagonist looks like a homo sapiens, so… no.

      • jonahcutter says:

        I’m happy enough that they’re keeps humans and dinosaurs separate. A sapien/neanderthal differentiation may be asking a bit too much though.

  4. froz says:

    All I got from this trailer is that this is a game about User Interface and you need to kill it.

  5. seroto9 says:

    Owl be disappointed if the Ubi-Map isn’t a cave painting…

  6. jonfitt says:

    Here’s a linky for those in the US and not in the UK

    I long for games that will just allow you to experience another time and place without magic powers or magic framing.
    One of the things I like about the Ass Creed games is that you can almost imagine being in that place and time, while the game constantly tries to draw you out of it.

    We don’t have time machines, but I think games or interactive entertainment would be the closest thing we could get to experiencing what it was like to walk around a Roman city, or explore the wilderness of the American frontier.

    I see Ubisoft are going for a more Raquel Welch approach with this one.

  7. VisibleMachine says:

    Looks diverse and inclusive.

  8. Laurentius says:

    Well I likeed the idea and was kind of interested in this game. Like, you know playing this survival, sandbox in neolithic age, that’s pretty cool. Now they reveald it will have a story and seeing bits in this trailer all my intrests waned. It looks so stupid, so incredibly stupid and cheesy, I can’t even fathom who greenlit this.

  9. Zenicetus says:

    It looks like there will be (and should be) a lot of melee fighting in this game, not just long-range bow sniping.

    I haven’t played any of the recent Far Cry games, so I’m wondering how this series rates for close combat? Not just sneak up and stab, but full-on melee including maybe group fights. Does the Far Cry series have good melee mechanics already, or is this a fresh start?

    Definitely not a day-one buy for me, but I’ll be interested in the reviews. I’m always drawn to any action/RPG that doesn’t include guns.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Proper melee fighting would be a first, so it’s hard to tell.

    • onodera says:

      FC4 had “sneak up and stab in the neck” for you or “slam with the rifle butt for massive damage” for the enemies.
      From what I’ve seen in the trailers I can say that FC:P will not have greatly improved melee. You will get throwing spears, but most kills are still either ranged or takedowns. I’ve seen no shields or parrying.

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Lets hope they learned something from Shadow Warrior where you have your weapon but unlock moves etc. That game did melee incredibly well, if they can do something close to that, I’ll be up for some “spiked-club” combat for sure.

  10. InfamousPotato says:

    I’m certainly glad they’re going for something different. I hope it works. Anywho, I’ll wait for RPS’ Wot I Think on the matter.

  11. Unsheep says:

    A very cool concept, the game is undoubtedly inspired by survival games, with some Turok and original Far Cry tossed in. Still, this is the kind of innovation the triple-a industry needs.

  12. LennyLeonardo says:

    I feel like this will suffer in comparison to Michael Ancel’s Wild, which is looking incredible, and really should be released on PC (though I’ll play it either way). I guess the similarities are mostly superficial, but still.

    • jonahcutter says:

      Love the setting, but actual gameplay video of the melee combat look really flat and boring so far. Hopefully they put together something more compelling before release.

  13. mukuste says:

    I have little hope that this is more than a skin on top of FC3/4, which have really overstayed whatever welcome they might have had…

    • JuergenDurden says:

      but the towers will be wood… and the binoculars owls… and the bow will be a bow… and the fetchy stuff will be, uhm stone-agey? also MAMMOTHIES! TOTES DIFFERENT!

  14. Donjo says:

    Well this looks stupid! “Tribal drumming” “facepaint” “shaman magic” “mystical connection with nature” “blah blah blah.” (I’ll probably get it of there’s like a dinosaur in it)

  15. manny says:

    Finally something I can fully get behind, hate apex predators challenging my turf.

  16. stoner says:

    Clicked video link. Got message, “This video is not available.”

    I live in the US; is the video country-restricted to the UK?

    • JuergenDurden says:

      just scroll up this very comment section a little….

  17. Smoky_the_Bear says:

    “That doesn’t mean you hold them up to your face and place light-refracting lenses in their mouths”

    What would you be looking into?! Owl arse binoculars would probably not be a selling point tbh.