Rainbow Six Siege Operation Black Ice Operators Leak

Rainbow Six Siege [official site] is a great game, so I am eager for news of how it’ll be expanded in future. Eager enough to not care that these details of its next DLC, Operation Black Ice, are from a leak and therefore unconfirmed and maybe garbage. They look real, they taste real, so let’s give Reddit the benefit of the doubt and say that February 2nd will bring two new Operators called Frost and Buck.

As shared on Reddit by someone with access to a current beta, the images – which you can see below – show the abilities of the pair. Frost can use “a mechanical trap to incapacitate enemies,” while Buck can “toggle an under-barrel shotgun attachment on his main weapon.”

Operators are Siege’s equivalent of classes and so determine what tools and abilities you have during a mission. I like the way they’re referred to in-game by other characters as if their class is their actual name, so that the guy with a sledgehammer is repeatedly called “Sledge” and so on. I like to imagine their first names: Barry Sledge, David Mute, Jimmy Thermite. I do not recall why the SAS operator who carries EMP grenades is called Thatcher but let’s assume his first name is Margaret and not “Mike Baker”.

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game, as I said above, but it’s wrapped up in a dumb structure in which you must play and play and practically grind in order to unlock all the Operators available. Still, its destructive environments make the game fun enough that I’m excited for whatever they add, and a previous leak suggested that Operation Black Ice’s centerpiece would be a new map set on a yacht frozen in pack ice.


  1. McGibs says:

    I approve of badass snow themed canadians.
    Skeleton key seems like a winner. I always wish I had a shotgun for punching murder holes in walls, but then always get outranged when actually using it to fight with.

  2. EhexT says:

    “Rainbow Six Siege is a great game, as I said above, but it’s wrapped up in a dumb structure in which you must play and play and practically grind in order to unlock all the Operators available.”

    No you don’t. Stop doubling down your bullshit games media types. There is no grind. Or at least not in any way that you’ve ever complained about before. It unlocks things faster than ANY other shooter with unlocking things out there. It’s faster than CoD, by far.

    If you complain about the grind in Siege, then why the hell are you not having a stroke from screaming about how bad Blizzard games or Mobas are?

    • EhexT says:

      The only thing in Siege that costs more than what you get in two matches worth of points (not even factoring in all the ways you get extra points on top like the challenges) are the DLC operators.

      And guess what – in other games you would have to pay for those WITH REAL MONEY.

    • TheRaptorFence says:

      You’re right, grind is not a word that should be used in conjunction with Siege. In four hours of gameplay and situations I had unlocked eight out of the twenty operators, more than enough for my core pick on either side. By 20 hours all operators had been unlocked and attachments bought.

      I suppose the DLC could be seen as grindy, but then again it’s free DLC in a AAA game. That’s reason enough to celebrate.

      • pho3nixf1re says:

        WTF?! There are attachment unlocks? (goes off to spend the afternoon playing siege)

    • lucasdigital says:


      I’m absolutely addicted to the game and unlocked all the operators in little over a week. I’must now 80 hours in and wish there was more than weapon skins to earn. Full disclosure: I only just upgraded my weapons attachments because I had’to noticed the navigation cue to click into operator load out.

    • XxBrentos9xX says:

      I understand you disagree with him, but as for the DLC structure, it is grindy, and it is done so to make people play the game longer than they intend. So yes, it is grindy for that reason alone, since the base game I would agree is quite fair with the progression system.

      And no, it does not unlock “faster” than other shooters out there. I guarantee that I could prestige a character in a COD game before unlocking all the base characters in Siege, mainly because one round of siege takes 20-25 minutes, where a COD match takes much less time (usually). It also punishes you heavily for losing since you only get half the points, which is different than a lot of other shooters. Not saying this is a bad thing, merely different.

      The reason I feel it is more grindy than other shooters is simply because you must play about 200 hours to unlock all the DLC characters after unlocking everything else in the entire game, so it just seems… odd. I’m sure a lot of people won’t have this issue but it’s just a bit offputting to me to have to put so much time to get characters, the core part of the game. I understand their decision, and it makes sense, and I also like it more than almost any other marketing scheme out there since you can still pay 10 bucks for all the DLC right off the bat. I played MW2 for probably hundreds of hours, but I had already unlocked most of the fundamental gear of the game a long time ago. Most of the extra stuff was fun cosmetic stuff that didn’t bother me if I never saw/used it. But operators are the main grab of Siege for me, since they change the dynamic of a battle a lot, and I just don’t want to invest so much time simply to try them out.

      Don’t get me wrong though, its a fun ass game. I just disagree that it is not set up for grind with the DLC model.

      • McGibs says:

        A round of siege is like, 3 minutes. At -MOST- there are 5 rounds in a casual game. So at the very maximum, a game of siege takes 15 minutes, and thats if it goes into overtime and each round runs out the clock. Most games are about 5-10 minutes.

        I unlocked all the operators and all the stuff i wanted for their guns in about 40 hours. That’s nothing compared to CoD.

      • Nethlem says:

        The reason I feel it is more grindy than other shooters is simply because you must play about 200 hours to unlock all the DLC characters after unlocking everything else in the entire game, so it just seems… odd.

        200 hours? What? With all Operators and attachments unlocked, I’m currently sitting on 70.000 “points”, that’s enough for 3 out of the 4 new Operators. I’ve played around 100 hours and the majority of stuff i “wanted” i had already unlocked around 20 hours.

        I could now do the math on how few points it actually takes all the vanilla operators, but if you are not picky about your operators you get the first 4 ones for 2000 points. That’s watching the tutorial videos and doing a couple of situations..

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      Stop doubling down your bullshit games commenter types! Banned.

      • TyrelUK says:

        I realise his tone was a bit off but banning him is a bit harsh.

      • noodlescheyenn says:

        Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!

      • arkhansas says:

        I hardly ever do this, but I felt the need to log in for this:

        This guy isn’t wrong. It seems like all the reviewers that saw the cash monies section of Rainbow Six Siege assumed that it was a pay-to-win or else grindfest game and completely wrote it off then didn’t bother to play a few more hours to see how fast things actually unlock. I hate the freemium type games or anything that pretty much needs you to pay money (beyond the entry point) to get ahead and have fun. Siege is definitely not one of those games and I’m not sure how anyone came to that conclusion if they actually played the game for even a few matches.

        • Kenny007 says:

          Agreed. One simply has to ace the tutorials (and watch the 3 1 minute videos) to have enough points to unlock nearly half the roster (if spent evenly across the 5 branches). Not a single online game required.

      • draktok says:

        Wow. If you are honest and you actually banned the guy for that, that’s reason enough that I don’t browse this website anymore. I had to login to create an account to say so. That’s complete BS you think that way to ban someone, especially someone who is right. The game has no grind. Calling unlocks in a game that you can unlock in a match to 3 matches if it’s an expensive OP is nothing. You couldn’t hit level 55 nearly as quickly in CoD to unlock everything there.

      • AdamWest420 says:

        Just made my first account to write about your admin abuse. The guy is right, There isnt a grind, it takes roughly 2 months of on and off casual play to get the stuff free. New update every 2 months = perfect? Instead you throw out terms like grindy to be hipster and appeal to large audience, weither its grindy or not. Someone calls you out on it and you ban them. This is my first and last post i’ll ever make. People like you give reviewers a bad name

  3. BrazilanChap says:

    It *is* grindy. 50k for the two operators? I’ll take me probably two months to gather that sum. “Oh, but i got 986k just playing two weeks”. Well, some people have jobs and only a few hours to play one particular game every week. It isn’t fair to deprive them from operatores when they already bought one fairly expensive game. It *is* grindy and the sole purpose is for them to sell their stupid season pass and the “earn more renown” crap.

    • zxcasdqwecat says:

      Unlocks don’t have anything to do with fps games to begin with.

    • EhexT says:

      “It *is* grindy. 50k for the two operators? I’ll take me probably two months to gather that sum.”
      Congratulations you are exactly the person that BENEFITS from the way they do things. 2 months is how far apart the DLC operators are. You know, the ones that you would have to PAY FOR WITH REAL MONEY in other games?

      Yet Ubisoft specifically prices them so you can get enough in-game money to get the DLC characters, for FREE, if you play casually in the time between releases and they get ridiculous hit-pieces calling it a horrible grind.

      This needs to get into people’s heads, because these are facts: Everything in the base game unlocks much faster than in other shooters with unlocks. That’s a fact. There’s math to prove it but a simple glance at the rewards vs the prices should be more than enough.
      The thing that isn’t ridiculously quick to unlock – is stuff you would have to pay real money for in other games. And you even CAN pay real money for it if you want. This is for-money DLC, like every other game has, only you can ALSO get it without paying real money, and it’s priced so casual players can do so without having to grind. Also fact, incidentally.

      • BrazilanChap says:

        If other games do it worse, it does not make it right. We get so much crap from publishers and developers that when they screw us *a little less* we find it OK. No, it is not ok. It is a expensive game which is selling very well (i believe), from a company known to bullshit their player base and still get away with it. Why don’t they let you unlock the operators quickly? Because they want to make us swallow their stupid micro-crap on top of a expensive game (specially in third world countries like mine, where dollar is high). That’s not OK, even if other games use to screw us harder.

      • Alpha Gamma DingDong says:

        I play about 2hrs every couple of days. I got the game about a month after release. There were a couple of weekends where I played maybe 4-6hrs a night straight. Never used a single booster. I have ~80k points saved up and should have 90 by the time they release. I’m 4 months ahead– that’s enough time to rack up another 100k easy.

        If you’re casual it may take longer, but if you’re casual, you don’t really care about how many operators you have, do you? Stick to the core set, get better, then you will eventually unlock. Or maybe– don’t waste your fucking points on shitty skins then complain that you don’t have enough points for operators.

        The important part here is that these operators are not that useful. Shotgun attachment is neat but not any more useful compared to any of the other core ops. You’re giving up useful strategic tools for a better gun, kinda like IQ or Twitch. I don’t expect casuals to understand this though.

        But hey how about this thought: you don’t need to unlock 100% of the game to enjoy it.

        • Alpha Gamma DingDong says:

          By the way typical renown on a win is about 260-270. Given that matches are between 10-15 minutes each (including all the load/setup), you should be able to average 1k renown per hour even with healthy amount of game losses. That’s 2k a night if you’re playing a casual++ amount of time (2hrs), which is ~2 weeks to unlock each operator.

          Note that “2 hours a night” is not grinding. That’s almost the opposite of the definition of grinding. It means you’re playing a video game fairly casually. If you “grinded” it (an 8 hour day), you’d unlock an operator in 3 days. What more do you want from a free DLC?

  4. heretic says:

    How does this work, are operators playable in both teams? So it’s not specific to terrorists / counter terrorists?

    • EhexT says:

      Every game has attackers and defenders, with teams alternating in a best of 5 match. You can only use attacker operators and defender operators on their respective sides. You cannot duplicate operators.

      • Crazy_Gweilo says:

        Tom Clancy didn’t want players to be able to play as terrorists, so rainbow seige deals with it by having both sides be rainbow counterterrorists in multiplayer. Maybe there’s a civil war within rainbow? Don’t think about it too hard.

  5. Banks says:

    Honestly, I can’t understant why people are complaining about the DLC model. It gives you free maps, It does not divide the player base and the only thing that locks behind a paywall are operators that you can unlock in about 15 hours of playing (for each).

    It ensures that the game will have a healthy ammount of content additions during the year and every player will be able to enjoy them, and that is great.

    Back on topic, I like the new defender, I hope that her traps are way more discrete than kapkan mines.
    Also, I’d love to see a stealthy attacker. One that could see trough smoke grenades and run silently to stab enemies in the throat.

  6. Dunbine says:

    Rainbow 6 Siege is developed by Ubisoft Montreal. My wife is from Montreal. I have to say, they really captured that Quebecois look in Buck’s face, he looks like half my in-laws. Minus the C8 carbine.

    • Alpha Gamma DingDong says:

      They probably just face scanned some employee, but yes, you’re right.

  7. Gap Gen says:

    That first image is a pretty darn euphemistic way to say “uses bear trips to painfully cripple people”

  8. danikov says:

    “Thatcher’s name comes from British ex-prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who deployed SAS to neutralize a terrorist threat at Iran Embassy in London 1980. This was the mission that made SAS known around the world.” So maybe it is Margaret.

    • Jiblet says:

      And he uses EMPs to take out heavy industry…
      See what I did there!

  9. CloneWarrior85 says:

    Let’s ignore that it seems that people don’t know what grinding is (obviously he never played real grinding games like (early) FF11 for example)….

    If this leak is true, it sounds delicious, the bear trap sounds amasing, can’t wait to drop it bellow hatches and near the vip.

    • richibobby says:

      I’m glad someone said this, the word grind has been lost I think.. It used to mean hours and hours of fighting, mining, fishing etc. just to level up. Now apparently 15 minutes of gameplay to unlock a character is ‘grindy’ :\

  10. Chaz says:

    I shan’t bother with it. I never usually have time for BuckFrost.

  11. Alpha Gamma DingDong says:

    Frost is gonna be the IQ of defense. Why use a trap that incapacitates enemies when you can use a trap that kills them (Kapkan)?

    Buck is okay but not that useful for teamplay. What are you gonna do, poke holes in random enemy walls? I’d rather have a Buck on DEF cause having both shotguns and submachine gun would be great for setting up camp points. You’re more likely to be putting strategic holes through walls on D, and it would be great to be able to swap out to a long range gun afterwards.

    But hey, Ubisoft wants what Ubisoft wants.

  12. AdamWest420 says:

    I like how it takes roughly 2 months of CASUAL play to unlock the new DLC for FREE, especially when theres new dlc exactly every 2 months. This DLC structure is great and should be followed from now on, unless you guys prefer starwars? You can get EVERYTHING free from a 30$+ season pass if you just play the game casually. 10/10 would ubisoft again.