Sven Co-Op Now Free Standalone, Including Half-Life

Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you: Sven Co-op [official site] is now on Steam. The seventeen-year-old Half-Life mod is available as a free standalone game, and—thanks to a fair bit of generosity on Valve’s part—includes all of the Half-Life campaign maps. For free.

That means you can head to Steam, download the game, and start playing co-op Half-Life right now. Again, for free. No need for you or anyone you’re playing with to own Half-Life proper.

The main difference with Sven Co-op is that Half-Life’s been rebalanced for two players, adding more enemies and some two-person puzzles. Also: improved enemy AI, additional weapons, a revive ability, new monsters, a new physics engine, high-definition models, and an optional third-person camera.

Phew. Okay, other than that, it’s Half-Life. You can also play through Blue Shift, Uplink, and Opposing Force, were the inclination to take you.

The standalone Steam release launches alongside Sven Co-op version 5.0—yes, a seventeen-year-old mod is still in active development. Here’s a trailer, though it’s a bit hard to tell what’s new and what’s not. If you want the nitty gritty details, you’re better off reading through the changelog, like it’s 1999 all over again.

And if you’re tired of Half-Life but want to indulge in some no-holds-barred ’90s gaming, there are apparently “well over a thousand custom co-operative scenarios” for Sven Co-op at this point. There’s no Steam Workshop support yet—it’s slated for a future update—but there’s plenty of old-school fun on the internet if you’re willing to look around.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    Oooooh. Sven was awesome. Hells yes I am getting back into this. :D

  2. Ravey says:

    Neat! It isn’t especially good, but I’m having fun with it. It feels manic and insular, with mostly odd design choices and very little direction (granted, I haven’t spent much time with it). It’s still interesting to poke around and see what they’ve been able to do with it, given that Half-Life isn’t a particularly good shooter / co-op game (despite the fact that it was built on top of Quake).

  3. Al__S says:

    Christ I remember this. I remember though an awful lot of griefing… I went back to Counterstrike

  4. Eddy9000 says:

    Half Life free confirmed.

  5. Pantalaimon says:

    Piling through a souped up Half-Life back in the day with four or five friends is still one of the best cooperative experiences I’ve ever had.

    If you’ve got the requisite number of pals (or even just one or two) I highly recommend it.

  6. BathroomCitizen says:

    This mod has created some of my fondest memory in gaming. It’s one of the reasons I love Half-Life multiplayer so much.

  7. Crocobutt says:

    So many fond memories. Played a lot with my brother 10+ years ago, with friends at school, doing runs on the medieval/fantasy map series, Toonworld(something akin to that), resident evil maps, zombie maps. Unfortunately, none of them did the survival aspect well enough. But we had lots of fun.

  8. CaesarNZ says:

    Was it ever explained why they didn’t do Sven co-op for HL2?

    • Flit says:

      Presumably because they preferred to keep developing Sven for HL1. Also, Synergy for HL2 is pretty good.

  9. golem says:

    if you do the same for Natural Selection,

    the (nearly dead) NS community would be very thankful!