Dangerous Golf Announced By Ex-Criterion Devs


Say those two words aloud with me now and notice the smiles we’ve broken into. Dangerous Golf [official site]. Yeah, that’s the stuff. And this is before I even mention that it’s a golf game about smashing things. Or that makers Three Fields Entertainment were founded by the co-founders of Criterion Games and include a fair few folks who worked on Burnout and other games with exciting collisions and explosions.


Three Fields explain the idea:

“In Dangerous Golf, players aren’t striving for Par or aiming for Birdie — they’re playing for dollar damage as their high score. As they progress throughout the game, players will not only be awarded points for trick shots and ricochet techniques, but they’ll also get rewarded for destroying stuff by turning their golf ball into a bomb and setting off their SmashBreaker. Destructive powers increase as the ball heats up, ensuring that the most elaborate shots are not only the most rewarded, but the most impressive to watch.”

Good, yes, thank you. I am also excited by talk of destruction physics extending to physics-simulated liquids splattering around its ballrooms, kitchens, castles, and gas stations.

So that Criterion connection? Three Fields was founded by Criterion Games co-founders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward together with Burnout Paradise lead programmer Paul Ross. Cast your eye over the studio’s staff page and you’ll seen plenty of others who worked at Criterion on Burnout, Need for Speed, and whatnot.

Dangerous Golf is due in May, complete with online and offline multiplayer.

I am still crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, and t’s in the hope that 100ft Robot Golf will come to PC too. This may be the most exciting time in the history of golf.


  1. Simmemann says:

    This is what EA Sports should have done with PGA done in Frostbite 2.

    I still remember the trailer with the golfball flying over a crashing battleship.

  2. 1Life0Continues says:

    Hopefully this doesn’t end up below par.

    • Premium User Badge

      johannsebastianbach says:

      Don’t worry. A little birdie told me it’ll be fine.

    • gunny1993 says:

      As long as the project has a good driver the project will end up in the green.

      • Max Planck says:

        I used to have a couple of good drivers, but now there’s a hole in one of them.

    • Turkey says:

      That’s a good way to putt it.

  3. Ross Angus says:

    I wonder if this fits into the Bad Golf 2 canon? (or cannon, if you’re feeling like a pun)

  4. Kollega says:

    I have said a long while ago that the only kind of golf simulator I’d play is one where cigar-chomping space marines in full powered armour make shots over huge precipices and lava canyons, try to avoid water traps made out of sentient algae, and drive APCs or hovercraft instead of golf carts, all while being shot at by hostile robots and aliens. And this sounds at least marginally close to what I envisioned.

    Or maybe we’ll just be able to make a golf mod for Scrap Mechanic as that game progresses through Early Access, since that already has a sci-fi setting, an infinite variety of vehicles, and will add landscaping tools later too :P

  5. Llewyn says:

    Will it have tiger woods? (And shark wedges?)

  6. SupahSpankeh says:

    Nvidia are involved.

    I do hope this doesn’t mean the physics are gimped on non-nvidia cards. Not that nvidia would do such a thing.


  7. BenAttenborough says:

    Their website seems to suggest the ‘team’ behind this consists of an adorable black labrador.

  8. wishforanuclearwinter says:

    Sounds a lot like Peggle