Platinum’s Ninja Turtles Looks Like A Platinum Game

Word reached my ear last year that Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising devs PlatinumGames were making a game based on ’80s icons the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and, like April O’Neil, I told the world that turtles are real and they’re out there they live in the New York sewers you have to believe me. While April would’ve dirtied her jumpsuit rummaging in filth beneath Activision’s offices to find the truth, I stayed home and watched Netflix, knowing the publishers would soon announce it anyway. And so they have: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan [official site] is coming this summer. Watch this trailer:

Pretty nice that, yeah? It looks like a Platinum game? The two seconds of fighting they show don’t not look like a Platinum game, at least. I dig the team-up moves too (though hold little hope that the Turtles, April, and Splinter will stack themselves into a giant fist to whomp Foot soldiers). And it is nice and colourful. Good-o. Here’s director Eiro Shirahama:

“We’ve put a lot more into this game than just combat: you can climb walls, glide along wires, and there’s a lot of freedom of movement that ties into the action. With this game, players will be able to feel like they’re the Turtles themselves, running, grinding, and gliding around NYC to prevent crimes.”

And, yes, it does support four-player online co-op.

It’s a bit of a shame that Platinum are working so much with other people’s creations, as we get wonderfully odd ideas like Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 when they come up with their own, but they are at least pretty good games. Their Legend of Korra is a bit bum, or so I’ve heard from other Platinum fans, but Alec liked Transformers: Devastation and Metal Gear Rising is fantastic.

TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan is due this summer.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    I hope this turns out to be turtle soup and not a load of cow.

  2. Don Reba says:

    It ain’t Ninja Turtles without the song.

    • Jackablade says:

      Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go Ninja! GO!

    • Masked Dave says:


      link to

      Always worth remembering that kids who were 10 when this 2003 reboot came out are now 26, so is probably the most remembered version for publishers key demographic.

      But maybe they’re more likely to go with the most recent, 2012 reboot’s “lean green ninja team” rap?

      link to

      There are so many versions of the Turtles. I’m always surprised how many people just focus on the 90s cartoon, which is probably my least favourite when I went back and tried to watch them as an adult.

      Although, to be honest, its still my favourite theme. (Although the 2003 one did grow on me.)

    • Masked Dave says:

      And looking up those videos lead me to this awesome compilation of all the themes, including several I’d never seen.

      link to

      Seriously, I love the Internet. It just knows what I want.

      Although I’m still surprised that nobody has made the obviously-brilliant-in-my-head musical mashup between Batman and Wicked, ‘Fighting Through Life’.

  3. c-Row says:

    They don’t really look like the Turtes I remember from my childhood, but then again everything is better than the Michael Bay version.

    I don’t know how popular they are everywhere else but I wonder why nobody ever tried to turn the Galaxy Rangers into a videogame? You already got a (not yet completely overused) cool setting and four different characters which could easily be translated into classes with unique abilities.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Also this song.

      Which is the sum total I know about that show, and I already agree with your idea. Robot horses!

    • aldo_14 says:

      I wonder how much it takes from the original comics rather than the younger-age-targeted cartoons etc that came later.

      • horrorgasm says:

        Doesn’t look like it takes a single thing from them.

        • OldKnivesTale says:

          This game is based on the current IDW comics which in my opinion is the best incarnation of the turtles. It takes bits and pieces from all previous incarnations and mashes them together.

          • Masked Dave says:

            I second that actually. The new IDW series is definitely a best-of-all-worlds mashup while still writing a decent story.

    • mattevansc3 says:

      This looks more like a comic aesthetic as opposed to the cartoon style they used in Transformers.

    • Alevice says:

      The look from many characters is based from the current comic run published by idw.

      I for one, am glad to see armaggon once more. Last time we saw the guy in a game was on… tournament fighters. Maaan, time flies.

    • Alevice says:

      i wonder how will this compare to out of the shadows, a game that borrows heavily, if poorly, from the platinum brawler formula.

    • klops says:

      Never heard of Galaxy Rangers but it reminded me of Bravestarr. Some googling told me that both were made during the same time and both had space cowboys and indians. Interesting!

      Also: Bravestarr had a speaking bipedal tehno horse that carried a big gun that was named.

  4. KenpoJuJitsu3 says:

    Korra was pretty good to me too. Not everyone of course, but much of the criticism leveled at that game were people expecting the same amount from it as previous Platinum games, while ignoring that it was a significantly cheaper budget title as opposed to Platinum’s other games being full priced releases.

    • Rack says:

      Maybe, but even for a budget release Korra was exceptionally thin. At the price I’d expect something with about a third to a fifth of the content of Bayonetta but by those standards I was sorely disappointed.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      The Transformer game very much felt like a budget game as well, only with $20 slapped onto the price for nostalgia. A good game but definitely not worth the full price. I am a little worried they are going to be doing the same thing here. The buildings do look to have at least more than 8 polygons this time around!

      • Baines says:

        I have no real complaint about Transformers Devastation.

        Well, that isn’t true. I have plenty of complaints about it. (Limited map, insufficient UI for the bolted on weapon crafting, could use more enemy variety, etc…) But I don’t really have a complaint about the price tag.

        Korra however was kind of underwhelming even as a budget title. I know it isn’t even necessarily a fair judgement, because it is better than some other titles in the same price range. It is just that you kind of expect more use of the license, even for a budget title.

  5. mattevansc3 says:

    As much as I like Platinum Games’ own IP I am forever holding out for the announcement that they are collaborating with Bioware on a Jade Empire sequel.

  6. Stepout says:

    This looks awesome!!

  7. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Are they fighting Street Shark?

  8. njury says:

    Art style and gameplay reminds me of Oni and thats not a bad thing at all.

  9. Turkey says:

    Awesome! Looks like they’re going wacky Turtles. I hope Krang and the technodrome is in this.

  10. FuktLogik says:

    Ugh. First transformers now this? Can’t they think of better IPs to work on than all this kiddy stuff? What the hell happened to Platinum?

    • horrorgasm says:

      Yeah. How unlike them to be doing games about wacky, over the top, cartoonish action.

      Also, can you still call something “kiddy stuff” if your parents weren’t even fucking yet when the cartoon you’re talking about came out?

    • Assirra says:

      Platinum is making ALL the games.
      They also do Scalebound, the new Nier, new star fox and more.
      Seriously, the list they are working on is kinda crazy for 1 studio.

  11. BB Shockwave says:

    Weird. They chose to make a game and NOT base it on either the new series or the movies? Odd choice from Nickelodeon to allow it.