Hard Reset Redux Revamping Throwback FPS

Shadow Warrior 2 looks pretty dang swish, doesn’t it? I’ve been pretty surprised by, and pleased with, how nicely Polish studio Flying Wild Hog’s revive-o-rebooting of 3D Realms’ vintage FPS has gone well. Now they’re also returning to their own older work.

Hard Reset Redux is coming, a revamp of the throwback FPS they released in 2011. It doesn’t sound massively different, with fancied-up graphics and new enemies and a sword and things, but hey, I know Hard Reset found a fair few fans.

Our John was not one of them, and I must confess what I played in the demo didn’t tickle my fancy either. But Flying Wild Hog’s first Shadow Warrior was pretty fun and SW2 looks full-on fab, so I’d be curious to see what they’d change when revisiting HR.

The Redux is “reenergized for modern audiences with an upgraded visual engine and rebalanced gameplay, along with new enemies and weaponry (cyber-katana!)”, according to publishers Gambitious.

That sounds relatively minor for a re-release but hey, I think this is mostly to take Hard Reset to PlayStation 4 and Xbone then we’re getting the changes on the side. That’s fine! I couldn’t tell you if there’ll be a discount for folks who own the original (I wouldn’t expect it to be free), as details are pretty thin for now.

Hard Reset Redux is “coming soon”, so presumably we’ll find out more even sooner. For now, here’s a trailer for the Redux and hey, the original Hard Reset is on sale for £1.99 on Steam right now.


  1. Renevent says:

    Def enjoyed the game and thought it was among the first successful “throw-back” FPS that nailed pretty much everything. Shadow Warrior was even better (totally looking forward to the 2nd).

    That being said, even if it was a free upgrade, not sure I would play through the game again. Think I’d rather just wait for SW2 :/

    • G-Lord says:

      I fully agree with all of your points. Let’s just hope that this release does not delay Shadow Warrior 2.

  2. tomimt says:

    I bought the original from Steam sale ages ago. I didn’t go far, as I though it was just so boring.

    • Nucas says:

      i only clocked in 47 minutes before it was putting me to sleep.

  3. vorador says:

    I played it, it was kinda bland. Enemies were all the same. Once it began to get boring i stopped playing.

    In comparison, i enjoyed Shadow Warrior immensely, so hopefully everything they learned with SW it is put to work on remaking Hard Reset.

  4. thelastdisciple says:

    I loved Hard Reset, the story or lack thereof isn’t really important if you have shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom in mind and it’s also like a Cyberpunk Serious Sam/Painkiller in some ways. Fighting hordes of robots was fun and the bosses were challenging enough. Great aesthetics/atmosphere. Don’t see how folks could get bored of the constant robotic chaos!

    I’d love to play this again with the sword but not sure I’d buy it again just for that and some new enemies. If this does well though maybe we’ll get Hard Reset 2? that’s something I would definitely want.

  5. nimbulan says:

    I enjoyed Hard Reset, though I think they focused a bit too much on making it difficult. Sounds logical that the purpose of the redux version is mostly to bring it onto the current consoles. I’m not sure how tempting it’ll be on PC so we’ll have to wait and see.

  6. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I think I bought this in the first Steam sale after I bought my new computer and it has politely sat there on my HDD waiting for me to load it up ever since. Maybe if this update is free or at least dirt cheap it might inspire me to actually log some hours into it.

  7. Spakkenkhrist says:

    I Played Hard Reset on my laptop when my PSU blew up at the start of the year, keep meaning to pick it up again as it tickled my shoot things gland and I loved the cyberpunk environment evening if it was just set dressing.

    • Spakkenkhrist says:

      Yes “evening”, I may have been to the pub.

      • Spakkenkhrist says:

        I also love the way it handled interacting with the in-game computer consoles.

  8. MattM says:

    This game made a good first impression, but I couldn’t take the screen shaking and head bob. If they do a re-release I really hope they add options to stabilize the view.

    • Artiforg says:

      This. Managed to play through once but disliked the head bob. Wanted to replay it so waited for the free update but then after about 30 mins play I just found I couldn’t stomach the head bob any more. I seem to recall FWH being asked on the Steam forums about getting rid of head bob. I don’t recall if there was ever a response.

      • Old Rusty Dusty says:

        I could have sworn they patched that option into the game in a later patch. If they didn’t, there’s definitely a quick ini hack you can implement to disable it.

  9. tonicer says:

    Aaah Hard Reset one of my favorite FPS’s of all time. Only thing i don’t like about it: sprinting.

  10. Unsheep says:

    My kind of FPS, it reminds me of a time when shooters used to be cool: Redneck Rampage, Kingpin, Dredd vs Death, Quake, Blood and other glories stuff.

    I enjoyed the 2011 version of Hard Reset, but it sounds like the Redux is simply an easier version of the 2011 game.’Re-balanced gameplay’ usually translates into ‘a nerfed game’.

  11. cafeoh says:

    Like many fast-paced shooters fan the idea and visuals seemed very appealing initially, but I quickly realized the game was bland, uninspired, visually confusing and frustrating with it’s shooting mechanics.

    I stumbled on it in my quest of a recent doom-like game (which had me look through dozens and dozens of series). Hard-Reset was not it, but in this quest I did find love, in the form of Painkiller Black Edition. If you’re tired of aiming down the sight, hiding behind cover, moving slowly, and want a game that is challenging, clever, have a long lifetime, great artistic design without bloated visuals, and my favorite movement mechanics, go play Painkiller :)

    Shadow Warrior would be second on my list, and (maybe controversially) no Serious Sam would feature on it.

  12. cunningmunki says:

    Will it let me jump now? I’ll buy it if it lets me jump.

    I’ve actually got a bit of a soft spot for Hard Reset (sorry). Mainly because its visuals are the closest thing anyone has ever come to recreating the Los Angeles 2019 world of Bladerunner.

  13. cunningmunki says:

    Or crouch. I’ll settle for crouching. It’s a funny word that, isn’t it? Crouch. It’s one of those words that just looks wrong.

  14. Ejia says:

    I quite liked Hard Reset. Mostly because I like shooting energy weapons at things.

  15. Metr13 says:

    Ugh. It’s still made by flying wild hog, those guys absolutely suck at balancing shooters – just look at Shadow Warrior, or the previous Hard Reset.

    They just keep doing same thing they did in painkiller – neat environment and aesthetics, okay story, horrid gun balance.