NCsoft’s MOBA Master X Master Coming Our Way

Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm is a big crossover between all their games, and NCsoft think that’s a grand idea. The Korean publishers have announced a western release for Master X Master [official site], a MOBA whose lineup includes characters from their other games. As with gin & tonics, no MOBA is complete without a twist. MXM’s is that players pick two characters and can ‘tag’ between them mid-combat.

Master X Master is due to launch in Europe and North America some time between July and the end of this year, but NCsoft don’t have much to say about it right now. Along with those MOBA-y competitive things, it’ll offer five-player PvE co-op. Its lineup of thirty characters will include new creations as well as folks from games like Guild Wars 2, Aion, and Blade & Soul. And… that’s about it. What more do you need me to say right now anyway? Here, you can watch a bit yourself from the Korean release:

As for moving pictures in English, I don’t know why this announcement trailer skips the whole ‘tagging out’ thing, though I’m certainly up for people surfing on corpses (Night Slashers appears to be the coolest game in the world?):

Where’s my damn g&t.


  1. DingDongDaddio says:

    Pretty sure I’ve played quite a few NCSoft games, but I couldn’t name a single character from any of it. Hell, I can’t even remember the shitty games I tried. AND it’s a WASD-controlled top down shooter? A real pile of ass is what I’d call this.

  2. Vickers says:

    What NCSoft IPs have characters that American players would care about enough to play as? The only one I could think of would be Guild Wars 2, but I have a soft spot for Wildstar.

    • malkav11 says:

      I wouldn’t be able to name a single Guild Wars 2 character and I have a level 80 elementalist who’s been there for two seasons of Living World (albeit not the expansion, yet). I certainly don’t have the foggiest idea about any of their terrible Asian MMOs. I do still vaguely recall a couple characters from City of Heroes but let’s hope they’re not so shitty as to pull in characters from the game they unceremoniously murdered just to try to sell Yet Another MOBA.

  3. coppernaut says:

    Lol what? NCSoft is notorious for making horrible, grindy Korean mmo’s that are successful in Korea, but barely heard of or cared about in NA. And who are all these characters they’re going to use? They must all be in Korea. NCSoft’s best game ever is probably Lineage that came out in 98′, and it still has a ridiculously large player base. I could see them making a MOBA, sure. Level cap is 90 per match and average level per match is about 50, average match runs 2 hours, 22 item slots for gear per hero, towers have a billion HP, all the characters are half naked and way too sexy for their own good, character abilities are mix matches of cool abilities that have already been thought of in other MOBA’s, and it’s P2W. Can’t wait!

    • AlienMind says:

      I wanted to leave a comment about them and slot machines after literally sucking the fun out of Guild Wars 2, but I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking that and this company is holding the reputation it deserves. Good luck with sales, NCsoft ;)

  4. Hunchback says:

    I think that this really is enough MOBAs we have no.
    Not that it bothers me, i mean who cares… but still, why do they even bother?

  5. Enso says:

    I’m currently working on a moba where people play as two teams of games developers trying to stem a constant stream of each other’s moba (depicted by little games with feet and hands.)

    • kritt says:

      How about a moba where every character is a hero from another moba? There seems to be enough mobas to have only one hero representing each game.