Warhammer: Vermintide’s Survival Mode Due In February

Like Left 4 Dead, which so clearly inspired it, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide [official site] is getting a cooperative wave survival mode in a free update. You know, a ‘be swarmed by hordes of increasingly tough and numerous monsters’ sort of a mode. Developers Fatshark mentioned plans for a survival mode last year, and now have more to say about when it’ll launch, what it’ll offer, and what will cost money.

So! ‘Last Stand’ mode is due to launch at the end of February, and will come with one level set within the town of Ubersreik. Yes, one level.

Fatshark are working on a second map set in the countryside, but this will cost cash money – though only the host of a game will need to own the DLC, with party members playing for free. It’s named Schluesselschloss, and that’s enough of a mouthful that Fatshark are running a small competition to pick a nickname, offering the DLC as a prize. No word yet on how much Schluesselschloss will cost.

Now that Vermintide has been out for a while, how are y’all finding it? What would keep you playing, or bring you back if you’ve stopped? If you haven’t played it at all but are curious, hey, it’s got 20% off on Steam right now.


  1. trjp says:

    I’m not sure this is what the game needs right now and I know existing players won’t be rushing to spend more on it.

    Vermintide is a great game but the developers simply don’t understand how to make a multiplayer game thrive (indeed they seem keen to kill it)

    A loot system which leaves players with nothing if their team-mates drop-out/mess around/suck at playing does not work in 2016

    This means the (ever diminishing) playerbase is simply unwilling to take-on much of the content – pick-up games stick to best known/easiest levels and the player population has collapsed and continues to fall.

    Summary: it’s great IF you have mates to play with, as a pick-up game it’s not worth bothering with right now tho

    Honestly – they should make it F2P OR accept it’s going to die a slow death…

    • trjp says:

      p.s. remember that Fatshark have some history with promising stuff they didn’t deliver and then just forgetting about their games and moving along…

      • Anguy says:

        Could you elaborate on that? I’m not familiar with any of FS’s previous games.

        • trjp says:

          Most obvious example for me was Krater – a game which was never really finished (I believe they intended it as a serial – but just getting the bugs out of it would have been a start)

          I know people have grumbles with other titles they did (War of the Roses, Lead and Gold) too but I didn’t play those so…

    • SaintAn says:

      F2P would be much worse since that payment model is an anti-consumer scam.

    • Boozebeard says:

      Eh, can’t say quality of team mates has effected my enjoyment too much. Now you can reroll stats and craft more specific gear I don’t have any huge problems with the loot system. I think people obsess over the loot too much anyway, I was running nightmare with green gear fine for ages due to bad luck.

      I’m not playing it currently because well I’ve done all the levels so many times. It really just needs more content but such a small team can’t make it fast enough. But that doesn’t really bother me. It was £20 and I’ve gotten 80 hours of fun out of it already and I’m sure I’ll dip back in and out whenever they release new content.

    • Kovacs says:

      First of all I very much doubt they will be ‘dropping the game and moving along’, they are investing a lot of time and resources into this. At least on the outside.

      The loot system is horrible in many ways. Without exception it is the reason my play sessions end and the reason I am getting fed up with the game.

      That being said if they can listen to their player base and not just do what they think we should want (which is the impression I am getting atm) they will have a very good game on their hands, one that will be very popular.

    • Greg Wild says:

      I think the key thing they need is a content-pipeline. Payday 2 really demonstrated how effective drip-feeding new levels and weapons can be in keeping this kind of game fresh.

  2. SMGreer says:

    I think the game simply needs more content. It’s great fun, with friends or strangers I’ve found and like Left 4 Dead before it, is just engaging in its own right. The loot’s a nice fun incentive but it’s not why I keep coming back to it (though it may be for some).

    So more modes, more maps sounds good to me. Even new characters could be great.

  3. zind says:

    I have a few pals I play with from time to time; we jumped into this from Payday 2. Personally I don’t ever jump into the matchmaking pool and I don’t really have any interest in a survival mode. Improvements to the loot system have generally been the most well-received changes among us.

    A versus mode might be something we’d try out at some point, but really we’re perfectly fine sticking with the objective-based regular PvE mode. We don’t play it all that much, so we’ve not even finished every level yet.

  4. Thrudd says:

    I really enjoyed my time in Vermintide. Unfortunately Fallout 4 came along and my entire gang of buddies promptly dropped it to go play that instead. I’ve yet to see any of them play anything else since. I’m not going to PUG as that’s just asking for frustrations.
    Maybe once the new mode comes out I’ll be able to convince some of them to return, they all really enjoyed it (just not enough to stop them running off to F4).
    More content is really what the game needs.

  5. C0llic says:

    The main thing that puts me off about this game is how unrelentingly dark the game looks. I don’t mean the tone, I mean poor readability, and pitch black. I am still interested, it seems like a potentially much needed left4dead replacement, but I remain on the fence.

    • Boozebeard says:

      I’ve never really found that a problem at all. Turn your gamma settings up maybe? :P