Lots Of Rural Charm: Stardew Valley Out In February

I don’t know when the best time to release a game about spending a lot of time toiling in fields is. In winter, many will find the idea of even a virtual outdoors loathsome. But then there are those of us who’ll be basking in front of lightboxes, longing to roam further afield. Who wants to spend summer indoors at a computer? Maybe early autumn, when people are mourning flora? Farming/country life RPG Stardew Valley [official site] is thinking February. February 26th, to be precise. Observe:

Our last post about Stardew Valley was so long ago, it was written by a certain red-trousered, mop-headed ragamuffin named Nathaniel. The scamp. So maybe you could use a refresher.

Stardrew Valley gives players their grandfather’s old plot, a rubbish farm near an alien village. You can become a better farmer planting seeds, growing crops, raising animals, mining, fishing, crafting, cooking, exploring, fighting monsters, and all that. You can become a better community member by, hey, caring about people is a good step. Folks in the valley have their own lives and schedules and all that, and ugh you can even get married and have sprogs and all that.

You’ll recognise bits of Minecraft and Harvest Moon in there, yeah?

It’ll be on Windows at launch, but other platforms are planned for later – as is four-player co-op. The game’s made by solo developer Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone and published by Chucklefish.


  1. Greg Noe says:

    Been looking forward to this for years, can’t wait! Looks like a perfect throwback to classic Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, I’m really not a fan of the direction the series has taken the last few years, including Story of Seasons.

  2. a very affectionate parrot says:

    I spent many days as a kid whiling away the hours playing Harvest Moon 64 and the trailer has a nice relaxing vibe, definitely looking forward to this.

  3. TheRaven says:

    This has me very excited. I was a fanatic of Harvest Moon on the original Game Boy.

    Unfortunately Harvest Moon peaked with the GBA version and has just been dropping since. This looks like a modern take on the classic Harvest Moon feel. Too bad there isn’t a handheld option. A game like this just screams portable to me.

    • ancienttyrael says:

      Last time I talked with the dev years ago I mentioned mobile platforms and from what I remembered the game was coded in C# so its possible we can get a port depending on what is supported. This is a long time ago too so code changes along with toolsets and such.

  4. Viral Frog says:

    I have yet to play a single Harvest Moon game for more than 10 minutes. I’ve always been intrigued by them, but they’re on platforms I don’t readily have access to. Glad to see there’s finally going to be a Harvest Moon-like for PC. And if I’ve missed other Harvest Moon-likes on PC, shame on me.

    • James0 says:

      There’s World’s Dawn, which just launched a couple of days ago. I played it a year or two ago when it was free but far from finished, and it seemed to have a lot of potential. There is still a free demo, but I don’t know whether it has as much content as the old free version.

      I think there are also a few early access titles floating around, but none I’ve heard good things about.

  5. TheDandyGiraffe says:

    I don’t know, looks like there might be a lot of farming involved.

    …thank you, I’ll show myself out.

    (But on a more serious note, looks strangely peaceful and exciting at the same time.)

  6. Red_Fox says:

    Games like these always give me the feeling that I’m working a fake job for free. Right up there with those truck driving simulators.

  7. Talahar says:

    So glad this finally has a release date. Been following it for a loooooooooooooong time. :D

  8. Rince says:

    I would say more like Terraria than Minecraft.
    I’m so excited for this one! At least, the elusive release date!!
    Now, the final wait.

    Thankfuly I got World’s Dawn to satisfy my thirst for Harvest Moon like games.

  9. INCSlayer says:

    that trailer looked really interesting.
    I have to say though if someone had shown it to me and told me it was a new harvest moon game i would have straight up belived that aswell

  10. racccoon says:

    What a Brilliant game :)

  11. Moogie says:

    I can see a lot of effort went into writing this article, and all that.

  12. GameCat says:

    Good God, this game will cost me many wasted hours. ;___;

  13. Peksisarvinen says:

    Oh man, this looks absolutely brilliant! First time I’ve heard about this, and I love it already. Harvest Moon: Back To Nature is probably in my top 10 favorite games of all time, and as long as this is more of that, but just “modernized” in the sense that there’s going to be more of everything (and some of the chores hopefully made a bit less tedious) I’m buying this.

    Heck, I’ll buy ten copies just in case the I lose the first nine!

  14. Jalan says:

    Dance back in the mind to when Greenlight was still fresh and not a near-constant deluge of trash and this game was among the early group to get greenlit.

    For a while I was beginning to think development halted on it, then I read the developer’s blog and it put me at ease.

  15. baozi says:

    According to a dev tweet
    it’s going to be on GOG and Steam, good to hear.

  16. trogdurr says:

    i was just curious, i know RPS has written about stardew valley a lot but no info on seedscape? anyone know why not? has RPS never talked to seedscape devs? that game is coming out soon too. oh well just wondering.

  17. JustAchaP says:

    Been longing to play a game exactly like the Harvest Moon game on GBA. There’s a new farming game by the original Harvest Moon devs on 3DS called Farm Story.

  18. 2 To 4 Players says:

    Looks like A Link to the Past meets Harvest Moon, graphics-wise.

  19. oorn says:

    harvest moon for pc? this site is really informative. ive always wanted harvest moon for pc.