Insurgency Launches Free DoD-y Mod Day Of Infamy

Modern-day military FPS Insurgency [official site] now has a World War 2 military FPS lurking inside it, like a matryoshka doll made from bullets. Insurgency developers New World Interactive built the foundations of mod Day of Infamy themselves but have opened it up to players to expand it. Yes, obviously it is inspired by Day of Defeat. Infamy required a beta client when it first launched in mid-January, but as of a few days ago it’s compatible with the game’s main branch for everyone to easily play.

If you’ve got Insurgency installed, head on over to the Steam Workshop to download the whole package.

The idea is that all and sundry are invited to make whatever they want, and New World Interactive are overseeing it like a kindly creator. Folks who were making their own WW2 mod, Mud & Blood, have already teamed up to merge their work into Infamy. One map made by a player has already been added to the core package too.

Day of Infamy may be inspired by Day of Defeat, but the development inspiration comes from Epic and the new Unreal Tournament. Here, this livestream talked about plans, and this Trello board shows Infamy stuff in the works. New World Interactive are hoping it’ll liven up the wider Insurgency modding community too.

Given that Insurgency itself started life as a free Half-Life 2 mod, this is all pretty cool.

And here are some moving pictures and noises with just the action:

Ta for the spot, PC Gamer.


  1. vahnn says:

    I like Insurgency and you are too!

  2. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

    Up with this sort of thing. Everybody download it please, I need numbers to ease my noobery-fuckery.

  3. Eggman says:

    It’s basically Red Orchestra 2 without vehicles.

    • Crocobutt says:

      And without any XP walls. RO2 is horrible when it comes to gaining xp.

  4. Shinan says:

    Does it have the co-op thing? Me and my buddies essentially only play co-op and I wouldn’t mind some WW2 co-op (since Red Orchestra 2 failed so badly in that respect)

  5. tigershuffle says:

    Had Red Orchestra (1&2) for ages, but finally got round to buying Rising Storm addon for £3.50ish. (Tripwires crazy unlocks)

    There are quite a few very good addons/mods, so you can play as other nations and in different theatres. ie US v Germans and Brits v Japan

    Seeing as Ive got Insurgency Ill take a look at this too.

  6. oceanclub says:

    “Yes, obviously it is inspired by Day of Defeat. ”

    I’m sold! My favourite MP of all. Still pop in occasionally. Hope someone re-creates DOD_Avalanche in this.